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Fiber/Yarn/Thread Trademark and Brand Name Index

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Antron® - ANTRON® is the registered trademark for the INVISTA brand of commercial carpet fiber. ANTRON® is engineered for superior soil release, stain removal, durability and ease of maintenance. ANTRON® can be found in over 800 commercial styles made by today's leading carpet manufacturers. Being the only carpet fiber designated as an Environmentally Preferable Product, ANTRON® is third-party certified as having a reduced effect on the environment and on human health in comparative ratings with competing offerings. A durable product that offers superior performance, ANTRON® yields excellent life-cycle costs and the lowest total environmental impact.
  Apexa® - This “Eco-Friendly” Polyester fiber, APEXA® is Biodegradable and “returns to nature”. It can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in nature after use. Apexa® can be used in the same way as conventional polyester, and it can also be recycled. Furthermore, it brings no pollution to the environment. APEXA® is registered trademark of E.I.DUPONT de Nemours and Company.
  Aquabreath® - Developed by the Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI), this modified nylon fiber actively responds to the moisture of skin microclimate. It is intrinsically equipped with high hydrophilicity and moisture exhaustion function to quickly absorb and evaporate the sweat. The fabric demonstrates visual changes with the structure design and creates deformation called air chambers. AquaBreath® delivers quick-drying and high air permeability effects, providing coolness and comfort. Aquabreath® comprises 100% single modified Nylon. Unlike other products using polyester and other materials in the market to achieve the stretching and deformation effect, AquaBreath® uses single material, which is conducive to the next step of recycling after consumption.
  Armor Guys - A division of Graphene-One, Armor Guys is Graphene-One's manufacturing arm for developing KYORENE® graphene fibered products. Being a vertically integrated, Armor Guys sources the raw materials, upwinds its proprietary yarns, knits the liners, applies the coating, washes the gloves prior to packaging and provides a final inspection to ensure quality of the products. Because of this, Armor Guys products meet and exceed the most stringent quality standards, while doing so at the most competitive prices in the market.
  Arselon Flame Retardant Yarn - Developed by the state company Khimvolokno Svetlogorsk in the Republic of Belarus and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, Arselon is an aramid yarn with excellent physical properties. The low friction aramid yarn is chemically resistant to solvents and alkalis, and has a moisture-retention equal to cotton. Arselon has no drip/no melt qualities, and a working temperature of 250o330o C / 482o-626o F. The yarn is also more cost-effective than other aramid fibers, and can be used in a variety of applications for the industrial and home furnishings markets.
  Asher Fabric Concepts (AFC) Textiles - AFC differentiates itself from its competitors by offering proprietary textiles, and by continually updating and innovating every aspect of textile design and production. In the past 20 years, Asher has become known as a leader in innovation and quality in knitted textile fabrications, with and without spandex, as well as in creativity of print design and application. Some of the exquisite blended yarns used by ACF in the production of its high-end quality knitted fabrics include: angora, bamboo, cashmere, cotton, cupro, hemp, linen, metallics, Modal®, nylon, organic cotton, polyester, rayon, silk, Sorona®, space dyed, Supima®, Tencel®, viscose, and wool. AFC's knit constructions include: terry knits, jerseys, rib knits, stripes, thermals, meshes, and sweater knits.
  Augusta™ - Unifi's synthetic alternative to cotton, Augusta™ delivers the light hand, soft drape and simple aesthetics of a fine spun yarn across a variety of end-uses, including seamless apparel, intimate apparel, and casual sportswear. The benefits of Augusta include color retention, low pilling, wrinkle resistance, and easy-care.
  Australian Merino Wool - With the help of Australian Wool Innovation, Merino wool is being rediscovered and reshaped by designers keen to take advantage of the move back toward natural fibers. A product of the ages, Merino wool yarn can be worn through all seasons, and is the fiber for our times. The increasing global preference for natural, eco-friendly and organic products has driven demand for environmentally assured Australian Merino wool.
  Avra™ - Developed by Eastman, Avra™ is a revolutionary fiber technology made with 100% post-consumer recycled PET. When Avra™ is incorporated into fabrics and activewear, it keeps waste plastics out of waterways, while showing a commitment toward a circular economy. In knit fabrics of similar construction and weight, Avra™'s performance fibers provide excellent drape and softness. Fabrics made with Avra™ start cool and help keep the body remain cool during a workout. With no additional chemistry needed, Avra™'s lightness, flexibility, and breathability provides performance that can be felt by the wearer.
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