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Component Material Trademark and Brand Name Index

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Raditeck AC - Developed by Radici and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, Raditect is a group of staple fibers that can be added to concrete to interlock the fresh concrete matrix. This mechanical stabilization controls shrinkage (i.e., plastic retraction). Raditeck AC reinforcement eliminates the crack formation that causes the permanent weakening in the resulting concrete. Raditeck AC decreases concrete permeability and improves its surface characteristics, such as impact resistance and toughness. These innovative features work synergistically to produce durable, high quality concrete.
  REPREVEĀ® Polyester - Developed by Unifi, Inc., REPREVE recycled fiber is certifiably sustainableā€”made through a vertically integrated process that starts with recycled materials, including bottles, and ends with high-quality fiber. Available as a 100% recycled polyester or a hybrid blend with virgin.
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