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Fiber/Yarn/Thread Trademark and Brand Name Index

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E. Miroglio® Rayon - Developed by E. Miroglio and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, E. Miroglio Rayon is a spun viscose yarn, available in 100% spun viscose and in a variety of viscose blends (i.e. viscose/nylon, viscose/acrylic, nylon/viscose, viscose/merino, viscose/angora, viscose/silk, and viscose/linen). The yarn is targeted towards the apparel and home furnishings markets.
  Eclon® - This nylon yarn and fabric, developed by ECLAT Textile Company, is derived from the name ECLAT and nylon. As an air-textured that is soft and comfortable touch, the product comes in solid colors and linen gray series, and is widely adopted in sportswear, active wear trendy fashion and sleepwear, making it a top choice in fashion designing.
  EcoCare - Developed by Nilit, this new recycled nylon fiber is the only nylon 6.6 with deep, uniform color. It retains the properties of the nylon virgin fibers and gives excellent color depth and uniformity in the regular dye process.
  ecorepel® - This wash-resistant high-tech finish, ddeveloped by Schoeller, does not negatively affect the environment during production or in its use. No fluorocarbons are used in the finish. It is biodegradable (in accordance with OECD 302 B (80% - 100%), passes Oeko-Tex® - Standard 100 test and complies with bluesign®. ecorepel® is based on long, biodegradable paraffin chains that wrap themselves as a spiral around individual fibers, filaments or yarns in a very fine film. This reduces surface tension so that water dropletsw and even mud with significantly higher surface tension runs off easily. The breathability of the fabric is ot affected and the feel remains pleasantly soft.
  EcoSure2™ - Produced by the David C Poole Company Inc., EcoSure2™ is a sustainable, performance polyester staple fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET packaging. EcoSure2 fibers reduce the amount of waste that burdens our landfills and diminishes our earth's natural resources. EcoSure2 products are independently tested and certified sustainable by the North Carolina Center for Applied Textile Technology. The fiber is a tetra-channel cross-section staple fiber specifically designed for performance moisture management. This unique cross-section facilitates moisture vapor transport, keeping the wearer dryer during vigorous exercise and strenuous activities.
  EcoSure® - Made by the David C. Poole Company, Inc., EcoSure® is the environmentally conscious recycled polyester fiber derived from 100% post-consumer recycled PET packaging. (PET is Polyethylene Terephthalate, a plastic resin used to make bottles for soft drinks and other consumer products.) EcoSure® fibers are chemically and functionally similar to those made from non-recycled fibers with one major difference: EcoSure® fibers are sustainable and reduce the amount of waste that burdens our landfills and diminishes our earth's natural resources. EcoSure® products are independently tested and certified sustainable by the North Carolina Center for Applied Textile Technology. EcoSure® staple products are available in 1.2 denier to 500 denier.
  Emana® - Developed by Rhodia, Emana® is a new polyamide 6.6-based intelligent yarn which incorporates a patented additive offering thermo-regulation properties and improving blood micro-circulation when in contact with the skin for more than six hours. Scientific studies conducted by an independent Brazilian laboratory demonstrate that, during exercise, sportswear manufactured with Emana improves body thermo-regulation when compared to other products and reduces the accumulation of lactic acid which leads to muscular fatigue. Benefiting from the key characteristics of polyamide, such as soft touch, easy care, resistance and elasticity, Emana® brings Rhodia’s customers in the sportswear, lingerie and underwear markets extraordinary flexibility in terms of color and design. Emana® has been certified class I under the OEKO- TEX Standard 100, showi
  EMPEL™ textile finishing platform - Clean Chemistry, the foundation to a better long-term solution, uses Hydrogen and Carbon – the building blocks of everything found in nature – and eliminates the use of water. In traditional textile manufacturing, chemicals known as polymers are dissolved in water and then washed into the fabrics with a variety of complex machines. The problem with this old process, chemicals that wash-on with water, also wash-off with water. These water-based chemistries lack durability, uniformity and often involve many volatile chemicals dangerous to our health and our planet. Green Theme Technologies (GTT) starts with a water-free nature-based Hydrocarbon monomer solution, and molecularly bonds the solution to each fiber through polymerization. Fabrics treated with GTT's Hydrocarbon chemistry outperforms all existing industry standards and eliminates the toxic waste stream discharged when polluted factory water gets dumped into the environment.
  Endurall® - This innovative engineered yarn with friction reducing molecules creates fabrics and garments with improved lightweight comfort and added durability. Endurall® provides friction reduction for less hot spots and improved abrasion resistance for longer wear. The yarn is hydrophobic for enhanced moisture control, hypo-allergenic, and it is easy care. Endurall® allows designers and manufacturing the ability to put the durability where it is most needed. Fiber and Yarn Products offers a hang tag program to assist its customers with marketing this beneficial product.
  ENKA® Filament Rayon - Developed by ENKA and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, Enka® Filament Rayon is a high quality rayon fiber that offers optimal dye uniformity, optimal wear comfort, drapeability, absorbency, and breatheability. The fiber is also non-electrostatic and is biodegradeable. Targeted markets for this fiber include apparel, medical, aerospace, industrial, and home furnishings.
  ESP® - ESP® is a polyester textured filament yarn made by Invista. ESP stands for Extra Stretch Performance fiber. It has high stretch potential and excellent recovery properties. ESP yarn is used as filling or warp yarn in wovens to produce primarily one-way stretch fabrics and is used in warp knit and circular knit fabrics for two-way stretch. ESP polyester can be combined with most other textile fibers, including regular polyester, acetate, cotton, rayon, wool and others, and can be used to create special effects, such as crepe, crinkle, or surface effects. It is used in a variety of high performance garments including skiwear, swimwear, cycling pants and jerseys, running tights, leotards, diving suits, denim, and workout wear.
  ExpeDRY - Developed by ALLIED Feather+Down, ExpeDRY is a new innovative and disruptive ultra dry down featuring FUZE® technology for a chemical free alternative to hydrophobic-treated down. ExpeDRY works through a permanent and chemical-free bonding of non- toxic gold particles within the down cluster to aid in the evaporation of water molecules, causing the down to dry faster and stay dry in high humidity and extreme conditions. This helps to create a drier insulative chamber as the rate of increased evaporation is greater than the absorption rate of down in almost every real world situation. It also helps with moisture from within such as sweat in high-energy activities, which could ultimately lead to a more regulated warmth.
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