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Fiber/Yarn/Thread Trademark and Brand Name Index

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Outlast® - Outlast® Temperature Regulating Fibers and Fabrics contain millions of micro-thermal spheres that create a dynamic thermal barrier that works to keep the micro-climate next to the skin warm and comfortable, despite changes in outside temperature. These micro-thermal materials absorb, store, distribute, and release heat in response to the body's comfort needs. Uses include: ski boot, gloves, hats, pants, parkas, mountaineering wear, sleeping bags, socks, thermal underwear and bedding products.
  Outlast® Fibers - The microcapsules containing Outlast® technology are located inside the fibers. The Outlast® fibers are spun into yarns and then made into fabrics or finished products. In-fiber applications are for products being worn next to or very close to skin. Since 1994, Outlast® acrylic fiber has been used in a variety of products including socks, hats, and sweaters. Outlast® viscose is used in such products as shirts, dresses, sleepwear, intimates, work wear and sportswear. The newest Outlast product is Outlast® polyester, which is a bicomponent fiber that has revolutionized polyester. This fiber contains a PCM (phase change material) core with standard polyester as a sheath. Outlast® polyester is perfectly suited for functional apparel and other applications worn next to skin including t- shirts, socks, base layer
  Outlast® PCM fiberfil - Developed by Outlast Technologies, is the first PCM (phase change material) for bedding. The fiberfil utilizes Outlast’s recently launched first PCM polyester fiber, which can be easily blended with other fibers, and is suited for bedding products with synthetic fillings. The result is a soft bedding product that also provides an ideal comfort climate by helping to balance temperature and humidity levels during the night. The Outlast® technology works continuously to manage heat and moisture, while reducing sweat production, so less humidity is created inside the bed. Targeted end-use applications for Outlast® PCM fiberfil include fillings for duvets, pillows and sleeping bags.
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