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Gehring-Tricot / Tweave Textiles - Gehring-Tricot has a diverse range of tricot and raschel machinery of most any gauge needed. The company has a large selection raschel spacer fabrics, offering an incredible breadth of designs. Unique to Gehring is the use of many different yarns, which allows for a varied market mix. In a typical year, Gehring-Tricot uses anywhere from 200-250 different yarns, in combinationd of filament and spun yarns. For its knit fabrics, Gehring uses such yarns as nylon, polyester and spandex, to more complex performance yarns, including aramids [meta and para], glass, carbon, rayon, silk, wool, etc. Gehring-Tricot's woven division, Tweave, produces stretch woven fabrics, known by the Durastretch®, Duratech®, and Durasense™ brands, and are available in a range of weights from 4-10 oz/sq.yd., and can contain up to 50% spandex, primarily blended with nylon.
  Genuine Fake ™ - Developed by Sommers Plastics, "Genuine Fake" is a synthetic (fake or faux) fur popular in apparel and home furnishings markets. The luxurious high pile faux fur is remarkably close to the look and feel of genuine fur, but is human and animal-friendly. Made of madacrylic and acrylic woven through a jacquard fabric backing, Genuine Fake comes in over stock patterns for immediate delivery. The fabric is washable and dry-cleanable.
  Giotex™ - Manufactured by Giotex USA, Spun from the extra material recovered from newly-made cotton fabrics, Giotex™ is a high- quality, cotton-blend yarn that is used to produce bright, durable fabrics. Its content is guaranteed to be 75%-90% pre-consumer recycled content, depending on the specific yarn. Giotex™ recycled cotton for making garments and products won't lose their quality, price, or style, but provide something really good for the environment. Giotex™ yarns are offered in spinning counts from 1/2 NM - 1/50 NM, in single and plied formats. We offer recycled cotton blends, silk, linen, wool, bamboo and many other fiber blends. The established cotton based items are: Giotex™ Fifty - 55/45% recycled cotton/polyester; and Giotex™ POP - 75/25% recycled cotton/polyester. There are over 100 established shades in both blends. Custom shades are offered with minimum lot sizes. Yarns are twisted into solid shades or marls as requested.
  Glen Raven Technical Fabrics (GRTF) - GRTF produces textiles that combine global sourcing of raw materials with an evolving approach in thinking to provide consistently excellent solutions to its customers in various markets. The company's leading-edge manufacturing facilities specialize in weaving, knitting, dying, coating, and laminating worldwide, servicing the automotive, energy, filtration, geosynthetics, military, outdoor, and protective markets, at the same time providing freight solutions for a variety of customer shipping needs.
  Glenaura - Glenaura is Glenoit Mills' cut pile with a sheared, velour-like surface, made of a blend of Micro-acrylic and modacrylic. Major properties of this easy-care fabric include moisture transport capabilities, excellent color retention, and quick drying. The pile is used in outerwear, skiwear, and casual sportswear.
  GlenGuard FR® - Developed by Glen Raven Technical Fabrics (GRTF), GlenGuard FR® offers the best protection-to-weight ratio available in the market, ensuring comfort without sacrificing safety. GRTF's fabrics have proven their capabilities within the FR apparel market, incorporating durability and comfort while surpassing government safety requirements. GRTF's aim is to keep the wearer safe and cool. GlenGuard FR® qualities include: Protection against flash fire/arc flash hazards; available in 2 weights: 4.5 oz. (7.3 ATPV Rating) and 6.4 oz. (10.1 ATPV Rating); Offers both Class I (4.5 oz) and II (6.4 oz) protection; Inherently flame resistant; Solution dyed; Best protection-to-weight ratio available in the FR market; comfortable FR workwear; Wickzz™ proprietary finish to eliminate moisture in garment.
  GlenGuard® Hi-Vis - Developed by Glen Raven Technical Fabrics (GRTF), GlenGuard® Hi-Vis offers unrivaled arc flash and flash fire protection. When it comes to protection, you need more than just hi-vis. The arc/flash fire protection should meet the highest levels of protection. Safety vests produced using GlenGuard® Hi-Vis offer patented “no melt, no drip” technology, and as part of our family of GRTF's FR protective fabrics. Qualities include: Protecttion against flash fire and arc flash hazards; “No melt, no drip” technology; Inherently flame resistant; ANSI compliant; Solution-dyed; 6.4 oz fabric; Constructions: Woven or Mesh; and Colors: Yellow, Orange. GlenGuard Hi-Vis is ideal for use in the industrial, highway construction, electric and gas utilities, transportation, government and military sectors.
