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Chemours Company FC, LLC a new company created from DuPont’s Performance Chemicals businesses. The company focuses on applying great chemistry to make a colorful, capable, and cleaner world. Makers of Teflon® products, Chemours combines leading products, applications expertise, and market-shaping chemistry in three business areas: titanium technologies, fluoroproducts, and chemical solutions. This focus will enable the company to respond to customer and market needs effectively, efficiently, and competitively.

Concept III Textiles International  (Textile Development and Apparel Production Services) Concept III Textiles International is an inclusive resource for the development, sourcing, and production of both knit and woven textiles and textile-based finished products worldwide. The company offers a keen understanding of global commerce, extensive textile and fiber development expertise, and effective mill and factory relationships. Concept III serves brands in the outdoor, active sports, sportswear, outerwear and uniform markets.

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C-Therm Technoogies (Testing Equipment for textiles) Established in 2007 and based in New Brunswick, Canada, C-Therm Technologies provides sensor solutions for R&D, manufacturing and quality control environments, offering the latest in rapid, non-destructive thermal analysis instrumentation. The company was launched with the acquisition of the assets of Mathis Instruments and is privately held within the Cartmill Group of Companies. C-Therm Technologies sensor systems offer thermal analysis of the following material properties: Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Effusivity, and Thermal Inertia, and can test for material: Consistency, Homogeneity, Layering, and Abnormalities.
  California Market Center 
  Carlson Design (Manufacturing Equipment & Software) Since 1987, Carlson Design's time-saving systems have been sold in 37 countries and are used to plot and cut a wide variety of sewn goods including sails, awnings, furniture, upholstery, marine canvas, automotive, boat covers, apparel, inflatables, kites, gliders, balloons, bags, parachutes, and even boat hulls. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company offers a wide range of automated equipment for material marking and cutting. The systems are simple to setup and easy to use.
  Carolina Apparel Group, Inc. As a subsidiary of Coville, Inc., Carolina Apparel produces knitted apparel products and offers the comfort and cost benefits of body-size, side-seamless fabric and apparel Made in the USA. Carolina Apparel specializes in base-layer, underwear and first-layer products for well-known brand names, major retailers' private labels and for the US Armed forces. The company's quick replenishment on in-season items, coupled with its cost-efficient manufacturing advantages makes Carolina Apaprel an attractive, experienced alternative to offshore manufacturing.
  Carolina Cotton Works Inc (Dyer & Finisher) Started in March 1995, Carolina Cotton Works is a family-owned company specializing in piece dyeing, tubular and open-width finishing. Growth has come from its entry into open width finishing, allowing it to compete in some non-apparel markets, but also to focus on its mainstay, which is dyeing and finishing a wide variety of natural and synthetic fabrics that ultimately go into apparel.
  Carolina Specialty Fabrics (Textile Mill) Based in Newton, NC, and serving the fabric industry for over half a century, Carolina Specialty Fabrics provides top quality products for industrial, safety, military, upholstery, and apparel applications. The company offers woven and knit constructions in a wide variety of weights, widths, and fiber content. Cotton, polyester, Kevlar, and acrylic are just some of the fibers currently being offered. On time delivery, quality, and service are the keys to Carolina Specialty Fabrics' success. New products are constantly being reviewed and customized to meet its customer's demands. The company welcomes your new concepts and ideas. Contact Carolina Specialty Fabrics to discuss your fabric needs. Carolina Specialty Fabrics

Custom Products

  Carr Textile Corporation (Textile Mill) Established in 1973 Carr Textile is headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, is a converter, importer, distributor and wholesaler of cottons, polyesters, and blended fabrics. The company’s in-stock programs consist of various fabric constructions including twill, chino, bull denim, canvas, hopsack, poplin, sheeting, printcloth, osnaburg, buckram, etc. These fabrics are dyed and finished to Carr Textile’s specifications and colors. In addition to its stock programs, Carr Textile can dye or finish fabrics to meet its customers’ specifications. The company’s in-house lab can perform a variety of tests on fabric to evaluate performance characteristics. Carr Textile’s fabrics are used in caps, apparel, aprons, bags, outerwear, emblems, industrial, and automotive.
  Castle Rock/Shamrod, Inc.  (Textile/Apparel Manufacture) CASTLEROCK and its parent company Shamrod, Inc. is an innovative and quality knitter of specialty fabrications that brings 15 years of experience and expertise to its products. The main market focus with the CASTLEROCK division is the active sportswear and performance markets. Casual Performance" sportswear fabrics, are knitted fabrics which provide a balance between function and fashion, performance and style, fit and comfort. CastleRock is the manufacturer of EXpert®, the performance t-shirt. Airstretch™

