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Fiber/Yarn/Thread Trademark and Brand Name Index

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WarmFil™ - Developed by FilSpec Inc., this is an innovative technology for athletic gear. The infrared yarn generates heat by capturing sunlight, allowing outdoor sports enthusiasts to stay warm even while wearing thin, lightweight garments, resulting in maximum comfort and ease of movement. The fabric heats up when exposed to daylight and not from contact with body heat. Rain or shine, the effect is the same.
  Wear-Dated® - This premium-branded nylon carpet fiber is known for its beauty, comfort and durability. Whether frieze, cut-loop pile, shag or Saxony, carpets made with Wear-Dated fiber have a more natural look due to the patented characteristics of the fiber itself, lending it a lustrous, classic texture and the appearance of fine natural wool, but with the high-performance characteristics of nylon.
  WEARCOAT - FIBER-LINE WEARCOAT products were created for applications where the coated fibers are exposed to environments that can cause the product to degrade prematurely due to abrasion. The Fiber Line Wearcoat coating encapsulates the filaments providing minimal friction, increasing the overall performance of the fiber. WEARCOAT products are made from high performance fibers such as aramid, HMPE, PBO, and LCP. This family of coatings can be applied to flat or twisted yarns. In yarn-on-yarn abrasion tests in wet and dry conditions, our products last up to 50 times longer than untreated fiber. For over 25 years, FIBER-LINE® LLC has provided science-driven expertise that improves the performance and the end-use processing of high performance fibers. Our products enable the search for new energy reserves and extend the life of fiber optic
  WorkFil™ - Developed by FilSpec, this fiber was created to provide workers with a comfortable, practical, and safe uniform. Fabrics created with WorkFil™ are similar to denim and can be dyed any color selected by a company. The fiber is available in two versions: WorkFil FR™ (Flame-Resistant), which helps protect workers who are exposed to flammable materials, and WorkFil TR™ (Tear- REsistant), which is designed to withstand tears and cuts, thereby prolonging the life of work clothes.
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