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Fiber/Yarn/Thread Trademark and Brand Name Index

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FIBRIQ Technology - Developed by P & G, FIBRIQ is used with natural, renewable fibers and blends with a wide range of textile fibres. Its ability to manage moisture allows these fabrics to dry 20 to 30 percent faster. FIBRIQ also reduces the need to iron allowing consumers to further limit their carbon footprint while maintaining a fashionable wardrobe.
  FIL.VA® Monofilament Yarns - Developed by FIL.VA and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, FIL.VA Monofilament Yarns are a collection of yarns with a variety of polymers, diameters, cross- sections, colors, and specific residual shrinkage values to meet any specification or need. Available in nylon, polyester, polypropylene, PBT/FR/PBT (halogen free), elastomeric, specialty, and needly (mix of nylon polymers) sewing thread, the yarns provide special treatments, such as UV stabilization, flame retardant, heat stabilization, and anti-abrasion applications for decorative ribbons, elastic bands, filtration, sewing thread, winding cables, conveyor belts, braided sleeves, geotextiles, medical, automotive, and 3-D fabrics.
  Finesse® - Finesse® is made by Invista with microfiber polyester yarn for high performance, water resistant, breathable outerwear and activewear. The fiber is finer than the finest silk, but is durable and washable.
  FireFil™ - This composite technical yarn, developed by FilSpec Inc., offers triple protection against flames, cuts and tears. FireFil's fiberglass core makes it extremely strong. Textiles created from this yarn exceed the highest standards of the fire-resistant fabric industry. The FireFil™ composite yarn is constructed with a highly flame- resistant fiberglass filament core yarn, and an outer yarn, made of a high-performance fiber to make the composite yarn more effective. The fiberglass core yarn is then woven to create the FireFil yarn, which is flame-resistant, cut-resistant, and tear- resistant.
  FireFil™ Welding - Developed by FilSpec Inc., FireFil™ Welders has been adapted to meet the specific needs of welders exposed to sparks and molten- hot metal shavings. FireFil™ Welding is a coated glass-core yarn designed to both protect welders and improve their comfort. With its moisture-wicking properties, the fabric made with FireFil™ Welding feels comfortable against the skin and can be used to produce coveralls or protective aprons.
  Fortify® AM - Developed by Fiber and Yarn Products, Inc., this silver ion release yarn is available for use in legwear, performance garments, and athletic apparel. The innovative new process of surface modification applies micron sized silver particles to the surface of fibers before they are knit or woven, allowing unmatched flexibility and placing specific technology within the product, while minimizing the need for costly yarns that may be less effective. Fiber and Yarn Products will provide its customers with the Fortify® hang tag program to assist in marketing this beneficial product.
  Fortify® Cu - Developed by Fiber and Yarn Products, Inc., this Copper Ion Release fiber offers a new twist on adding copper particles to the surface of fiber. This innovative fiber adds greater flexibility to designers of legwear, hosiery, garment and apparel. The Fortify® technology is available on nylon, polyester, and air covered yarns. Designed to offer many more options, these copper particles do not impact the color of the final product, allowing for more fashion performance possibilities. The company's Hang tag program offers its customers assistance in marketing this beneficial product
  FreshFil™ - Developed by FilSpec, the FreshFil™ fiber allows the wearer to stay cool in an active environment. With mix that includes a fiber impregnated with zinc oxide and one of the best sweat management solutions, clothing made with FreshFil™ provides a fresh, yet lightweight feel. FreshFil™ can be combined with other yarns to create technical, fire-resistant, tear-resistant, or thermal control garments. The FreshFil™ benefits include: proving freshness in lightweight apparel, effective moisture evacuation, and UV protection.
  FYnesse® Air Covered Yarns - These branded air covered yarn are available exclusively from Fiber and Yarn Products. The FYnesse® brand lives up to its name by offering a little something special that traditional air covered yarns don'’t allow, which includes unmatched bulk levels, superior coverage, and minimal core breaks and "grin-thru" in the finished fabrics, maximizing production efficiency. FYnesse® has the ability to replace single cover in less critical applications. The FYnesse® technology can be used on either nylon or polyester yarns with a spandex Lycra® core.
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