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Microban | Antimicrobial Product Protection
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Odor Control


Microban® International, the global leader in antimicrobial and odor control and prevention solutions, today announced its partnership with Sinomax USA, Inc., leading manufacturer and distributor of polyurethane comfort products, specializing in memory foam. Sinomax recently launched its 4-Inch Wave Support Memory Foam Antimicrobial Mattress Topper with Walmart, and recently began producing medical-grade foam mattresses for hospitals. Both new offerings provide the reliable antimicrobial product protection of Microban’s ZPTECH® technology.

“Finding a trusted partner with deep expertise was first and foremost our priority when evaluating a primary antimicrobial sourcing for Sinomax,” said John Beliveau, Sinomax chief operating officer. “Microban was initially identified as the best choice for us to offer peace of mind to our customers in our memory foam pillows and topper products. We were then able to quickly expand its use and incorporate the technology into our hospital mattresses to fulfill those urgent needs.”

Microban ZPTECH is a dual-action antimicrobial that reduces the growth of the bacteria and fungi that cause the deterioration and unpleasant odor in a textile or foam. While reducing 99.9% of the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ZPTECH also lengthens the life of the product.

“The quick response Sinomax was able to successfully execute and offer Microban antimicrobial protection to hospitals was truly impressive,” said Brian Aylward, senior director of global textiles for Microban. “We are incredibly proud to have our technology included in these efforts and look forward to a long partnership of offering trusted, antimicrobial solutions to today’s consumers.”

Microban continues to work to revolutionize product performance with protection that lives on. Its portfolio of textile-specific solutions also includes AEGIS® and SilverShield® for antimicrobial product protection, and Scenty and Scentry Revive for odor control. As part of its commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes Microban products are bluesign® and Oeko-Tex® approved.

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What is Microban® Odor Control Technology?
For over 30 years, Microban has been leading the way in odor control solutions for footwear, apparel and textile partners. Our innovations have set the standard for the category and continue to deliver the highest performance standards consumers demand. Our technologies are applied during the manufacturing process and create a durable odor control barrier on the fabric or foam.

What is the Value of Microban® Odor Control?

  • The Microban® brand is the global leader in durable Odor Control.
  • Microban brand is a valuable trusted trademark.
  • Microban partners have successfully leveraged the Microban brand to grow their businesses by improving profit margins, gaining or defending market share, improving product mix, and securing new distribution.
  • In a recent Gallup poll, 75% of consumers reported they prefer to purchase products with antimicrobial protection.
  • Quantitative market research studies have demonstrated that Microban brand can greatly influence consumer purchase preference, delivering significant improvements in pricing, leverage, market share and/or product mix.

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Why Is Microban® Protection Important?

  • Leading Odor Control Brand - The Microban® brand is the global leader in durable odor control solutions.
  • Technology Neutral – Microban utilizes a broad range of odor control technologies to find the right antimicrobial solutions to meet the specific needs for a variety of unique products.
  • Exceptional Durability – Microban technology is infused into fabrics and foams during the manufacturing process to ensure exceptional durability for the useful life of the product. Microban engineers have developed solutions for polyester and polyester cotton blended fabrics durable to over 50 commercial launderings and up to 100 home laundering cycles, as well as lifetime durability for foam applications.
  • Improved Product Performance – Microban protection keeps apparel and footwear fresher for a longer period of time, reducing bacterial odors between launderings and improving the durable life of the fabric or foam.
  • History of Safe Use and Effective – Microban odor control technologies have a history of safe, durable and effective use and are registered with the EPA, REACH, and BPD/BPR. Microban is a bluesign system partner.

How Does Microban® Technology Work?

  • Microban technology is built into a product during the manufacturing process, and becomes an intrinsic part of the product, both on the inside and surface of the product.
  • When odors or microbes (i.e. bacteria, mold, mildew, odors, etc.) come in contact with the product surface, Microban protection forms a barrier on the fabric which helps prevent odors or the microbe from growing and reproducing.
  • In a recent laboratory test, an unprotected fabric sample and a fabric sample with Microban antimicrobial protection were both inoculated with odor causing bacteria. The fabric sample with Microban protection measured 250 times less malodor than the unprotected fabric sample.


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Microban’s Portfolio of Technologies Include:
  • AEGIS® works to inhibit the growth of microbes on textiles, keeping them cleaner and fresher between launderings.
  • AEGIS Excalibur®, designed for textiles, combines antimicrobial and odor absorbing functionality. Its proprietary bonding process provides durable antimicrobial performance when applied to polyester fabrics and fibers.
  • Scentry®, an odor capture product platform for textiles, forms a protective barrier on fabrics that attracts and traps odor, preventing apparel from giving off an offensive smell during wear and in-between washings.
  • SilverShield®, a silver-based formula providing increased durability and odor reduction in textiles. The Duralink™ binder system infuses silver into the fibers of garments, which ensures your clothing stays fresher longer.
  • ZPTech®, a wide-spectrum antimicrobial, effective against not just bacteria, but also, the growth of fungi including mold and mildew.

In August 2016, Microban® relaunched its textiles division globally. Leveraging its more than 30-year heritage of providing innovative protection solutions for extended freshness and odor control in textiles. Additionally, it recently opened its Microban Microbiology Testing Services to non-partners, providing independent testing and verification capabilities for evaluating antimicrobial performance of products for textiles and polymers. Experts from Microban’s state-of-the-art Center of Excellence research facilities will consult with companies, associations, universities and governmental organizations through the evaluation process from start to finish.

Microban® recently obtained bluesign® approval for ZPTech®, used by more than 60 leading sports, athleisure, apparel and footwear brands, and Scentry®BC100, a non-antimicrobial solution that eliminates body odors in clothing and footwear caused by organic chemical compounds. Microban® has been a bluesign® system partner since 2014


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