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Fablok Mills Inc. Founded in 1952 and based in Murray Hill, NJ, Fablok Mills is a knitting, dyeing and finishing manufacturer of mesh fabrics. Its fully-integrated production facility provides the control and flexibility necessary to quickly satisfy its customers' needs. Fablok utilizes new, technical yarns, designs and finishes, which positions Fablok's customers at the leading edge of fabric innovation. The company's knitting capabilities offer both raschel and tricot fabrics, designed and constructed to prevent raveling. Fablok's warp knits provide a broad range of end uses from heavy-duty durable fabrics to lightweight fine fabrics. The company's dyeing and finishing capabilities include custom color matching. Fablok also offers flame retardant, ultraviolet-resistant and anti-microbial finishes. In addition, Fablok stocks a broad range of fabrics Fablok Mills Mesh Fabrics

  Fabric King Textile Co., Ltd. (Textile Manufacturer) Fabric King Textile Company was established in 1994, has long dedicated to the development of smart, hi-tech and eco-friendly textiles. Fabric King committed to a core value of continuously focus on innovation in order to enhance the safety and convenience of consumer lives. One of innovative design product is “smart costume” which is the combination of functional fabric with optical fiber and LED technology. The new design creates surface color variations to be used as fashionable decorations or details.
  FabricLink Network Based in Tarzana, CA, the FabricLink Network consists of two on-line textile educational resources: (trade-to-consumer) and (trade-to-trade). and provide information about new products and marketing opportunities for specialty textiles, textile-based products and services. The Networks 11 Searchable Indexes make the two websites the Go To networking resources for product developers, fashion designers, and researchers. The sister websites offer: educational content and technical information, news releases on innovations, fabric descriptions, usage and care, supplier history and networking opportunities. In addition, the Network offers effective marketing platforms for small niche-based companies to large broad-based textile manufacturers.
  Farm to Feet (/Hosiery/Sock Manufacturer) A division of Nester Hosiery and driven by detail and an independent spirit, Farm to Feet produces its socks in its sustainability focused facility in Mt. Airy, NC. Employing the most advanced knitting techniques, Farm to Feet makes the most comfortable and feature-rich socks available. Farm to Feet believes socks are meant for the outdoors and is committed to improving the outdoor recreational experience and advocating for the protection of wild places.
  Fashion For Profit  (Fashion Consulting & Support) This is the fashion industry’s leading resource for turning concepts and businesses into a profitable reality. The company is dedicated to providing specific world-class education, technical training, sourcing, networking, operations, marketing, mentoring and consulting services. Fashion for Profit’s global resources offers our members a platform to connect the resources they need to build a successful fashion business!
  Fayettechill (Apparel Manufacturer) Since its beginnings as t-shirt company started in a dorm room at the University of Arkansas, Fayettechill has grown to a multi-million dollar outdoor lifestyle clothing company with over 50 retailers in 12 states. Based in Fayettville, AR, Fayettechill creates experience inspired apparel for outdoor enthusiasts and promotes the relaxed and fulfilled state of mind that is brought about by adventuring into the wild.
  Faytex Corporation (Textile Technology Company) This global leader in moisture management fabrics for the footwear, apparel, sporting goods and medical industries was founded in 1978 by William Fay, Sr. Even before Dri-Lex began its mission as The sweat control fiber®, the Faytex Corporation’s claim-to-fame was the introduction of Cambrelle® in 1978. It took the footwear industry by storm because of its inherent comfort attributes. The Dri-Lex® line of performance-proven products has been engineered to take on a variety of end uses. There are over 30 products that give the wearer a decided comfort edge.
  FelsslerUSA FesslerUSA, base in Orwigsburg, PA, owns and operates five apparel production facilities in Pennsylvania. All garments made and sold by FesslerUSA are 100% made-in-the-USA.Because it is a vertically integrated producer, the company provides quality production and fast service. All garments are cut using Gerber computerized automated cutting equipment and sewn at one of its five Pennsylvania sewing facilities. The company offers lower minimums and shorter lead times than offshore competitors and domestic companies that use sub-contractors for their production. FesslerUSA owns and operates five apparel production facilities in Pennsylvania. All garments made and sold by FesslerUSA are 100% made-in-the-USA. Because we are a vertically integrated producer, we can serve you better and faster. We knit our own fabric at our Deer Lake,
  Fi-Tec (Source to Manufacturers of Machines or Technical Components) Based in new offices in Richmond, VA, Fi-Tech is “your global connection” to the leading manufacturers of complete machines or technical components used in the production of Polymer, Synthetic Fibers, Nonwovens, Textiles, Converting, Perforated Products or in Tobacco Processing. In partnership with leaders in their respective fields, Fi-Tec is the premier manufacturer's representative and distribution firm serving textile industries in the Americas. Fi-Tech is constantly searching the market for the best suppliers with the best solutions to give its customers the competitive advantages needed to be successful today and into the future.
  Fiber and Yarn Products, Inc.  (Fiber & Yarn Producer) This innovative fiber and yarn producer has been offering quality yarns since 1980. Barmag false twist drawn texture yarns(DTY), and FYnesse® brand air covered yarns. Fiber and Yarn Products has developed various highly technical brands such as: STA-COOL®, FORTIFY® AM and FORTIFY® AMX, FORTIFY® Cu, and Σndurall® to provide advanced innovative surface modification properties to fibers. This USA owned and operated company is ready to ship Berry Compliant and NAFTA friendly goods for nearly any garment, hosiery, or apparel application. Endurall®

