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NANO-Spear TM - Developed by BondCote, NANO-Spear" is a new coated fabric technology developed to inhibit odor causing bacteria and a wide array of microorganisms including mold, mildew, and fungi. Integrated within the fabric is a microscopic bed of nano-size spikes that lie in wait to puncture the cell walls of invading microbes, inhibiting them as they come to rest on the fabrics surface. NANO-Spear technology is a totally new approach in providing long-lasting antimicrobial protection for coated fabrics used in industries that require the highest levels of hygiene.
  NEWLIFE Polygiene® - This Eco Friendly high tech product is a continuous filament yarn that provides odor control, easy care and long-lasting performance, which is polymer-intrinsic in the yarn. NEWLIFE Polygiene® is a 100% mechanically recycled polyester yarn that is certified, fully traceable, and made in Italy by the Sinterama Group. The effective action of NEWLIFE Polygiene® stops the proliferation of a wide range of bacteria, and gets rid of unpleasant smells. Performance will not decrease after repeated washings and dry cleaning, and is not altered by exposure to light, heat or humidity.
  NEXAR Polymers - Developed by Springs Creative, NEXAR" Polymers is a breakthrough for improved comfort. These permeable membranes and coatings is a unique solution that addresses the needs of textile innovators for high performance, breathable fabrics. The technology provides moisture-activated cooling and humidity regulation. They are light-weight and flexible, possess a high strength in wet environments, and have demonstrated wash durability. Applications include: sports apparel, outdoor apparel & gear, military and industrial uniforms, as well as medical and geotextile applications.
  NIKWAX HYDROPHOBIC DOWN™ - Developed by DOWNLITE and Nikwax, Nikwax Hydrophobic down is a water-based flourocarbon-free branded solution that offers safe and reliable WR performance. The WR efficacy can be refreshed using Nikwax Down Wash™ and Down Proof™ for long lasting and durable WR protection. NHD treated down will stay dry longer and maintain its loft, even when wet.
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