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Draper Knitting
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Custom Knitted Fabrics- High Pile Sliver Knits, Circular Knits (Jerseys, Rib, Lacoste, Interlock, Piques and more), Tech Fleece- stitchbonded fabrics, sustainable, eco-friendly knit fabrics.
Technical Textiles, Outerwear, Gloves, Footwear, Apparel, Casual Sportswear, Military/Tactical, Industrial Workwear, Racing Gear, Automotive, Industrial (Paint Roller, Buffing Pads), Filtration, Pet Products/Equestrian, Home Furnishings, Medical

Heat resistant

Flame resistant
Cut resistant
Abrasion Resistance
Ballistic Protection
Thermal Protection
Arc resistance

Natural fibers
Recycled Fibers
Flurocarbo free

Improve temporary local circulation
Increase cellular oxygenation
Help regulate temperature
Natural Mineral Thermo reactive technology
Clinically proven
Draper Industrial Draper Protective Fabrics Draper Industrial Draper Terapetics Fabric

Viscont FR - comfort in flame retardant
Draper Knitting is a 6th generation family owned & operated organization based in Canton, Massachusetts, where it was incorporated in 1856. Draper attributes its continued success to its ability to balance the traditional values of a family business with the forward thinking design and development services for all their customers big and small.

Draper specializes in high pile sliver knits including Jaquard patterns, circular knits such as jerseys, ribs, interlocks, lacoste, pique, terry, French terry, napped fleece, and many more, and Tech Fleece™ stichbonded nonwovens typically used as lining. Draper’s fabrics are used in fashion, performance, industrial and safety applications. Draper has in house facilities for blending, carding, knitting, CAD design, stock dye, piece dye, coating, napping, finishing, inspection and roll up. Draper maintains over 40 knitting machines, knitting an unlimited amount of fabric design option.

Softshell Apparel Contruction

Follow this video link to meet Kristin Draper and hear more about Draper Knitting and it’s six generations of textiles.

industrial Industrial Fabrics- These remain a cornerstone of our manufacturing. Paint rollers, industrial air filters and liners lead a long line of performance fabrics by Draper.
protective Protective Fabrics- Our materials are often found in military apparel and accessories, firefighting ensembles, industrial workwear, and racing gear. We can meet a variety of requirements from color, to cut and abrasion resistance, stretch, flame resistance, thermal protection, arc resistance, insulation, moisture management, water repellency, and antimicrobial properties. Custom blends and knit constructions combine to make technical fabrics for most any application.
sustainable Sustainable Fabrics- Using natural, sustainable and post- consumer recycled fibers, we can knit comfortable fabrics for activewear, outerwear and beyond. Using these eco-friendly components in endless combinations, we are creating fabrics for a greener tomorrow.
therapeutic Therapeutic Fabrics-All fabrics in this collection contain the fiber Celliant® . The FDA has determined that Celliant products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. They improve circulation and inspire muscle recovery. Made into wearable garments and products for humans, horses and pets, these materials are truly revolutionary.

the wool bar

Introducing The Wool Bar by Draper Knitting:

New In-Stock Wool Program — The collection of 100% Merino American wool and wool blends that responds to the demands of small independent designers, and includes a range of conventional knits in a variety of weights and constructions for endless design possibilities.

  • the wool bar
    Conventional Knits/Constructions
    • Base-layer fabrics
    • Mid-layer jerseys
    • 1X1 ribs
    • Interlocks
    • French terries
    • High pile knits (1/4” to ¾”)
  • Performance Qualities
    • Insulation
    • Flexibility/drapeability
    • Cooling
    • Sustainability
  • Short Runs Available
    • 100-yard Minimums for standard colors
    • 500-yard minimums for custom colors
  • Fabric Weights
    • Knit styles are made with 19.5 micron American sourced wool
    • High pile styles are 21.5 micron American wool face with a REPREVE® recycled polyester back
  • Draper offers on-site dye house and full finishing capabilities
    • A dyed palette of colors is available

Draper Knitting Staff

Celebrating 160 years in 2016

Draper Knitting
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Kristin Draper

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