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Fabric Trademark and Brand Name Index

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Daejin Textiles - Known as an international supplier for a range of superior quality knitted fabrics, Daejin Textiles offers creative designs and a wide range of fabrics, specializing in the superior quality micro fiber and knitted plush fabrics for the home and bedding, fashion, toy markets. Through its strict quality control, meeting international commercial standards, its excellent reputation and international acceptance, Daejin provides the highest quality knitted fabrics and is among the top global fabric brands on the market.
  Darlexx Superskin® - Darlexx Superskin®, Shawmut Mills, is made with two-ply nylon and Lycra®, along with a proprietary thermoplastic film laminate. The fabric provides a low drag coefficient for speed in competition swim, ski, and running apparel.
  Darlexx Thermalastic® - Darlexx Thermalastic®, Shawmut Mills, is a three-ply Lycra® with a proprietary thermoplastic film and microfiber fleece. The fabric is waterproof, windproof, and breathable and provides all-directional stretch and insulation characteristics for watersports and skiwear apparel.
  Darlexx® - Darlexx®, made by Shawmut Mills, is a two-, three-, four-ply Lycra® fabric with a proprietary thermoplastic film laminate, which creates waterproof, windproof, breathable characteristics in all-directional stretch fabric for outerwear, swimwear, skiwear, and scuba apparel.
  Darlington Fabrics - Darlington provides innovative, high-quality performance fabrics, which can create a competitive edge for branded products in five important ways: 1) Breadth of Line – Warp knit stretch and rigid fabrics 45” wide to 120” wide in finished weights from 1.5 to 12.0 oz/sq yd. Constructions include Tricot, Raschel, Satin, Power Net and Mesh. 2) Prepared for Print (PFP)- Available in nylon/spandex and polyester/spandex blends. 3)Color – custom colors and finishes to specifications with color accuracy and consistency, across dye lots, year after year. 4) Performance Reliability – strict physical specifications (width, weight and stretches) are maintained across dye lots. 5) Quality Control – Darlington is vertically integrated from yarn to finished fabric; this includes warping, knitting, dyeing and finishing.
  Dash Iwanaka - Developed by Team Iwanaka, LLC, this collection of fashion textiles is created through the company's network of 30 factories and mills in Japan. Team Iwanaka, known for its premier resources of In-Stock fabric collections, its Dash Iwanaka offers a vast array textile constructions in a variety of colors, and serves as a one-stop destination for Premium Textile Sourcing. A preview of Dash Iwanaka ranges from liquid drapeable satin and three-dimensional plaids to rip-stop with recycled polyester and double structure jersey to wools and premium Japanese Denim.
  Deer Creek Fabrics - The Deer Creek Line of performance fabrics are developed by Deer Creek, a Stamford, Connecticut, based technology and customer-driven textile company. The innovative knitted fabrics are targeted towards the outdoor and active performance wear markets, as well as the industrial and medical markets. Besides maintaining its line of innovative product developments, Deer Creek Fabrics also works closely with its customer base of branded manufacturers and specialty retailers in the development of customized fabrics.
  Defender™ heat felts - Defender™ heat felts, produced by Albarrie Canada Ltd., protect the critical surface finish of aluminum, glass and steel products during their manufacture. Originally designed as a replacement for graphite in aluminum extrusion handling systems, our felt products have been steadily adopted by other industries thanks to their extremely durable heat and cut resistance. Defender™ products include an assortment of rollers, pads, belts, and spacer sleeves in a variety of technical felt materials including Kevlar®, Nomex® and PBO.
  DEJA™ - DEJA™ is the global, sustainable, performance brand for 100% rPET from Indorama Ventures Limited (IVL). DEJA™ is available across 100% rPET recycled flake, pellet, fiber and filament. DEJA™ offers both education and leadership by giving converters credibility; retailers accreditation; and end consumers the assurance of sustainability with high performance as standard. DEJA™ demands more from plastic and less from the environment by recycling over 4.17 billion plastic bottles yearly and transforming them into innovative ingredient products, across multiple applications, to protect the future. DEJA™is remade to be remade again.
  Design Knit Fabrics - Developed by Design Knit, Inc., located in Los Angeles, California, a collection of new fabric developments and European quality fine-gauge knits targeted towards the high-end contemporary/ fashion markets, but are available at affordable prices. The company continually adds new product developments to its knit fabric line, utilizing a wide variety of fine, high-quality yarns including: Supima® cotton, organic cotton, Modal®, Micro Modal® blends, Tencel®, bamboo, as well as silk, wool, and cashmere blends. All knitted fabrics can be constructed with or without Lycra®/spandex.