  Celenese Corporation (Fiber Producer) Based in Dallas, TX, Celanese Corporation is a global chemical leader in producing differentiated chemistry solutions and specialty materials used in most major industries and consumer applications. The businesses use the full breadth of Celanese's global chemistry, technology and commercial expertise to create value for its customers, employees, shareholders and the corporation. As the company partners with its customers to solve their most critical business needs, Celanese strives to positively impact its communities and the world through The Celanese Foundation. Celanese employs approximately 13,000 employees worldwide and had 2022 net sales of $9.7 billion. NEOLAST™

  Celliant (Infrared-responsive Textile Company) Founded in 2003, Hologenix, LLC, makers of Celliant technology, is committed to creating, developing and bringing to market products that enhance people’s lives through new materials. They strive to deliver the future of healthy innovation through a variety of consumer categories. The company continues to explore new territories and is currently running FDA-focused, clinical trials to expand into the medical product arena. Celliant Nylon

Celliant Polyester

Celliant Viscose

  Centric Software, Inc. (PLM Software Technology) From its headquarters in Silicon Valley and offices in capitals around the world, Centric Software develops technologies for the most prestigious names in fashion, retail, footwear, luxury and consumer goods. Its flagship product lifecycle management (PLM) platform, Centric 8, delivers enterprise-class promotional planning, product development, sourcing, business planning, quality and collection management functionality, tailored to fast-moving consumer industries. Centric Cloud packages provide small businesses with extensive PLM solutions, based on innovative technology and key industry learnings.
  Chaos Headwear Based in Steamboat Springs, Colo., Chaos Headwear offers a broad range of hats and accessories for a multitude of year round outdoor activities, such as trail running, hiking, fishing, travel and for winter skiing, riding, climbing, mountaineering, training and just looking good. Owned and operated by Canadas Do-Gree fashions, Chaos designs vary from winter to four-season, urban to alpine, casual to high fashion for men, women and kids, and feature merino wool, mohair, acrylic blends, cottons, angora, and fleece. Chaos also offers a collection of technical weather headwear, Chaos Thermal Regulation or CTR, for active summer and winter conditions.
  Charles Parsons (Textile Mill) Under the Charles Parsons umbrella, are the primary company divisions: Apparel Fabrics, Fashion Fabrics, Interiors, Technical and Trimmings. Commencing in 1915 supplying fabrics to suit manufacturers, Charles Parsons has diversified across almost every category wherever fabric or textiles are used. This includes the supply of roll stock to garment manufacturers from basics to high fashion, performance sport, school and corporate. We also supply the home textile market in drapery, upholstery and finished goods in home accessories including cushions, throws and napery. Charles Parsons provides garment manufacturers with the trims and accessories necessary for all aspects of garment construction, but also designs and manufactures fashion garments for well known Australasian vertical retailers. Bravo

Craft Project



Insitu Wallcovering Solutions™

Line 7

Merino State®


  Chemique Adhesives (Adhesive & Equipment Manufacturer) Based in Kennesaw, GA, Chemique Adhesives Inc. is a leader in the manufacture and supply of high performance industrial adhesives, sealants, and adhesive application equipment, offering specialist bonding solutions to North American textile industries including construction, transport, marine and commercial production.
  Chemours Company FC, LLC a new company created from DuPont’s Performance Chemicals businesses. The company focuses on applying great chemistry to make a colorful, capable, and cleaner world. Makers of Teflon® products, Chemours combines leading products, applications expertise, and market-shaping chemistry in three business areas: titanium technologies, fluoroproducts, and chemical solutions. This focus will enable the company to respond to customer and market needs effectively, efficiently, and competitively.

