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Insulation Trademark and Brand Name Index

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ExpeDRY - Developed by ALLIED Feather+Down, ExpeDRY is a new innovative and disruptive ultra dry down featuring FUZEĀ® technology for a chemical free alternative to hydrophobic-treated down. ExpeDRY works through a permanent and chemical-free bonding of non- toxic gold particles within the down cluster to aid in the evaporation of water molecules, causing the down to dry faster and stay dry in high humidity and extreme conditions. This helps to create a drier insulative chamber as the rate of increased evaporation is greater than the absorption rate of down in almost every real world situation. It also helps with moisture from within such as sweat in high-energy activities, which could ultimately lead to a more regulated warmth.
  Extreme250 TM - Developed by BondCote, Extreme Insulating Fabrics allow for the conservation of invaluable energy that can be distributed elsewhere throughout operational environments for the military and commercial tent markets. With a gap of 15.25 cm, it has an effective R-Value of 7.2, reducing energy consumption of up to 51%. No special tools are required for fabricating. It is lightweight, compressible, as well as flame resistant with no melt drip.
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