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W.L. Gore and Associates  (Fabric Developer) W.L. Gore is the a product development company, which produces fluoropolymer products, providing innovative solutions in a wide variety of fabrics. The company is best know for its Gore-Tex brand of fabrics. However, the company also provides innovative solutions in next generation cable assemblies and components for the electronics industry, and medical fabrics. GORE DRYLOFT®


GORE-TEX ePE membrane




  Waubridge Specialty Fabrics (Nonwoven Textile Mill) Based in Chester, VA, Waubridge Specialty Fabrics, LLC, is a premiere developer and manufacturer of engineered performance fabrics with more than 30 years’ experience in engineering flame, heat and tear resistant performance thermal barriers for manufacturers and consumers. Waubridge launched the Kovenex family of performance fabrics and products in 2004 with patents supporting the inherent heat and flame resistant properties that are highly sought after in today’s safety-conscious marketplace. Since then, Waubridge has expanded the Kovenex line and added a new FR ingredient fabric, Pavenex, to the company’s line of high-performance, inherently FR fabrics. Waubridge is committed to creating heat and flame resistant material that exceeds industry standards. Kovenex®

  Western Nonwovens Inc. Headquartered in Carson California, and with operations throughout the U.S., Western Nonwovens focuses on applying innovative solutions in adding value to their products, which include ClimaShield™, Sandmat™, and Esyntial Safe®. The company services a variety of industries including mattress, automotive, retail apparel, filtration and furniture manufacturers. Climashield™

  WidePlus International Co., Ltd. (Textile Manufacturer) WidePlus is an international fabric manufacturer with a focus on performance fabric. Its mission is to provide a global fabric sourcing platform and build up a trust relationship between brands and global customer. WidePlus has its own vertical manufacturing facility, from warping to weaving to dyeing and the company also has its own In-House Lab to provide internal Quality Control (QC), which performs a wide range of tests to ensure client product and material quality requirements, We have been a bluesign system partner since 2012. MiniR®

WidePlus Fabrics

  Wigwam Mills (Sock Manufacturer) Wigwam has been proudly crafting socks in Sheboygan, WI since 1905 with the goal of providing the most comfortable experience for our customers. Our steadfast commitment to our community, sustainability and stewardship of the environment has always been central to who we are.
  Wildwood Cotton Technologies Based in Greenwood, MS, Wildwood Cotton Technologies is the producer of TruCotton™, and the supplier of an array of natural cotton fibers for the nonwovens, traditional textiles, technical textiles, and paper industries. The farmer-owned and farmer-operated company supplies and produces recycled cotton fibers, greige premium cotton fibers, and an assortment of absorbent cotton raw materials. Its corporate office, warehouse, and cotton processing facilities are located in the Mississippi Delta.
  William Barnet & Son, LLC (Fiber Producer) This global manufacturing, recycling, and trading company, specializes in a wide range of fibers, polymers and yarns. Within each market, its range of products extends from industrial grade to specialty/high-tech. William Barnet produces and supplies many different resins to include polyester, nylon 6, nylon 66, acrylic, polypropylene and viscose. Driven by flexibility, creativity and the desire to meet customer needs, Barnet provides experience, competence, reliability and service to thousands of customers all over the world. The company's range of products and services is constantly changing and expanding to meet market requirements. Nega Stat®

