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Recent Articles on University Research, Trades Shows & Trends

The following articles by the FabricLink Network appear in Textile Intelligence Magazine. These and other archived articles cover cutting edge research on textiles, fabrics & component materials; highlights of recent trade shows; and fabric, apparel & technology trends.

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University Research

Recent Articles

  • Penn State University - Wearable Tech -- An innovative, wearable sweat patch that outperforms previous monitors. Winter 2024
  • Shinshu University - Enhancing Thermal Comfort -- Novel woven fabric uses nano-threads with PCM's in their core. Winter 2023
  • Cornel University - Reaching into The Chemistry Toolbox-- Breakdown of polyester textiles and reuse in new finishings and coatings. Fall 2023
  • MIT - Eco-Positive PE Material -- Research improves polyethylene properties and effectively recycles. Summer 2023
  • University of Rochester - Simple, Sustainable, Scalable -- Bio-based research involving textiles made from algae. Spring 2023
  • Rice University - Threading The Needle with Carbon-- Carbon fiber research provides sewability, durability and functionality for accurate heart rate monitoring. December 2022
  • Loughborough University & University of Moratuwa - Teng Tech Comes of Age -- Turning fabrics into power supply for wearables. August 2022
  • University of Georgia - Efforting Eco-Indigo -- Eco-friendly denim dyeing method. June 2022
  • Harvard University - Wearable Mask Technology - A Diagnostic lab in a Mask Can Detect SARS - COVID-19; Virus-Resistant Textiles; October 2021
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Plastic Shopping Bags' New Life - Researchers Design Sustainable Textile From Polyethylene Fibers; June 2021
  • Drexel University - New Age Textile Shield; Advanced Research Offers Coated Fabric with Electromagnetic Pollution Protection; March 2021
  • Yale University - Innovative Robotic Fibers Transform Fabrics Into 3D Androids; Virus-Resistant Textiles; December 2020
  • University of British Columbia - Eco-First Performance; Next Gen of Water - oil Repellent Fabric; October 2020
  • University of Pittsburgh - Combatting COVID-19; Virus-Resistant Textiles; July 2020
  • Schools Answer the CAll - chools Step Up; Contributing to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic; May 2020
  • University of Minnesota - Tech for Fit & Function; March 2020
  • University of British Columbia - A Load Off Landfills; January 2020


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