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Fabric Fusion - This revolution in no-sewing technology for hundreds of home sewing and craft ideas was developed by Velcro USA in response to consumers' insatiable interest in crafting and decorating projects as a creative outlet. Fabric Fusion irons on, using the steam setting on an iron. It bonds permanently. It's fast, saving valuable time. Fabric Fusion has no-sew qualities that makes hemming, mending, appliquéing, and creating special projects easy.
  FireBloc - A rugged performance leather, developed by Pittards, which combines water resistance and perspiration wicking performance qualities with unique permanent flame retardant properties essential for use by fire brigades, armed forces, etc., without changing the structure of the leather.
  Firegard® - Developed with innovative yarn technology from Springs Creative, Firegard is the original flame barrier line, available in a range of widths and weights to suit any specific mattress construction applications. Firegard knit flame barriers are made using proprietary core spun yarn technology, which encases a heat-stable core within a sheath of soft comfort fibers to produce flame barriers that drape, feel and breathe like conventional fabrics. Firegard is available as Firegard Heavy Duty for higher fuel load beds, Firegard Green for applications without the use of harmful chemicals that damage the environment, and Firegard Health that contribute to enhanced comfort and better sleep quality for better health.
  FLEXA MARINE VINYL - High Quality Marine Vinyl Fabric at discount prices. Free shipping on all marine vinyl orders. 11 vibrant colors to choose from at great prices. Applications include: Boat Seats, Purses, Bank Bags, Gym Mats, Grill Covers, Barstool Seating, RV seating, Tire Covers. Bank Bags, Punching Bags, Bibs, Upholstery, Outdoor furniture, headboards, Easy Clean Baby Changing Tables, Belts, Soft Kids Play Blocks, Kids Smocks, Easy Clean Aprons, Hospital Waiting Area Chairs, Airport Terminal Seats, Restaurant Booths, Theater Seats, and Doctor Office Tables.
  Flowfree - This new breakthrough, game-changing advance in performancewear. It provides the same enhanced profile, stretch, support and recovery as Bemis Sewfree® films while letting hot air and moisture out, and cool air in. The technology targets high-sweat areas where breathability matters the most. Its the secret to sleeker, lighter, more comfortable designs.
  FreshFil™ - Developed by FilSpec, the FreshFil™ fiber allows the wearer to stay cool in an active environment. With mix that includes a fiber impregnated with zinc oxide and one of the best sweat management solutions, clothing made with FreshFil™ provides a fresh, yet lightweight feel. FreshFil™ can be combined with other yarns to create technical, fire-resistant, tear-resistant, or thermal control garments. The FreshFil™ benefits include: proving freshness in lightweight apparel, effective moisture evacuation, and UV protection.
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