  GlenPile - GlenPile is a pile fabric made by Glenoit Mills, Inc., made from a special blend of technical fibers, including Micro-acrylic fibers, polyester and polypropylene. Each individual fiber insulates, breathes and wicks moisture away from the skin independently. The fabric has excellent insulation with a high warmth to weight ratio, and is soft, breathable, and drapes well. GlenPile fabric can be made in a variety of colors, patterns, textures and sculpting (high and low pile) It's easy to care for and maintains its appearance after washing.
  GORE DRYLOFT® - GORE DRYLOFT® Fabric is an extremely breathable, weather-resistant, windproof shell fabric, engineered for the protection of high-loft insulations. It keeps insulation dry from the inside so you stay warm. It uses a light, patented composite barrier, which allows perspiration vapor to pass through the loft and out through the fabric to keep the loft dry. This fabric is water resistant, but not waterproof. It is used in insulated sleeping bags and parkas.
  GORE WINDSTOPPER® - GORE WINDSTOPPER® Fabric is a durable windproof system that is very breathable and provides warmth with less bulk. It is the result of laminating their ultralight ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethlene) membrane to various high-performance fabrics. This provides a durable windproof fabric with very little or no loss of breathability. It is used as liners for sweaters, pants and casual wear, and windproof fleece for outerwear, gloves, hats and other accessories.
  GORE-TEX ePE membrane - W.L. Gore's new waterproof fabric that is geared towards sustainability. This new waterproof ePE membrane material offers the same lightweight and breathable protection as the GORE-TEX fabrics everyone is familiar with, but with a fraction of the carbon footprint. To solve the problems with perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) used in the manufacture of technical fabrics, it has been found that these eco-hazardous textiles are highly persistent, remaining in water systems for decades. While many brands have moved away from using PFCs altogether, Gore is not convinced by the performance of the alternatives available. Instead, Gore focused on producing fabrics containing PFCs that have no environmental concern. Gore’s new ePE membrane is made through a non-fluorinated process, using far less plastic material than previous Gore-tex fabrics, without any decrease in durability or performance. The main component used in this new technology is often used for things like plastic bags, wire insulation, and film. However, Gore has made it suitable for outdoorwear by adding a level of polyurethane and developing a way of expanding the materials to create microscopic holes for moisture vapour to pass through.
  GORE-TEX® - GORE-TEX® Fabric is the most durably waterproof, very breathable, windproof fabric available. It's uniquely patented structure is made up of two different substances. One is a ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethlene) membrane, which is hydrophobic or water hating. It contains 9 billion pores per square inch. Liquid water cannot penetrate these pores, but moisture from perspiration can easily escape. Integrated into the membrane is an oleophobic or oil hating substance, which prevents penetration of contaminants that might affect waterproofness or breathability.
  GORE-TEX® IMMERSION TECHNOLOGY® - GORE-TEX® IMMERSION TECHNOLOGY® Fabric is the result of a unique fabric laminate, special seam-sealing process, and a manufacturing technology first developed for U. S. Navy pilot survival suits. This fabric provides ultimate waterproofness with comfort. It is used in products like dry suits and fishing waders. However, it is not an insulationg fabric.
  GORE-TEX® OCEAN TECHNOLOGY® - GORE-TEX® OCEAN TECHNOLOGY® Fabric contains a super high-strength Gore-Tex® membrane for extremely durable waterproofness. It has been specially engineered for the offshore and coastal sailors, and it includes special closure systems featuring extensive seam taping and weather flaps, and the latest waterproof designs, such as anti-wick linings and waterproof closures.
  Green Line™ by Antex - This line of environmentally friendly cotton fabrics, made from organic cotton, is a new development from Antex Premier Performance. The collection is targeted towards the yoga and other casually active sportswear markets. Green Line™ is available with moisture management and/or antimicrobial finishes.
  Guilford Performance Textiles - This company has a long history of manufacturing highly technical fabrics for a variety of markets. From lightweight, stretch layering apparel that wicks moisture away from the skin to heavier compression garments, Guilford has the technical experience. Guilford is also a leading manufacturer of highly engineered loop closure fabrics. Loc Loop® is one of Guilford's many proprietary, patented loop fabric innovations. Available in nylon and polyester, Guilford's loop fabrics range from light weights for disposable consumer goods to heavier weights designed for long lifecycles. Guilford also offers a variety of lining and functional fabrics for flame or adhesive lamination including: Nylon and polyester scrims/linings; Flat and brushed linings; Industrial nettings; and Industrial suedes. Finally, Guilford has experience in the window fashi
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