  DirecTex Products - DirecTex products include fabrics, webbing, specialty materials, metal and wire-formed hardware, plastic hardware, hook & loop fasteners, cord and elastic products, and sewing threads. The company's knowledge, along with its direct production connections and dedication to detail, make it a one-stop for all types of production component needs. DirecTex can assist in finding other component materials, even if the need extends beyond the company's traditional specialty areas of webbing, plastic and hardware. The DirecTex trademark bands include: Yaw Liamy Fabric, Wirewright Metal Hardware, Titan Plastic Hardware, D-Web Narrow Webbing, Grip-It Hook and Loop, Zip-It Continuous Chain, ProForce Tactical.
  Draper Body Therapy® - Developed by Draper Knitting Company, this technology includes a full range of finished products to help integrate therapeutic benefits to where needed them most, in easy to care for use items. Whether the need is a better night's sleep, looking to achieve better recovery from a workout, or wanting to address chronic body issues, the Draper Body Therapy® products contain Celliant® fibers to help the body to feel good. All general products are Made in the USA. The socks are made in Italy.
  Draper Canine Therapy® - Developed by Draper Knitting Company, this line of canine products is designed with canines (and felines) in mind. The Draper Canine Therapy® line of products meets the needs of even the most fuzzy keepers. Whether it's a tough durable, but super Dog Coat to keep the dog cool and provide therapy to where it is needed the most, the benefits of Celliant® can truly help improve the overall health and wellness to animals. The Draper Canine Therapy® line is Made in the USA, and is washer/dryer safe.
  Draper Equine Therapy® - Developed by Draper Knitting Company, Draper Equine Therapy® offers the equestrian market a full range of products to help any equine look and feel their best. Designed with therapeutic benefits, every product also helps to wick away moisture and stands up in any barn environment. All products are cut and sewn by Diamond Wool Pads and Saratoga Horseworks, both highly respected companies in the equine clothing industry.
  Draper Knitting Fabrics - Draper Knitting (all fabrics made in Canton, Massachusetts,USA) offers three types of fabric formations under one roof. Non-woven stitch-bonded fabrics are high performance low cost liner fabrics and are custom blended to meet any specification. Our Ecopile (100% post consumer recycled polyester pile fabric for people like Patagonia) has been a popular seller for over 15 years. Our conventional knits are offered in many layouts from rib and jersey knits to Lacoste and Piques, customizable to meet your needs.
  DRICOMFORT® - With the company motto, "comfort is our promise", Optimer Technologies offers a new collection of comfort enhancement solutions into the Optimer Brands family, under the seal of DRICOMFORT®. Recent DRICOMFORT® technologies include: 1) an active particle that accelerates the drying of filament polyester fabrics (GEO); 2) a performance fleece that wicks sweat as well as it warms (LOFT); and 3) a dual performance fabric that wicks inside and repels outside (DUO). Built on a foundation of scientific research and testing, DRICOMFORT® stands for enhanced comfort for the wearer, making everyday fabrics perform better than they ever did before! Apparel items that incorporate DRICOMFORT® innovative solutions establish brand equity, and add quality /value to the finished product.
  Drirelease® - Developed by OPTIMER Technologies, drirelease® is a comfort technology that performs. Since the benefits of drirelease® are natural, inherent, and free of any chemical performance treatments, the technology always keeps the wearer feeling fresh. Fabrics made using drirelease® engineered fiber blends optimize the natural wicking, drying, softness, and comfort of a performance fabric. The unique technology utilizes both synthetic and natural fibers, and accelerates the water release rate by pushing water/perspiration through to the outside of the garment into the air. Drirelease® instills a sense of comfort for the user. Applications include: athleticwear, lifestyle, fashion, undergarments, outerwear, socks, and bedding.
  DriRelease® PINEAPPLE - The latest blend from Optimer Brands which uses farm waste to optimize comfort in all types of apparel. This engineered blend combines natural hydrophilic fibers made from pineapple leaves with special hydrophobic synthetic fibers for optimized performance. drirelease® PINEAPPLE fabrics efficiently pull moisture and perspiration away from the skin and pushes it to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly, without the use of wicking finishes. After the fruit harvest, Pineapple leaves are typically burned as waste releasing more pollutants into the air. As part of the drirelease® technology, these leaves can now release all day comfort instead. Turning pineapple waste into sustainable textile materials helps to promote a more circular alternative for enhancing comfort in apparel.
