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Lancer Labels Ltd As a global label supplier, Lancer Labels is dedicated to helping its distributors grow their businesses. With the industry's best sales materials and outstanding customer service, the company provides support for its distributors every step of the way. Lancer Labels make selling labels easy! Lancer Label's 40+ years in the label industry makes us the custom label experts who know their first job is you. We offer the widest selection of products in the industry - everything from short run promotional stickers and complex multi-color labels to long run industrial labels and blanks - all backed by our Peace of Mind Guarantee. WCL

  Lectra (Equipment/Software) This world leader is the developer of integrated technology solutions (software, automated cutting equipment, and associated services) specifically designed for industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles, and composite materials to manufacture their products. The company serves major world markets: fashion and apparel, automotive, and furniture as well as a broad array of other industries. Lectra’s solutions, specific to each market, enable customers to automate and optimize product design, development, and manufacturing. With more than 1,500 employees, Lectra has developed privileged relationships with prestigious customers in more than 100 countries, contributing to their operational excellence. Lectra registered revenues of $264 million in 2015 and is listed on Euronext.
  Leigh Fibers, Inc. As one of the world's largest, most experienced suppliers of reprocessed and raw fibers, Leigh Fibers has been a pioneer in textile reprocessing for nearly 100 years. Leigh adds value to a wide range of post-industrial and post-consumer waste by providing its customers with the most cost-effective solutions possible in diverting tons of waste from landfills. The company serves manufacturers and processors in many markets and many countries by assuring all of the consistent quality and secure supply chain that are vital to their success, and doing this in a manner that helps preserve the earth's resources for future generations. One of Leigh's greatest strengths is tailoring its solutions to customer specifications. The people and processes in Leigh Fibers' one-million-square-foot facility in South Carolina are second to none, and have e
  Leister Technologies (Laser Welding Equipment) Based in Itasca, NY, Leister Technologies manufacturers innovative and flexible Laser Plastic Welding Equipment, Process Heat Equipment and Software solutions for the assembled products industry. In addition to state-of-the-art laser welding systems, the Leister Applications Laboratory offers extensive opportunities for component testing.
  Lenzing Fibers  (Fiber Producer) Based in Austria, the Lenzing Group is present on world markets. This international company produces high-quality fibers from the renewable raw material wood with environmentally friendly and innovative technologies. These fibers form the basis for a wide range of textile and nonwoven applications, and are also used in work and protective wear and in industrial applications. Lenzing Modal Color

Lenzing Modal®



  Lewco Specialty Products, Inc Lewco Specialty Products, Inc. is a certified ISO 9001:2008 company making a variety of High Temperature & Reinforcement textiles including E-glass and Silica fabrics, felts, blankets, tubing, ropes & threads for temperatures from 250°F - 3000°F. Applications include Thermal & Acoustical Insulation, Stress Relief Blankets, Gasketing, Blankets & Curtains for protection from sparks, spatter & welding slag. Our CTF facility has many reinforcement fabrics for Aerospace, Surf, Coating & Laminates, Automative, Marine, Wind Energy and more.
  Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Textile Manufacturer) Li Peng is known as a textile company in Asia that offers global services covering both nylon and polyester fields. The service range includes all the textile supply chain from polymerization, spinning, weaving, dyeing, and all the way to post-finishing process. Equipped with 30 years of skills and experiences, and fully automatic production line for bulk or batch production, LIBOLON ® is the brand you can trust, and your best textile partner in Asia.
  Life Material Technologies Ltd. (Antimicrobial Material Technology) Norwegian owned and headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Life Material Technologies, Ltd. offers a portfolio of smart LIFE® trademarked antimicrobial materials with broad application in numerous industries. The company’s core activity is the development and production of antimicrobial additives and treatments used by manufacturers of plastics, coatings, textiles, ceramics and paper. Materials that incorporate LIFE®’s antimicrobial additives and treatments will durably inhibit or control the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, and other micro-organisms when built into the materials or topically applied to textiles. LIFE Natural®


  LifeThreads LLC LifeThreadsTM LLC ( is a life sciences company focused on infection control and management in clinical healthcare settings by targeting soft surface contact points. The company manufactures and distributes professional medical apparel, patient garments and related items treated with an EPA-registered antimicrobial active ingredient that protects the surface of the fabric from harmful pathogens found within the medical environment. LifeThreads products have been tested and comply with American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorists guidelines. Lab results indicate that LifeThreads antimicrobial textiles reduce bacterial concentrations by more than 99.9 percent. Life Threads was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in New York.
  Loki LLC (Apparel Manufacturer) Based in Grand Junction, CO, Loki gear fuses “low key”, casual design with state of the art performance to update and extend the traditional outdoor experience. The company makes versatile outerwear and gear, and designs each item to perform more than a single function, which means less stuff to carry and a safer outdoor experience.
  Lorica International (Technology Company) This technology company develops and manufactures innovative materials and manufacturing methods, primarily in the areas of technical textiles and yarns. Its flagship product is Lorica 100% OPF yarns and fabrics, created to address the critical and growing market for light-weight, comfortable, inherently fire-resistant and non-conductive fabrics. Applications include protective apparel in oil and gas, first responder and military markets, as well as industrial applications in aerospace, automotive and electronics. Lorica IK9™

  Los Angeles International Textile Show (Trade Show) LA Textile is the fashion industry’s destination for premier textile, design and production resources. Offering hundreds of fabric selections and design services from around the world, the caliber of resources and fashion direction is presented with our Contemporary designer audience in mind. Our trend forum, curated by trend partner WGSN, and complimentary seminar program are designed to inform and inspire.
  Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc. (Textile Fiber Technology Company) With more than 55 years of experience and a worldwide network that includes formulation design, manufacturing, R&D and cutting-edge technologies, Lubrizol Engineered Polymers offers one of the broadest portfolios of engineered polymers available today including resins that are bio-based, recyclable, light stable, flame retardant, adhesive, chemically resistant, optically clear and fast cycling. Our technology crosses many industries and applications, including surface protection, power and fluid systems, sports and recreation, wearable devices, electronics and automotive. x4zol™-J

  LUMAT (Yarn Supplier) Producer and supplier of High Tenacity Yarn, Polyester, Polyamide, (Nylon), Aramide and Synthetic continuous filament yarn. Over the last twenty years LUMAT has become a leading distributor of industrial yarns in Europe, Africa and the Americas. The company services its customers through a network of branch offices and warehouses strategically placed over the three continents. LUMAT also works closely with ISO certified converters in Europe. In North America, LUMAT has its own converting facility with state-of-the-art equipment. This enables the company to supply its customers with tailor-made products. Working with different converters increases LUMAT's flexibility and leads to shorter delivery times.
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