  William Prym Holding GmbH (Fastener Manufacturer) Founded in 1530, The Prym Group is the oldest industrial family-owned business in Germany and one of the oldest in the world. The company consists of four divisions, Prym Consumer, Prym Fashion, Prym Intimates and INOVAN. With more than 3,600 employees and offices throughout Europe, Asia, America and Africa, Prym is a global leader in the supply of fasteners and accessories. The company collaborates with many of the world’s leading brands in jeans, activewear, men’s and women’s wear, baby and kids clothing, work apparel, technical textiles and luxury leather items.
  WillTex Enterprises, Inc. (Converter) This Tennessee based product development company specializes in the creation of technical knits and wovens for the military and commercial apparel markets. The company oversees the complete fabric production process, from staple/filament fiber manufacturing thru the traditional textile processes (i.e. carding, roving, ring/OE, MJS, Vortex Spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing). Both greige and complete packages are available. WillTex commissions only reputable textile firms that guarantee competitive pricing with low working loss and excellent deliveries. Examples of military fabrics offered include polypropylene for drawers and shirts, Navy flight deck jerseys, Navy Frt. fabric, PET grid fleece, PET double-sided fleece, polypropylene double-sided fleece.
  Wilson College of Textiles (NC State University) (Textile University) Based on the campus of NC State University, the Wilson College of Textiles is recognized globally as a premier textile institution. Explore areas of fashion including design, illustration, garment construction and creative embellishment. Studying Textiles will allow you to explore the nature and purpose of all textile processes and discover how ideas develop from initial ideas to finished products. As a global leader in textiles, education, research, and service, Students can explore areas of fashion including design, illustration, garment construction, and creative embellishment. Studying Textiles will allow students to explore the nature and purpose of all textile processes and discover how ideas develop from initial ideas to finished products.
  Wisher Industrial Co., Ltd. (Integrated Textile Manufacturer) Founded in 1972, Wisher has established trends by integrating supply lines and upgrading production and management techniques. It never ceases to enlarge the width and depth its product lines. Wisher has owns brands such as “Kirin”, “Gold Elephant”, and “Wild Horse” and has been certified by ISO 9001. After Wisher became listed, the turnover has grown to more than NTD 1.6 billion. Based on the corporate values of confidence, excellence, enthusiasm, and creation, Wisher always keeps its commitment on social responsibility and will follow this for good.
  Wood Underwear LLC (Men's Underwear Manufacturer) Wood Underwear's goal is to make and market great everyday underwear for men. Wood Underwear gives the male body the comfort to do anything, and the assurance that the wearer looks good doing it. The company uses great materials, and provides an amazing fit. Based in Hermosa Beach, California, Wood Underwear supports causes that promote active outdoor lifestyles.
  Woolrich® (Textile Mill) Woolrich is The Original Outdoor Clothing Company®. The tradition of its custom designed woolens dates back to 1830 when Woolrich's founder, John Rich, constructed his first woolen mill in Plum Run, Pennsylvania. By 1845, he expanded and moved to what is now Woolrich, Pennsylvania. During the great logging era of central Pennsylvania, John Rich traveled from camp to camp selling fabric, socks, coverlets, and yarn from the back of a mule cart. Loggers’ wives then crafted garments from the fabric. Today the company services the apparel, gift, and home furnishings markets. The same original quality, attention to detail, and function can be found today in every fiber of Woolrich wool. No other mill has more experience with wool, because Woolrich is America’s Oldest Woolen Mill Wool-Dura™

  Wrangler (Jeans Manufacturer)Based in Greensboro, NC, Wrangler® has been an icon in authentic American style around the world for more than 70 years. With a rich legacy rooted in the American west, Wrangler commits to offering unmatched quality and timeless design. Its collections for men, women and children look and feel great, inspiring those who wear them to be strong and ready for life, every day. Wrangler is available in retail stores worldwide, including brand flagship stores in Denver and Dallas, department stores, mass-market retailers, specialty shops, western outfitters, and online.
  Wu Luen Knitting Co., Ltd. (Textile Manufacturer) This company is a professional knitting and dyeing factory. Established in 1985, Wu Luen produces tricot, spandex fabrics and special finished goods. Its main products are fabrics for garments, shoes, hats, sportswear, bags, swimming wear and underwear. Wu Luen uses its advanced facilities, innovative R&D to provide new and unique products, moreover, the company’s strict quality control has maintained its high quality image for many years. In order to enhance customer services, Wu Luen has set up branch offices in Taipei, Guang Dong and Vietnam since 2007. Wu Luen aims in expanding overseas to offer its customers more complete and quick services. Wu Luen Knitting Co., Ltd. Fabrics

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