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E. Miroglio® Rayon - Developed by E. Miroglio and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, E. Miroglio Rayon is a spun viscose yarn, available in 100% spun viscose and in a variety of viscose blends (i.e. viscose/nylon, viscose/acrylic, nylon/viscose, viscose/merino, viscose/angora, viscose/silk, and viscose/linen). The yarn is targeted towards the apparel and home furnishings markets.
  e1 Absorption - Developed by Schoeller, this knit fabric can be made of either a single or multi-layer knit structure using spun and textured yarns. This use of different yarns ensures that moisture is transferred from the first layer to the outer layer where it can evaporate. Benefits/Uses: absorb and transport sweat without drying out the skin. Perfect for functional sports underwear, Ieisure or everyday workwear.
  e2 Insulation - Developed by Schoeller, this climate-regulation knit fabric ideally supports the body's own temperature balance. Different fiber technologies enables different styles: from the sporty/rustic looks to ultra-fine brushed microfibers. e2 textiles are available in different weights. Benefits/Uses: Perfectly balanced warmth. Suited for Mid-layers, sweatshirts.
  e3 Protection - Developed by Schoeller, this very popular breathable and highly elastic knitwear offers excellent comfort and breathability with a wind and water-repellent finish.. Benefits/Uses: perfect for outerwear for high output sports
  e3+ Protection Plus - Developed by Schoeller, this is a modern knit membrane technology that provides optimal protection in adverse conditions. The e3 range includes elastic and non-elastic qualities. Benefits/Uses: fashion/ski jackets and pants. Almost all Schoeller fabrics are available with 3XDRY, NanoSphere, coldblack, ecorepel and/or energear technologies for specialized end uses.
  Eclipse™ - This is a family of waterproof, breathable polyurethane microporous coatings with two-stage durable water repellency (DWR) developed by ASF Group/Clark Textiles. These coatings include Eclipse™ Microporous Coated Fabrics, Eclipse™ Ceramic Microporous Waterproof/Breathable Coated Fabrics, Eclipse™ Bi-Component Fabrics, Eclipse Twin Sensor™, Eclipse™ Barrier/Tech Fabrics, Eclipse™ Barrier/Fleece Fabrics, and Eclipse™ Microfibre Dense (MFD) Fabrics.
  ecorepel® - This wash-resistant high-tech finish, ddeveloped by Schoeller, does not negatively affect the environment during production or in its use. No fluorocarbons are used in the finish. It is biodegradable (in accordance with OECD 302 B (80% - 100%), passes Oeko-Tex® - Standard 100 test and complies with bluesign®. ecorepel® is based on long, biodegradable paraffin chains that wrap themselves as a spiral around individual fibers, filaments or yarns in a very fine film. This reduces surface tension so that water dropletsw and even mud with significantly higher surface tension runs off easily. The breathability of the fabric is ot affected and the feel remains pleasantly soft.
  Endurall® - This innovative engineered yarn with friction reducing molecules creates fabrics and garments with improved lightweight comfort and added durability. Endurall® provides friction reduction for less hot spots and improved abrasion resistance for longer wear. The yarn is hydrophobic for enhanced moisture control, hypo-allergenic, and it is easy care. Endurall® allows designers and manufacturing the ability to put the durability where it is most needed. Fiber and Yarn Products offers a hang tag program to assist its customers with marketing this beneficial product.
  energear™ - This Schoeller technology ensures that the energy radiated by the body is reflected back to the wearer. Practical tests prove that this additional energy has a positive effect on performance and wellbeing. The use of energear™ makes particularly good sense where physical performance and stamina are needed, such as in clothing for biking, mountain sports, trekking/hiking, motorcycling, workwear and military wear, as well as in urban and daily wear. Various stress tests have been performed to verify the function of energear™. Two identical outfits were tested, one with the energear™ finish and one without. Test subjects wearing energear™ experience proven positive effects.
  EVAPTEX™ - VELCRO® brand EVAPTEX™ High Performance Fabric is a hook-compatible fabric optimized for outstanding breathability and superior moisture management. This patent-pending technology is ideal for applications requiring exceptional comfort and durability: leg and arm bracing, catheter straps, tracheotomy straps, helmet padding, sporting apparel, and body armor.
  EVENT GUARD TM - Developed by BondCote, this fabric is constructed of polyester that is coated or laminated for increased strength, durability, and extreme environmental resistance. The fabric is available in opaque or translucent. Lacquer coats are available to improve cleanability, enhance UV protection, and minimize plasticizer migration. BondCote's Commercial Tent Fabrics were created for event tents, sidewall application, and semi-permanent structures.
  eVent® Fabrics - eVENT® fabric (technology), developed by BHA Technologies, now owned by CLARCOR Industrial Air, is a Direct Venting waterproof barrier that makes a significant advancement in ePTFE laminate technology. A propriety and patented Dry System technology provides a new standard for comfort by allowing perspiration to dissipate and vent without saturating the inside of the fabric. At the core of eVENT fabric is an ePTFE (expanded Polytetrafluoroethylen) film that has been rendered oil-repellant and thereby free from body-oil contamination, via a method that retains both the inherent open-pore structure of the membrane as well as its hydrophobic properties.
  Evertex Fabrics - Evertex Fabrinology Ltd. manufactures wool/syntheeti knitted fabric blend, designed for temperature regulation through an evaporative cooling process to help the body maintain homeostasis, creating optimal comfort utilizing effective thermo- regulation capabilities, wicking, and quick dry management from its polyester fibers. The company is dedicated to producing highly technical knit fabrics with heavy emphasis on durability, performance, and comfort for outdoor applications.
  Extreme Seam® Welders - The First Choice Globally of All Industrial Fabric Welding Solutions. Manufacturer of hot air, hot wedge and impulse welding machines for the sealing of industrial fabrics. Equipment for the fabrication of products such as inflatable products, awnings, shades, truck tarp curtains, tents banners and billboards, ducting, geo liners and filtration products.
  Extreme250 TM - Developed by BondCote, Extreme Insulating Fabrics allow for the conservation of invaluable energy that can be distributed elsewhere throughout operational environments for the military and commercial tent markets. With a gap of 15.25 cm, it has an effective R-Value of 7.2, reducing energy consumption of up to 51%. No special tools are required for fabricating. It is lightweight, compressible, as well as flame resistant with no melt drip.
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