  DRY INSIDE PERFORMANCE COTTON - This innovative line of cotton fabrics, developed for the high performance and under garment markets through an exclusive partnership between Antex and Nanotex, is the first true “PERFORMANCE COTTON”. DRY INSIDE PERFORMANCE COTTON is a 100% natural cotton fabric which moves moisture from the inside to the outside of a garment, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in active or athletic situations. A DRY INSIDE fabrics wick moisture from the skin side and instantly transfer it to the outside of the fabric, keeping the inside against the skin totally dry.
  Dry-Tex Fabrics - Developed by the Dry-Tex Company, a comfort-focused, performance-focused, and innovation-focused textile solutions business, located in China, is dedicated to providing environmentally sound materials and manufacturing processes in the manufacturing of its beautiful line of fabrics. Dry-Tex is a proud bluesign® system partner, and is dedicated to providing fabrics with eco-friendly features among its line outdoor fabrics that includes: Solvent-free laminates, PFC-free DWRs, and 100% recyclable materials. The Dry-Tex product line features strectch-wovens, soft-shell fabrics, water-proof breathables, and functional knits.
  DryLiner® - DryLiner is a trademark fabric of InSport. It is a lightweight blend of CoolMax® and Lycra® designed with enhanced horizontal stretch and inhibited vertical stretch. The construction of this soft fabric provides both comfort and ideal support.
  DrySport® - DrySport is a registered trademark of InSport. This is a uniquely double-faced fabric with a nylon face for maximum durability, and a Micromattique polyester backing provides superior moisture management through the latest hydrophobic/hydrophilic, push/pull fabric technology
  Durasense - (Woven Fabric Manufacturer) Developed by Gehring-Tricot and Tweave, this line was developed in order to offer quality stretch wovens to more price sensitive markets. Suitable for apparel and gear that needs minimal stretch and recovery, and basic performance levels, this line offers woven construction, comfort- stretch functionality, durable performance, and value pricing. Perfect for more fashion and price-driven applications, the Durasense line allows designers to incorporate the stretch woven look and feel to their products. Also, the convenience of domestic sourcing allows for NAFTA and CAFTA compliant items, as well as the ability to manage the supply chain more efficiently and effectively. Small lot sizes and low minimums provide for easy entry into new product lines with low risk.
  Durastretch® - (Woven Fabric Manufacturer) Developed by Gehring-Tricot Corp. and Tweave, this brand encompasses a range of stretch wovens manufactured to stringent technical specifications. Ranging in spandex content from 10-50%, these styles are blended primarily with nylon. Fabrics in this range offer excellent shape retention and great durability with low weight/bulk.
  Duratech® - (Woven Fabric Manufacturer) Developed by Gehring-Tricot Corp. and Tweave, this line adds high tenacity nylon for extra strength, and offers some Cordura® stretch woven options.
  DValpine - Developed by eVent® from the world's first air permeable and fully waterproof membrane, DValpine is the most versatile membrane in the collection, offering all-weather protection and high breathability. DValpine laminates are perfect for mountaineering, backpacking, snowsports and a broad range of outdoor activities.
  DVexpedition - Developed by eVent®, this ultimate durable waterproof membrane, is built for those who continually push the limits. This DVexpedition series waterproof technology is for extreme weather conditions, and provides the greatest waterproof protection, without sacrificing air permeability. It is ideal for high-altitude adventures, snow sports, hunting and workwear.
  DVstorm - Developed by eVent®, and built for light-and-fast pursuits, the DVstorm series features a lighter, more breathable membrane that's paired with lightweight face fabrics and 10 denier backers for an ultralight laminate. Ideal for high output users in moderate weather conditions, such as hikers, runners, cyclists and backcountry adventurers.
  Dyneema® Fibers & Fabrics - This ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, Dyneema® fibers are a lightweight high-strength fiber, spun through a spinneret. Considered the strongest fibers in the world, these extreme low-density fibers are up to 15 times stronger than high-quality steel, on a weight for weight basis, yet still light enough to float on water. Dyneema® Fabrics are extremely durable, moisture resistant, abrasion resistance/cut resistance and UV resistant, and chemical resistant. End-uses include mooring ropes and nets for maritime and commercial fishing industries, military and law enforcement for personal and vehicle armor. Hybrid versions of woven Dyneema® fabric is being laminated to Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (formerly Cubin Fiber) in backpacks for hardcore outdoor adventurers who need the toughest gear.
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