Fortify® AM

Fortify® Cu

FYnesse® Air Covered Yarns


  Fiber Innovation Technology  (Fiber Producer) Fiber Innovation Technology, (FIT) manufactures AXXEL™ brand specialty fibers for applications across the full spectrum of textiles. While many products are designed and produced to meet specific needs for individual customers, others are available as "standard" items. The company is eager to discuss the possibilities, or other new fiber products designed to meet your unique needs.
  Fiber-Line® LLC (Fiber Technology Company) For over 25 years, FIBER-LINE® LLC has provided science-driven expertise that improves the performance and the end-use processing of high performance fibers. FIBER-LINE specializes in twisting, coating, winding, and splicing technologies that enable many combinations of fiber product enhancements. The company's products enable the search for new energy reserves and extend the life of fiber optic telecommunication cables. It also adds important characteristics, such as SWELLCOAT® water-blocking, water repellency, adhesion, glow-in-the-dark properties, and wear, color, and UV-resistance to a variety of applications. COLORCOAT


  FiberVisions Inc. (Fiber Producer) FiberVisions Inc., a subsidiary of Indorama Ventures, develops, manufactures, and markets CoolVision® dyeable polypropylene fibers for nonwovens, textiles and apparel and industrial applications. The Company's products add performance and processing benefits to a variety of markets, including the hygiene, textile, automotive, and construction industries.
  Fieldtex Products, Inc. (Cut & Sew Manufacturer) Based in Rochester, NY, Fieldtex Products, Inc., is a private family owned company. We are a cut & sew manufacturing facility that designs, prototypes, and mass-produces soft sided carrying cases for medical and military markets and special equipment handling, as well as wearable medical garments such as vests, pouches, holsters, and more. Fieldtex supplies its products to emergency medical corps., schools, cities, towns, youth team sports leagues, and the general safety marketplace.
  Filspec Inc. (Yarn Spinner) Based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, Filspec Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing high-performance technical yarns for more than 60 years. Its history goes back to 1954 when the company was a division of one of North America's largest textile manufacturers, the Dominion Textile group. Over the years, the Domil plant left the weaving business to specialize in spinning. In 2004, FilSpecTM was created. Over the past years, the spinning company has built its reputation on developing technical blended yarns, and adapting to its customers' needs, which include resistance to abrasion, flames, cutting, chemicals, humidity control, environmental friendliness, connected wearables, etc. FilSpecTM uses its expertise and specialized production equipment to provide quality and innovation in its technical yarns. FireFil™

