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Ultimate Solutions LLC This Salem, New Hampshire, based, company is a customized consulting service, focused on product development, manufacturing, production,and sourcing functions. Founded by Elaine Clarke, a 28+ year veteran of the apparel industry, the company identifies businesses' critical challenges and develops strategies tailored to their goals through collaboration and global expertise.
  Unifi, Inc.  (Yarn Supplier) Unifi has a longstanding reputation for manufacturing excellence in supplying innovative, high-quality polyester and nylon textured yarns and related raw materials worldwide. Unifi offers solution dyed textured yarns, package dyed textured and spun yarns, covering of elastomeric and other yarns, conventional warp draw beaming, and yarn twisting. ,The Company adds value to the supply chain through our expertise in new product development and downstream marketing efforts. Unifi continues to develop an innovative, differentiated product offering, adding permanent performance characteristics to textile products, including moisture management, UV protection and antimicrobial and odor control properties. Cotton-like™


REPREVE® Nylon 6

REPREVE® Polyester







  UNITEX International Based in Los Angeles, CA, UNITEX International is an innovative knitter and converter serving the apparel industry for over 20 years. The vast line of product includes prints, stripes, novelties and hi-end superior blend of yarns. Contemporary line of knits are produced per season and made available for sampling. The product line is supported by strong commitment to quality and customer service at the right price. Unitex International Fabrics

  Unitika Ltd.  (Textile manufacturer) A Japanese textile company whose capabilities have extended into medical and chemical fields with polymers, vinyl and enzymes. Proof Ace®

  Universal Fibers (Fiber Producer) This fiber producer was the first company to market solution-dyed nylon, producing colorfull, high-quality filament-based fibers for the flooring, transportation and performance textile industries. Universal Fibers also continues to pioneer sustainable technologies to conserve resources, minimize waste and protect the environment. The company is a multiple polymer manufacturer, which produces nylon 6, nylon 6,6, PTT, and PET in both single colors and multi-end specialties. Its mission is continuous improvement, constant innovation, cutting-edge technical support and conscientious service.
  Universal Textile Co., Ltd. (Fabric Manufacturer) Founded in 1969, Universal is a professional fabric manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan. Universal has devoted its efforts to enhance quality control and innovation in fashion. In 1988, Universal established its texturized factory to control and manage supplies of raw materials much more efficiently. In order to strengthen its operational structure, Universal succeeded in issuing its Initial Public Offering in 1991.
  Uno Mega Textile Inc. (Textile Mill) Based in Zhejiang, China, Uno Mega Textile Inc. is a subsidiary of ChangingHongyun Textile Co. The company operates over 600,000 sq, ft. of production floor, making it the largest fabric enterprise in the Chinese region. The company specializes in knitting warp and weft fabrics of all kinds of Chief Value Synthetic Fabrics (CVS), including blends of polyester, spandex, rayon, cotton, modal, and many other specialty yarn blends. In addition to knitting griege fabrics, Uno Mega also seamlessly integrates custom printing and dyeing services into its production lines. Uno Mega also has a USA office located in Orange, CA. Uno Mega Fabrics

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