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eVent -Specialty Chemicals and Functional Materials
About eVent® Fabrics at a glance            Communicate with eVent PRODUCT TYPE
Technology-Finish, Laminates,
Membranes, Woven Fabrics
Apparel, Technical Sports, Protective/Safety, Industrial, Medical.
Abrasion Resistance
Chemical Resistant
Durable Water Repellant
Strong/High Tenacity
Wind Resistance
Federal Trade Commission Proposes to Add Seven New Generic Fiber Names 2/18/20The Federal Trade Commission (``FTC' or ``Commission') proposes amending the Rules and Regulations under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act (``Textile Rules' or ``Rules') to incorporate the most recent ISO 2076 standard for generic fiber names. The proposed amendment should reduce compliance costs and increase flexibility for firms providing textile fiber information to consumers.

eVent Fabrics waterproof technology. In 1999, eVent® fabrics revolutionized technical outerwear with the introduction of a 100% waterproof, windproof and air permeable membrane that helps active users stay dry and comfortable in the widest range of temperatures and conditions.

About eVent® fabrics and eVent membrane technology
In 1999, eVent® fabrics revolutionized technical outerwear with the introduction of a 100% waterproof, windproof and air permeable membrane that helps active users stay dry and comfortable in the widest range of temperatures and conditions. eVent fabrics—found in outdoor, winter sports, cycling, lifestyle and professional apparel, footwear and accessories—lets the sweat out through its patented Direct Venting membrane technology.


What is eVent® air permeable waterproof technology?
eVent® fabrics has set the standard for breathable performance in waterproof textiles with its patented air permeable ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane technology. With billions of microscopic pores that instantly vent body heat and moisture vapor (sweat), eVent's proprietary Direct Venting™ technology keeps users dry and comfortable by helping prevent the clammy, chilly buildup of sweat. So no matter what the adventure or weather, eVent helps keep users dry and comfortable and performing their best.

How does eVent® Direct Venting technology work?
eVent's Direct Venting technology is engineered to keep the wearer in the "dry zone," where temperature and humidity are kept in a steady state during physical exertion. Because eVent air permeable technology "lets the sweat out," it eliminates the cycle of overheating, moisture buildup and cooling that wearers can experience during physical activity.

The result is that eVent helps people enjoy more time outdoors, even when weather conditions are at their worst.
EVent Dry Zone

eVent BIO logo

Introducing: eVent BIO
eVent BIO looks to the future of the planet while keeping you dry and comfortable. Our new bio-based membrane technology uses sustainable materials to provide all-weather protection and performance suitable for any activity.

What is eVent® BIO?
eVent BIO uses the highly renewable and smartly-sourced castor bean to create a light, tough and flexible membrane that offers protection against wind, rain and snow in a highly breathable laminate.

We use recycled face fabrics and backers paired with CO DWR technology to create a PFC-free 100% waterproof and windproof fabric technology.

eVent BIO series features:

  • eVent BIO sustainable membrane technology repels rain, wind and snow while still offering a high MVTR
  • Laminates offer stretch comfort and soft hand feel
  • Ideal choice for a variety of activities and seasons
    • eVent BIO membrane Specs:
      • Waterproofness – 10m Water Column
      • Breathability – 20,000 g/m2
      • 100% windproof

eVent Glove Inserts

eVent glove inserts provide waterproof protection and all-day comfort in the widest range of temperatures and conditions. The difference is the air permeable membrane, which instantly vents excess heat and sweat to keep the insultation dry and the inside of the glove warm and comfortable.

eVent® Waterproof and Air Permeable Technology
eVent fabrics offer waterproof and air permeable membrane products available in a variety of laminate combinations and designed to meet the requirements of any array of outdoor activities.

eVent Waterproof icon

Breathable shelter from the storm. At eVent, we believe that waterproof/breathable should also mean dry and comfortable. eVent fabrics was the first to engineer and use patented Direct Venting™ Technology so rain can't get in but sweat can get out instantly.

eVent Windproof icon

Just short of tornado proof. eVent windproof laminates are specifically designed for activitie that make you sweat. Utilizing air permeable Direct Venting™ Technology, they're able to block the owind and offer water resistance while still letting moiture out. So even if the wind is howling and your body is working up a sweat, you won't feel a thing.

eVent BIO icon

Our bio-based membrane technology uses sustainable materials to provide the all-weather protection and performance users have come to expect from eVent fabrics. At the technology’s core is the highly renewable and smartly sourced castor bean. Light, tough, and flexible, the BIO membrane has a reduced carbon footprint and is recyclable when it reaches the end of its lifecycle.

eVent Protective icon

Stand up to conditions other fabrics fear. If you really want to know how good your technology is, you test it with the people who can't change their plans because of the weather.

For years we've been using our bi-component Direct Diffusion™ Technology to create waterproof, breathable, chemical and fire retant clothing and footwear for our military, police and firefighters. If the conditions they face on a regular basis can't be considered "extreme", nothing can.

eVent Footwear icon

eVent footwear creates a comfortable, breathable environment for users so they won't be slowed down because of the weather. You can find eVent in hiking, running, and lifestyle footwear designed to keep you dry and comfortable all day long, no matter the activity.

eVent® End Uses:
Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories



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About eVent® fabrics

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