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Temptrol™ - Temptrol™, developed by Innovative Insulation Inc., is a patent-pending polypropylene based non-woven perforated fabric metallized on one side. Temptrol™ reflects 95% of the radiant heat... the major source of heat transfer. With the Temptrol technology, the company can cause anything to retain or reflect heat, thereby remaining warmer or cooler. The innovative new material is soft, flexible, washable and perfect for a multitude of products. The radiant heat reflecting metallized fabric has a low puncture resistance for ease of sewing with conventional fabric equipment, while maintaining a high tear resistance. Its soft drapability eliminates the unpleasant crinkly noise of previous metallized products used to insulate clothing. An added feature is the microperforations that maximize breathability.
  Tex-Ray Fabrics - Tex-Ray produces functional and sustainable natural-fiber blended fabrics, developed through advanced, proprietary technology. The company integrates yarn dyeing, fabric and garment production with manufacturing. the company develops innovative products to satisfy various climates, functions, and environmental protections, actively establishing continuous production from fabric to clothing.
  Texon Reform 2.0 - This new and improved version of Texon’s original trailblazing heel counter now contains up to 66% sustainably sourced content. While offering the same physical traits as its predecessor, Texon Reform 2.0 proves that footwear manufacturers don’t have to choose between high performance and sustainability when specifying structural components to incorporate into athletic, casual, dress, outdoor or safety shoes.
  Texon Verde - This new bio-based biodegradable material, developed by Texon, that’s green by name and by nature. Tailor-made for use in sustainable, luxury fashion and homeware accessories, Texon Verde contains up to 90% bio-based content. Made from sustainably sourced (FSC®) cellulose wood pulp, plant-based binders and natural pigments, Texon Verde is a wonderful choice for designers and brands looking to reduce the impact of their products on the planet.
  Thermic - This patented temperature regulation technology helps to ensure that the ideal body microclimate is maintained. Thermic" absorbs energy (heat) when the environment or body temperture goes up, storing this energy temporarily, and releases the energy as heat when the temperature cools down. Thermic" enhances thermal comfort, reduces perspiration, has high wash durability with no effect on fabric durability. Applications include socks, underwear, sportswear, casual wear, shirts, towels, mattresses and uniforms.
  Thermolite® - Thermolite®, made by Invista, provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet. It's a lightweight fabric that provides heavy-duty performance, because it's a performance fabric that traps air for greater insulation. It dries 20% faster than other insulating fabrics, and 50% faster than cotton. Thermolite® is the perfect layering fabric because it's comfortable and lightweight, allowing more freedom of movement.
  THERMORE ECODOWN® - This Soft Touch insulation, developed by Thermore, offers the advantages of a synthetic insulation with the soft touch properties of down. The insulation is made of polyester fibers and available in both traditional loft and lower loft to meet various needs. Also available is Ecodown® XL for maximum loft and extra soft hand.
  THERMORE EVODOWN - This insulation, developed by Thermore, provides the soft hand and loft of blown fibers in a "rolled free-fiber composite", which provides for a more cost-effective application. It is a less expensive alternative to duck or goose down; and an ideal alternative to other synthetic insulations.
  THERMORE Rinnova 100%® - This High Performance “Green” Thermal Insulation, developed by Thermore, is the first thermal insulation to be made from 100% recycled polyester fibers (derived from plastic bottles). Using Rinnova® in place of traditional polyester insulation can save enough energy to light a 100-watt light bulb for an average of 60 hours. It is available in multiple weights and thicknesses for a wide range of weather conditions and applications for gloves and outerwear.
  THERMORE THERMA-SCENT® - This insulation product, developed by Thermore, ffers anti-bacterial properties and continuous odor protection for a variety of outerwear applications. The insulation stays fresh and clean smelling for longer periods to minimize the frequency of washings.
  THERMORE® Classic - Developed by Thermore, this insulation product offers maximum design flexibility for outerwear and related accessories. The patented SR (special reduction) process used in the development of THERMORE® TMK allows up to four thicknesses of insulation per weight category: High Loft, Compact, Super Compact, Ultra compact. The SR process allows a variance in the thickness of a chosen weight without a proportional loss in thermal value.
  THERMORE® PRO - This new standard in thermal technology is specifically developed by Thermore for the most demanding outdoor activities. The insulation is water-repellent, incredibly soft, lightweight, and is made with 50% recycled fibers. This insulation technology represents the next step in recycled performance, water-repellency and warmth, and meets the same level as specialized virgin polyester products. The insulation offers cost-effective high performance qualities and reasonable lead times.
  TIRRENIA™ - This is a new brand of CLARINO™ fabric, developed by Kuraray Co., Ltd., which is a line of non-solvent microfiber that looks and feels more like natural leather. Using the CLARINO Advanced Technology System, TIRRENINA is an ideal material for performance categories because of its superior physical properties. TIRRENIA™ features include: Solvent-free manufacturing process; Low PU content; Higher physical properties, especially bonding and tear strength, and low and even elongation; and Superior hand, feel, and function.
  Toughtek® - Toughtek® is Harrison Technologies abrasion resistant grip fabrics that are both rugged and nonslip in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions. Fire and mildew specifications are available.
  TruFlexx™ - Developed by Unifi, Inc., TruFlexx (formerly known as Reflexx), clothing stretches and recovers throughout a full range of motion so you can move freely without binding, sagging or pulling. TruFlexx stretches as needed and bounces right back, because it's engineered that way—the stretch technology is part of the fiber. Engineered to stretch and recover, adding comfort and performance suitable for commercial laundering. TruFlexx provides exceptional stretch ranging from comfort to compression; quick drying and low shrinkage; combines well with other proprietary additives or finishes for additional benefits. The technology is in the yarn structure. The performance is dependent upon fabric construction.
  TruShield™ - Developed by Unifi With TruShield (formerly known as MYNX), powerful sunblock doesn't wear out or wash off because it's inherent in the fiber, not sprayed on the fabric. The Core Benefits of TruShield is a dependable sunscreen that's part of the fiber. Fabric made with all-day sun protection offers up to 50 UPF in wet or dry conditions. Sun shield provides up to 50+ UPF rating depending upon fabric construction and color; shields against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays; TruShield polyester and nylon maintains 98% UPF rating in wet and dry performance fabrics; combines well with other proprietary additives or finishes for additional benefits. The technology is in the yarn structure. The performance is dependent upon fabric construction.
  TruTemp365™ - Developed by Unifi and formerly known as Sorbtek 365, TruTemp365 creates the ideal microclimate between you and your clothes, releasing heat when you’re warm and trapping it when you're cold. The core benefits include: unique fiber design that works to create the ideal microclimate between the fabric and the human body, allowing the wearer to remain comfortable year-round, whether conditions are hot or cold; enhances the comfort of the micro-climate between the wearer and the fabric; breathable moisture wicking for cool, dry comfort; keeps the wearer cool and dry in the heat, warm and comfortable in the cold; and combines well with other proprietary additives or finishes for additional benefits. The technology is in the yarn structure. The performance benefits and claims are based on fabric construction.
  Tuscarora Yarns - Tuscarora Yarns offers intimate, streaky, and draw blends of heather, mélange, Triblend, and performance ring spun yarns in a wide range of counts. Tuscarora has the ability to blend fibers including but not limited to cotton, polyester, acrylic, rayon, wool, flax, and nylon. In addition to straight yarns, we also manufacture yarns with slub, nub, noil, and nep effects.
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