Teflon EcoElite™
Teflon™ fabric protector
Teflon™ textile finishes
  Chia Her Industrial Co., Ltd. (Vertically integrated textile manufacture) With 40 years of experience and knowledge of textile making, Chia Her is powered by innovation, quick response and proud of its heritage. Chia Her is a R&D oriented and vertically integrated manufacturer that specialized in yarn spinning, twisting, weaving, dying, finishing, printing, coating, laminating and special finishing. Located in Taiwan, Chia Her develops high value-added products to global leading brands in outdoor/ fashion/ home/ industrial. Its next endeavor will be to eliminate the impact from pollutions and the project began when its wastewater treatment plant opened in 1988. Chia Her is the first in Taiwan to acquired Organic Cotton Certification, since then Chia Her has been leading the industry on renewable materials. In addition, Chia Her is certified with series of standards in
  Chilean Trade Commission - US (Trade Association) The Chilean Trade Commission in the U.S. is also known as ProChile. As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Chile, ProChile is in charge of promoting Chilean exports of products and services. ProChile has a network of over 50 offices worldwide and 15 Export Centers in Chile which have experience and tools to help boost the export sector and position Chile’s attributes in international markets. The industry encompasses two Textile/Apparel subsectors: 1) Textiles - yarns and wovens; and 2) Garments - manufacturers of outerwear, underwear, and formal and casual wear, made from knitted and woven fabrics and cloth.
  China General Plastics Corporation  The Group's principal activities are producing and selling plastic materials and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) products. Products include raw material products such as Chlor-Alkali, PVC resin and compound, construction products such as pipe, fitting, anti-corrosion liners, film and sheet products, leather products and houseware inflatable products. Operations of the Group are carried out in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other countries. The Group exports its products to Asia, the United States of America, Oceania, Europe, Africa and Middle East. Produces and sells plastic materials and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) products.
  CHOMARAT (Composite Textiles & Films) Established in 1898, CHOMARAT is an international industrial textile group, involved in three businesses: Composites Reinforcements, Construction Reinforcements, Coatings & Films–Textiles. The privately held company operates in France, Tunisia, the United States and China to service its global customers. CHOMARAT leads a strong innovation strategy, rising to challenges, developing materials for the future. The Group invests in new technologies and enters into collaborative research programs with universities and technical centers worldwide. CHOMARAT offers strong technical know-how and mastery of complex technologies in fields ranging from automotive, aerospace, sports, energy, marine, construction, and also in markets requiring creativity and expertise, like luxury goods.
  Chomarat Textiles Industries Based in the based in the Ardèche region of France, Chomarat Textiles Industries is an international textile group with a presence on 4 continents and three units specializing in different technologies. The company designs and produces textile and plastic coatings, textile finishing, special reinforcement materials for the building industry and composites. The private company, owned by the Chomarat family, services the following markets: Transportation, Energy, Person Protection, Marine, Luxury Clothing and Accessories, Sports & Leisure Equipment, Building & Infrastructures, and Industrial.
  CHROMUCH (Solution Dyed Fiber Producer) By reinventing color at the fiber level, CHROMUCH advances a new standard in sustainable color design and takes the guesswork and compromise out of the equation. CHROMUCH solution dyed polyester fibers are made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and use absolutely no water in the dyeing process. The newly-developed synthetic fiber is of premium quality, rich in color, fade-resistant and earth-friendly, making CHROMUCH the best choice in developer-friendly performance textiles. Color without compromise. ChromShield™



  CHT USA Inc. (Textile Effects) As a division of the Germany based CHT, CHT USA uses "smart chemistry with character" as function providers to create specialty textile products and finishes that save both energy and money for its global customers. CHT USA offers a full range of BeSo ECO sustainable textile effects, as well as it's new COOLDYE product for low-temperature dyeing concept for sustainable polyester fibers. COOLDYE

  Cinergy Textiles, Inc. (Textile Distributor) Specializing in stock and order-based programs on over 250 fabrics, Cinergy Textiles has been servicing its clients throughout the United States and around the world for over 15 years. The company caters to domestic manufacturers, as well as providing drop shipments for off-shore production. Its in-house stylist and merchandisers have years of experience in helping retailers and wholesalers with trend directions for each season and can assist with the necessary guidelines in designing clothing lines. Orders are generally processed on the same business day and ship out within one or two days after receipt depending on the size of the order and availability of the particular style ordered. Cinergy Textiles

