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Fiber/Yarn/Thread Trademark and Brand Name Index

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Radici® Fully Drawn Polyester Yarns - Developed by Radici and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, Radici® Fully Drawn Polyester Yarns are a collection of high quality dyeable filament yarns, available in bright and semi-dull versions, developed for the medical and industrial markets.
  Radici® Polyester SY - Developed by Radici and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, Radici® Polyester SY yarns are a collection of bright and semi-dull, filament dyeable yarns, available in 20 to 1000 denier versions, and the yarns have textile characteristics that impart softness and wearability to the fabrics. The yarns' bright effect is characterized by a special luster for all colour shades. The yarns are targeted towards the apparel and industrial markets.
  Raditeck AC - Developed by Radici and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, Raditect is a group of staple fibers that can be added to concrete to interlock the fresh concrete matrix. This mechanical stabilization controls shrinkage (i.e., plastic retraction). Raditeck AC reinforcement eliminates the crack formation that causes the permanent weakening in the resulting concrete. Raditeck AC decreases concrete permeability and improves its surface characteristics, such as impact resistance and toughness. These innovative features work synergistically to produce durable, high quality concrete.
  RecoveryFil™ - Developed by FilSpec Inc., RecoveryFil™ is a blend composed of polyester fibers impregnated with zinc oxide, recognized for its antimicrobial and protective properties against UV rays, Tencel/Lyocell viscose fibers and viscose fibers impregnated with mother-of-pearl shell powder. This combination of fibers creates a silky, ultrasoft and odor resistant fabric that offers a SPF 50 protection against UVA and UVB rays and leaves the skin feeling well cared for. Extremely comfortable, RecoveryFil™ clothes, gloves and socks will be particularly appreciated during your moments of recovery and relaxation.
  Recyclon™ - A new product line of recycled nylon 6 fibers. Through this recycling process, Toray uses off-spec yarn generated during its virgin nylon production to create post-industrial recycled nylon yarn. Through this new process, the company utilizes only 15% of the energy required during the production of virgin nylon fibers made from petroleum.
  ReDefyne™ sustainable polyamides - Developed by Ascend Peerformance Materials, ReDefyne™ sustainable polyamides include up to 100% pre-consumer or post-consumer recycled material, depending on the performance and sustainability needs. As an integrated nylon producer, Ascend Performance Materials knows the value of reliability and consistency. The company uses third-party certified materials throughout its ReDefyne™ portfolio to deliver performance every time. ReDefyne™ provides reliable performance without the footprint.
  Regen - Developed by Hyosung, Regen is 100% post-consumer recycled polyester – conserves petroleum resources, and is GRS certified.
  REPREVE® Nylon 6 - Developed by Unifi, Inc., this high-quality nylon is made from “pre-consumer” waste, which is recycled from valuable waste created in the manufacturing process—a normal part of making textiles. Unifi turns this waste into a win, reusing this waste and maximizing its output from precious natural resources.
  REPREVE® Polyester - Developed by Unifi, Inc., REPREVE recycled fiber is certifiably sustainable—made through a vertically integrated process that starts with recycled materials, including bottles, and ends with high-quality fiber. Available as a 100% recycled polyester or a hybrid blend with virgin.
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