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Insulation Trademark and Brand Name Index

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Kingwhale Fabrics - Kingwhale’s in-house fabric research team constantly explores new technologies and searches for technical fabric innovations. One of it's important developments is Tau™, Kingwhale’s exclusive range of performance fabrics. Made from quality raw materials, the company uses advanced machinery to achieve the highest levels of Tau™ fabrics' functionality, weather protection, comfort and durability. Tau™ Performance Fabrics are currently being used by outerwear, sportswear, activewear, and casualwear brands around the world. The Tau™ Performance group can be customized to incorporate all the latest features such as body zoning, seamless and sew-free bondings, anti-microbial properties, etc. Tau offers three different series of layer-specific fabrics: Premiere Base Layer Series for moisture management/breathability; ThermoCore Series for insulation (available in multiple weights); and Shield Series for outer layer maximum protection, comfort, and breathability. Beyond its established fabrics lines, Kingwhale creates specific fabrics, suited to fill its clients' needs through its exclusive Function > Form > Fit System.
  Klingler Asia Textiles - Klingler Asia, serviced in the U.S. by European Textile Trading Corp., manufactures a variety knit and woven fabrics including stretch and WPB laminate fabrics for high performance outdoor and sportswear categories; knitted fabrics for base and 2nd layer, jersey fabrics, mesh and interlock constructions; and bonded fabrics that include 2 layer and 3 layer constructions that combine woven and knitted substrates. The company offers top weight fabrics in synthetic piece dyed and true yarn dyed blends with the addition of either proprietary cooling or thermal technologies for the fashion market. Klingler also offers protective fabrics with abrasion resistance and insulating properties for high durability applications.
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