  Clariant International Ltd. (Chemical Company) As one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, Clariant contributes to value creation with innovative and sustainable solutions for customers from many industries. Our portfolio is designed to meet very specific needs with as much precision as possible. At the same time, our research and development is focused on addressing the key trends of our time. These include energy efficiency, renewable raw materials, emission-free mobility, and conserving finite resources. Clariant reports in three business areas: Care Chemicals, Natural Resources and Catalysis.
  Clark Textile Company Inc. See ASF Group.
  Claros Technologies (Textile Technology Company) Based in Minneapolis, MN, Claros Technologies, Inc. was founded on the belief that air, water and other natural resources are limited and do not belong to one generation. The mission of Claros Technologies is to use the latest advancements in science and engineering to innovate solutions that enable sustainable use, recovery and reuse of these resources. The moral obligation is to pass the environment to the next generation healthier than we inherited it. Hence, the company's ultimate goal is to offer industries, like the textile industry a sustainable way to make products and build wealth. Zio Line of Products

  CMF Global, Inc. (Industrial High-Density Irrigation Company) Based in Chula Vista, CA, CMF Global, Inc. is revolutionizing the irrigation business on golf courses, etc. with its fiber polymer-based High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) high-performance proprietary piping systems called AquaFuse. A line of heat-fused components that provide a ZERO leakage rate with no breaks, comes with a service life of more than one hundred years, and is protected with a 25-year warranty. CMF Global, Inc. is proud to have received a multitude of awards and decorations, including the 2012 Exporter of the Year for San Diego and Imperial Counties from the World Trade Center and the 2013 Exporter of the Year for San Diego and Imperial Counties from the U.S. Small Business Administration. AquaFuse

  Coats Based in the UK, Coats is the world’s leading industrial thread company. The company applies innovative techniques to develop high technology Performance Materials threads, yarns, fabrics and composites for use in areas like personal protection, telecoms, energy, transportation, and household and recreation.
  Cocona, Inc. TrapTek, a Longmont. Colorado-based company, is the pioneer inventor of technology to embed activated carbon made from coconut shells in fibers, yarns and fabrics, and to keep the particles activated through different polymer and film processes. The technology provides moisture management, odor management and UV protection. It is used in performance apparel, footwear, socks, fleece, pet beds, chemical warfare protection, Homeland Defense applications, and automobile products. Cocona® Fabrics


  Columbia Sportswear Company  (Apparel Manufacturer) Founded in 1938, Columbia Sportswear Company has grown from a small family-owned hat distributorship to one of the world's largest outerwear brands and the leading seller of skiwear in the United States. Columbia's extensive product line includes a wide variety of outerwear, sportswear, rugged footwear and accessories. The company is know for developing innovative products that are functional yet stylish and offer great value. Outdry®

  Concept III Textiles International  (Textile Development and Apparel Production Services) Concept III Textiles International is an inclusive resource for the development, sourcing, and production of both knit and woven textiles and textile-based finished products worldwide. The company offers a keen understanding of global commerce, extensive textile and fiber development expertise, and effective mill and factory relationships. Concept III serves brands in the outdoor, active sports, sportswear, outerwear and uniform markets.

Concept III Textiles
  Concordia Textiles Concordia Textiles Group is an integrated textiles manufacturer offering sustainable textile technologies/products for a wide range of purposes. As a pioneer in the textiles industries with a strong customer-oriented approach, their know-how and expertise expand throughout different applications. This is reflected in their aim to grow in a sustainable way by adding value for all parties involved. Concordia Textiles Group offers innovative and solution-oriented products in different global and niche markets. As a global group they’re committed to a local and entrepreneurial approach that suits the needs of their partners in varied industries.
  CONE DENIM HEADQUARTERS (Textile Manufacturer) This company has been a leading supplier of denim fabrics to top apparel brands since 1891. Formed out of the entrepreneurial spirit of brothers Moses and Ceasar Cone and grounded in American heritage, Cone Denim has been synonymous with authenticity and innovation for over a century. Today, that same spirit, expertise and advanced capability continue to service and inspire the global market. Cone Denim operates as part of International Textile Group, Inc. (ITG) with manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Asia, and Mexico, including the flagship White Oak® mill with its unique blend of modern equipment and technology alongside vintage looms from mid-century denim making.
  Conservation Alliance The Conservation Alliance is an organization of outdoor businesses whose collective contributions support grassroots environmental organizations and their efforts to protect wild places where outdoor enthusiasts recreate. Alliance funds have played a key role in protecting rivers, trails, wildlands and climbing areas. Since its inception in 1989, the Alliance has contributed more than $8.3 million to grassroots environmental groups. Alliance funding has helped save over 49.5 million acres of wildlands; 27 dams have either been stopped or removed; and the group helped preserve access to more than 17,000 miles of waterways and several climbing areas.
  Consoltex  (Textile Manufacturer) Consoltex is a vertically integrated material solution provider. Headquartered in Montreal, QC in Canada, it has an international reputation for the innovative nature of its products and services as well as for the rigor of its research and development program. Consoltex fabrics are at the heart of many textile products destined for high-risk and/or high-performance sectors of activity such as: military/defence, performance outerwear, personal protection, petrochemical, fire service, medicine, image & active wear, hospitality & home textiles, and many other industrial and commercial applications. Cryon™






