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Insulation Trademark and Brand Name Index

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Heatsheets® - This super light, super warm, heat-reflective blanket, manufactured by Advanced Flexible Materials Inc., is made from metalized low density polyethylene (LDPE), and is 1 millimeter thick (or 0.001 inch). The reflective layer in Heatsheets® blankets reflect up to 97% of body’s radiant heat right back to the user, creating an envelope of warm air. Heatsheets are recyclable, and can be printed. Heatsheets® are made and printed in California, where state law (AB 455) prohibits the use of heavy metals in inks or materials. Most of the inks used are water based (as opposed to solvents), minimizing air pollution.
  Hollofil 808® - Hollofil 808®, made by Invista, is a high-loft insulation designed for optimum warmth and comfort, yet is durable and refluffable. Its special blend of hollow core fibers trap more air and provide greater warmth without added weight. It is 20% warmer than solid-core insulations of equal weight. Made from 100% pre- consumer recycled polyester, it is machine washable/dryable and is non-allergenic. End uses include outerwear and sleeping bags.
  HOLLOFIL®II - HOLLOFIL®II, made by Invista, is a high-loft insulation designed to be compact and soft, yet resilient and refluffable. It provides increased warmth through DuPonts patented blend of four-hole polyester fibers. A softer insulation, it conforms to body shape for greater comfort, is machine washable/dryable, and is nonallergenic. It is 20% warmer than unbranded solid-core insulation of equal weight, and retains its warmth when damp. End uses include outerwear and sleeping bags.
  Hydrofil® - Hydrofil® Nylon is made by AlliedSignal. It is a new nylon block co-polymer that has comfort characteristics like cotton. It has the ability to breath and to transport moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate. It can hold 15% of its weight in water and not feel damp. It is used mainly in linings, shoes, activewear, outdoor equipment and even bullet proof vests.
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