FireFil™ Welding






  First Line Technology, LLC Founded in 2003, First Line Technology, LLC is a supplier of Out of the Box Solutions for first responders and the military. As a Total Solution provider for emergency response equipment, First Line works directly with manufacturers and subject matter experts to provide current solutions for emergency response missions. First Line has established itself as a leader in new product development and deployment with innovative and simple solutions. First Line prides itself on creating high-quality products that are comfortable, effective, and safe for use in an All-Hazards response.
  Fits Sock company FITS Sock Co. develops socks that FIT like no other. The company has harnessed over 100 years of sock-knitting experience to solve the industry-wide issue of ill-fitting socks. Made from ultra-fine Merino Wool, FITS socks are sculpted to perfectly FIT your foot. The result: No more bunching, slipping, hot spots, or blisters. FITS uses F3Technology™ to deliver outstanding FIT, FEEL, and FUNCTION. FITS socks are made in the USA.
  Foss Manufacturing Company LLC  (Fiber Producer) is a vertically integrated producer of engineered, non-woven fabrics and specialty synthetic fibers for a variety of applications and markets. As one of the world's largest needle-punch based manufacturer, Foss is a well known leader and pioneer in the use of synthetic fibers in an ever-expanding number of manners, environments and circumstances. Fosshield®

  Freudenberg (non-woven fabric producer and developer of technologies) is a family company offering its customers technically challenging product solutions and services. With 441 companies in 55 countries and with its business partnerships, the company is present in all of the world´s major markets. The automotive industry (original equipment manufacturers) is the largest customer grouping for Freudenberg products. Other market segments include the mechanical engineering and plant engineering industry, the energy and chemical industry, the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, etc. Novolon®

  Friedlander Sewing Machine Co. (Sewing Machine Equipment) Based in Greenlawn, NY, this third generation family owned business specializes in the sale of new and used industrial sewing machines for the sewn products industry. Friedlander is proud to be the United States agency for Chinese made Highlead brand sewing machines. These high quality machines, with a concentration on heavy duty stitching for the leather, upholstery and canvas trades, are sold on a wholesale basis to local dealers and distributors. With the addition of the Highlead line, Friedlander Sewing Machine is the most complete source for all industrial sewing machine needs.
  Frontier (Digital Textile Software Company) Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Frontier is a new kind of digital textile co-working SaaS that leverages machine learning to build the world’s most powerful textile and fabric image exchange for the apparel and fashion industries. For more information and to set up a demo, please visit
  Fruit of the Loom As a Berkshire Hathaway company, Fruit of the Loom is a global pioneer in the design, manufacture and marketing of family apparel, intimates, and athletic apparel equipment. With a heritage of more than150 years, its diverse portfolio of more than 20 iconic brands includes Fruit of the Loom, Russell Athletic®, Spalding®, JERZEES®, and Vanity Fair®. The company is an industry leader in social and environmental responsibility for the communities where it operates around the world. Headquartered in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Fruit of the Loom, Inc. employs nearly 30,000 people in 17 countries. It provides 200,000 additional jobs through sourcing and licensing manufacturing locations in 30 countries.
  Functional Fabric Fair This functional textile trade show, powered by PERFORMANCE DAYS®, is produced in partnership by Reed Exhibitions and Design & Development GmbH Textile Consult (Germany), and in collaboration with Concept III Textiles. The Fair is held once a year on separate dates in two separate locations, July in New York City, and October in Portland, OR.
  FUZE Biotech - Utah Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, FUZE Biotech creates a permanent, chemical-free technology that can be applied to any surface or textile to prevent and protect against odor causing bacteria and mold. Dedicated to sustainability, only a small amount of FUZE is applied during a light misting process at either the factory or the consumer level, causing no harmful effects to you or the environment.
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