S2 Technologies™-Stretch System

S3 Technologies™-Soft Shell System

  Consumer Testing Laboratories (Testing Lab) Based in Bentonville, AR, Consumer Testing Laboratories is a recognized leader in the field of consumer product evaluation. Whether you're a manufacturer or retailer, doing business here in the US or in its overseas offices (Canada, the Far East, Bangladesh, or China), Consumer Testing can develop turn-key quality programs customized to your particular needs, and can test any textile consumer Product from wearing apparel to footwear to patio furniture to automotive products. Consumer Testing Laboratories evaluates products from the viewpoint of the consumer, how they are going to use the product and what they expect from it. This approach distinguishes us from other laboratories. All of its laboratories are accredited, technically sound, and accredited by internationally recognized accreditation bodies.
  Coolcore (Component Material Manufacturer) This New England-based company is a global leader in a providing cooling material innovations. Coolcore provides a cooling solution that goes beyond traditional moisture management. The maker of Coolcore" material is focused in two key areas in temperature regulation technology: 1) providing temperature regulation fabrics, and 2) providing on-the-go recovery materials. Coolcore is dedicated to the development of "earth-friendly" performance fabrics. Coolcore®

  Cooley Group Founded in 1926, Cooley Group designs, develops and manufactures high-performance, sustainable engineered membranes used in applications including some of the world’s most notable outdoor advertising; water, fuel and chemical containment; military; and commercial roofing initiatives. Headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and with multiple manufacturing facilities across the United States, Cooley Group markets and distributes its products worldwide and also works with multi-national partners to develop proprietary products and solutions.
  Copper Company (The) (Knit & Woven Copper Fiber/Yarn/Fabric/ Garment Manufacturer) Based in Chile, The Copper Company produces technical knits featuring antimicrobial copper properties that are used in work outfits, sheets, and medical outfits, protecting patients from potential infections and reducing vulnerability. Used in textiles, copper acts as an antimicrobial, skin regenerator, deodorizer, and is made into 100% recyclable garments. In collaboration with the national copper company, Codelco Labs, The Copper Company has begun incorporating the beneficial properties of copper into functional and fashionable Jewel Copper Knitting. The Copper Company offers a variety of household goods, as well as professional equipment and fashions for sport, babies, sleepwear, industrial workwear, and military attire utilizing antimicrobial copper applications.
  CopperMe (Copper Yarn Garment Manufacturer) Through its US Showroom based in Miami, FL, CopperMe is a Chilean company that provides unique product lines that utilize emerging copper technology to combat persistent global issues like foot odor, fungi, and skin collagen lost, and other problems associated with diabetes, athlete’s foot, skin tone and stretch marks, among others. CopperMe has developed an innovative and comfortable solutions through their use of antimicrobial copper yarn in a variety of distinctive product lines for the foot care, post pregnancy recovery and beauty-control-shaping wear, serving most of the health-conscious consumer markets.
  Copptech (Copper Fiber/Yarn Producer) Based in Chile, Copptech takes the antimicrobial properties of copper and incorporates them at molecular level as salts that can be incorporated to various materials. Copptech’s technology releases copper and zinc ions, which penetrate into harmful microorganisms for health protection and to eliminate the risk of infection. Copptech is able to add or export its copper based antimicrobial properties into a variety of products utilizing textile yarns, non-woven fabrics, polymers, foam shapes, films, and even varnishes to bring a molecular level of protection to your most heavily used objects.
  Cotton Incorporated  (Association) From agricultural, fiber and textile research, market information and technical services, to advertising and public relations, fashion forecasts and retail promotions, Cotton Inc. focuses on the goal of promoting cotton, so that it remains the first choice among consumers in apparel and home products. Cotton Incorporated, funded by U.S. growers of upland cotton and importers of cotton and cotton textile products, is the research and marketing company representing upland cotton. The Program is designed and operated to improve the demand for and profitability of cotton. Cotton Inc.'s Mission Statement: “To increase the demand for and profitability of cotton through research and promotion.” Hygro™


