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Jack Wolfson This leading provider of functional outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment in Europe is the largest franchisor in the German specialist sports retail market. Jack Wolfskin articles are currently available in more than 3,000 points of sale across the globe. Jack Wolfskin articles feature a high degree of functionality, user-friendliness and innovation. In recent years, Jack Wolfskin successfully introduced numerous material and product innovations. The company is a member of Fair Wear Foundation and a bluesign® system partner. Jack Wolfskin has also been a member of the “Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals” initiative since 2012. Jack Wolfskin is the official provider of apparel for the Innsbruck Alpine School.
  James Thompson & Co., Inc. James Thompson & Co. is a dyer, finisher and producer of fabrics and sewn textile products. Founded in 1860 as a weaver of nettings, the company now specializes in producing solid shade cotton fabrics for the industrial, home sewing, quilting and crafts industries. The mills specializes in the following constructions: duck cloth, flannel, muslin, twill, burlap, tickings, wide cottons, buckram, and bull denim. James Thompson & co. also maintains a sewing operation in Mexico that provides a variety of specialty finished textile products. James Thompson & Co. Fabrics

  Jason Mills (Textile Mill) This company manufacturers raschel, tricot, and circular knits for industrial, commercial, military, and personal safety applications. Specific industries include law enforcement, healthcare, automotive, agriculture, aeronautical, construction, sports textiles, etc. Jason Mills also has an extensive stock program, which includes fire retardant, Barry Compliant, Mil Spec and NAFTA certified fabrics. Jason Mills Fabrics

  Jeanologia (Textile Equipment Manufacturer) Based in Spain---Valencia (Headquarters), Barcelona (laser production factory) and Turkey (service & development center), Jeanologia is composed of a team with abroad experience in laser and eco-efficient technologies. Jeanologia is a multi-cultural / multilingual company with more than 120 technical and creative people with one common passion: innovation. The company's Production Center has developed some of the world's most revolutionary industrial laser machinery in the textile industry for applications such as marking, id coding + tracking, engraving, cutting, welding, micro-welding, surface treatments, micro-perforation and pre-cutting.
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