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BodyCare® by Eclat Textiles
at a glance    ECLAT TEXTILE CO., Ltd
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Circular Knit Fabrics (Jerseys, Interlocks, Ribs, Piques, French Terry, Velour, Fleece), Mesh Fabrics, Spacer Fabrics
Technical Sports Textiles/Performance (Snow Sports, Fitness, Outdoor, Team Sports), Athleisure, Swimwear, Casual Sportswear, Medical, Activewear
Improve Blood Circulation

Abrasion Resistant
UV Protection
Quick Drying
Odor Control

Stain Resistant
Wrinkle Resistant
Insect Control

Moisture Management
Chlorine Resistant
Wind Resistant
Cooling Quality
Green Organic Textiles Performance Grade Fabrics Los Angeles In Stock


Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Eclat Textile Co., Ltd. is a vertically integrated producer specializing in circular knit fabrics for high performance activewear, athleisure, swimwear, and casual sportswear markets. The company produces all types of knitted fabrics, including single knit jersey, interlock, rib, piques, terry knit, french terry, velour, fleece, etc. Eclat has textile production in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam.

The company has a US branch office, warehouse and showroom, located in Los Angeles, CA, to service the North American apparel market. Eclat’s In-Stock Program offers a wide array of signature fabrications aimed toward its activewear customers.

Eclat’s main goal is to provide USA start-up companies, mid-size manufacturers, and growing companies with stable and sustained growth. Eclat works with its customers on in-stock programs, providing sample cuts and low minimums of a single roll, all the way through to basic bulk production runs of 500 yards per color, at the best price. The company is committed to provide fast delivery on its advanced, technical, high-performance fabrics that possess universal fashion appeal.

Working with Eclat begins in Los Angeles. In addition to providing activewear fabrics, Eclat can also arrange cut-and-sew/overseas production to facilitate the needs of its customers, and can arrange to drop-ship the finished products to anywhere in the world.

Eclat maintains certified textile laboratories, is bluesign® certified, and also carries several other fabric certifications. Just contact Eclat for further information on these certifications.

Eclat Fabrics include functional and sustainable circular knit fabrics

Body Care® Fabrics

  • Body Care® fabrics with Quick Dry function (Quick Dry – QD100) – These fabrics keep the body dry and comfortable. The fabrics absorb moisture and perspiration from the skin and transport it quickly through the fabric for fast evaporation.
  • Body Care® Anti-Bacterial fabrics (AB100) – These fabrics utilize a highly effective natural anti-bacterial agent that retains microbes from breeding, and is ecologically/environmentally-friendly.
  • Body Care® UV-Cut fabrics (UV100) – These fabrics block and absorb 99.9% of UV-Rays to protect the skin. The fabrics are the equivalent of SPF-50 (sun-protection factor).
  • Body Care® for Multi-Functional fabrics Multi-Function-AB100) – These fabrics offer fast evaporation of moisture from the skin. The fabrics contain long-lasting anti-bacterial qualities and block/absorb UV-rays to protect the skin.

L.A. In-Stock Fabric Program

  • Recycled Polyester – Eclat offers high-quality polyester fabrics made from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles. These fabrics are durable, soft, shrink-resistant, colorfast, and easy-care.
  • Eclon® - This is Eclat’s certified nylon fabric is an air-textured fabric that is soft and comfortable touch. The fabric comes in solid colors and a melange series, and is widely adopted in sportswear, active wear trendy fashion and sleepwear, making it a top choice in fashion designing.
  • Lenzing Tencel® - Fibers used for these fabrics are made from the pulp of beechwood and eucalyptus trees. These cellulosic fabrics are soft, drapeable, and renewable.

L.A. In-Stock Program by Style/Color (click on color card to enlarge)

Ponte De Roma Color Card
R2-10111 (Ponte De Roma)
Jersey Moss Color Card
Jersey Moss
Double Dye Color Card
R11009180 (Double Dye)
Single Jersey Heather Color Card
RT1207104 (Single Jersey Heather)
Recycled Moss Color Card
R20801131 (Recycled Moss)
Interlock Non-Moss Color Card
RT1302016 (Interlock – Non Moss)
View Other Style/Color Cards by visiting: JWTS (Clothing Brand) on FB


Eclat Textile Company, Ltd.
(U.S. Office and Warehouse)
Eclat Textile Co., Ltd.
250 North Puente Avenue
City of Industry, California 91746

Tel: (800) 541-9042
Fax: (626) 330-7125

Eclat Textile Co. Ltd.
No 28, Wu-Chuan Rd.
Wu Ku Ind. Park
Taipei, Taiwan

Tel: 886-2-2299-6000
Fax: 886-2-2299-5485 or 2299-6012

Eclat Textile Company, Ltd.
(Los Angeles Showroom)
110 E. 9th Street, Suite #B701
Los Angeles, CA 90079

Tel: 213-624-2633
Fax: 213-624-2507

Sales Representative: Ann Davis
Sales VP/Production VP: Irene Gosal
Global Sales/Marketing Fabric Full - Package: Stefan Novak
VP/National Sales Manager: Charlie Tsai
Sales Representative: Biviana Uribe
Sales Representative: Jay Wetherald

For further information, visit the Eclat website:

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