  Cove Point Custom Covers (Manufacturer) Based in Cove Point, RI, Cove Point Custom Covers has been offering design, cut and sew to manufacturer specifications for over 12 years. The company has the ability to turn single pieces or produce large quantities, and specializes in marine and outdoor materials. Cove Point can design and manufacture a wide variety of custom covers for high-end outdoor kitchens and grills, and can cover just about any item including commercial/industrial equipment covers, medical carts, display covers, outdoor sauna covers, storage covers, custom covers, dust covers, machinery protective covers, trade show booth covers, utilizing anti-static, anti-microbial and Fire Resistant fabrics. Logos, lettering and embroidery are also available. GrillWraps

  Coville, Inc. (Vertical manufacturer of Knits & Apparel) Based in Winston-Salem, NC, Coville, Inc. is a USA-made provider of innovative knits and apparel. The company offers finished and greige fabrics, contract and full-package apparel services, as well as distribution and fulfillment. Coville's expertise includes fabrics and garments for activewear, sportswear, military, protective, underwear and base-layer products. Alandale Knitted Fabrics

Carolina Apparel Group Products

  Coyuchi The first company to bring organic cotton bedding to the United States, Coyuchi was founded 20 years ago in Point Reyes Station, a small town on the Northern California coast. There, surrounded by ocean, forest, beach and bluff, Coyuchi’s "aesthetic ecosystem" philosophy of design was born, leading to a line of home textiles rooted in the innate qualities of nature. Coyuchi products are produced using fair–labor practices and natural fibers, free of the toxic dies, bleaches and finishes used in conventional textiles. All Coyuchi cotton is 100% organic, produced using a nontoxic production process certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Coyuchi can be found at fine retailers across the US and Canada, as well as available for purchase online.
  Crailar Technologies Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1998, Crailar Technologies is a leading developer of renewable and environmentally sustainable biomass resources using flax, hemp, and other bast fibers. Crailar uses a cutting-edge, all-natural enzymatic process to unlock the potential of flax fiber, resulting in a garment that is as soft and durable as cotton, while minimizing the environmental risks associated with its cultivation. CRAiLAR Flax

  Crypton Companies (Fabric Manufacturer and Nano Technology) This company has patented and branded environmentally responsible textile performance solutions since 1993. The company’s flagship product, CRYPTON® Fabric, revolutionized the use of fabrics in the healthcare, hospitality, government, education and contract segments. Crypton Home® fabric is a leading provider of fabrics for the home furnishing industry and available at national retailers. In 2013, Crypton acquired Nanotex®, which was among the first to market nanotechnology solutions for textiles. Since that time, Nanotex technology has been significantly enhanced, and is being re-launched to the apparel markets through a new integrated marketing and promotion campaign. Crypton®

  CTT Group (Textile Company Group) Quebec’s textile industry includes 400 companies specializing in the manufacture of textiles, textile-based products and knit garments. A key sector in Quebec’s economy, it produces over 50% of Canada’s textiles and employs 12,000 people. For over 150 years, the Quebec textile scene has continued to excel on the global stage thanks to its remarkable capacity for innovation in the development of added-value technical textile materials. Quebec’s fashion and apparel ecosystem has more than 77,000 workers.
  Cyberknit This leading U.S. manufacturer of performance fabrics has been servicing the active wear and tactical markets since 1996. The company manufactures fine gauge knit fabrics from synthetic and natural fibers, using filament and spun yarns. Cyberknit specializes in products with high intrinsic value so its customers can differentiate themselves in today's competitive marketplace. Cyberknit fabrics incorporate cutting edge technologies that utilize proprietary materials and finishes. Being a quick turn U.S. producer allows its customers to take advantage of the duty and quota free benefits of NAFTA and CAFTA, and to participate in Berry compliant markets. Cyberknit prides itself on its long-term relationships, fostered through diligent quality control, communication, loyalty and precision. Cyberknit Fabrics

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