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Naia™ - Developed by Eastman, Naia™ Cellulosic yarn is a highly versatile yarn that combines sustainability and performance with a natural touch. Its inherent qualities of lightness, silkiness and soft hand combined with its hypoallergenic nature make it ideally suited for intimate apparel and other next-to-skin applications. Made from wood pulp that is derived exclusively from sustainably managed and certified forests, Naia™ has been awarded Oeko-Tex product class I certification. Eastman Naia™ fiber is the perfect choice for fabrics in womenswear. The filament yarn transforms into luxurious, soft, and easy-to-care-for fabrics, while the staple fiber creates eco-conscious blends that reduce pilling, are supremely soft and quick drying.
  NANO-Spear TM - Developed by BondCote, NANO-Spear" is a new coated fabric technology developed to inhibit odor causing bacteria and a wide array of microorganisms including mold, mildew, and fungi. Integrated within the fabric is a microscopic bed of nano-size spikes that lie in wait to puncture the cell walls of invading microbes, inhibiting them as they come to rest on the fabrics surface. NANO-Spear technology is a totally new approach in providing long-lasting antimicrobial protection for coated fabrics used in industries that require the highest levels of hygiene.
  Nano-Tex® All Conditions Fleece - Nano-Tex transforms the fleece fibers at a molecular level to create this water-repellant and static-free fabric. Hydrophobic nanoscale “whiskers” elevate water molecules above the fabric’s surface, which helps prevent liquid from penetrating the fabric. To eliminate static, positive and negative ions dissipate static charge as soon as it occurs, preventing static cling, and unpleasant static shock.
  Nano-Tex® Coolest Comfort - This enhancement is a moisture management solution that provides superior moisture wicking. Wrinkle-free cottons are hydrophobic and uncomfortable to the wearer, but with Coolest Comfort the natural moisture wicking ability of the fabric is restored. Also, Coolest Comfort provides superior moisture wicking for synthetic fabrics, without the manufacturing complexities or cost of the leading brand.
  Nano-Tex® Dry Inside - A revolutionary new fabric known as “performance cotton”. Dry Inside combines the moisture management capabilities of the best synthetic active-wear garments with the comfort of 100% cotton. By modifying cotton at the molecular level, Nano-Tex has created a fabric that funnels moisture away from the skin and towards the outer surface where it then evaporates. The result is a fabric that wicks moisture away from skin, won’t feel heavy and damp and retains its natural softness.
  Nano-Tex® Neutralizer - Using a special molecular structure, Nano-Tex Neutralizer fabric intercepts odor molecules caused from perspiration. It clutches these molecules to prevent offending scents from being released into the air, and creates a filter that captures body odor traveling through the fabric. Upon washing, the odor molecules are eliminated from the fabric altogether. Unlike anti-microbial treatments or silver-based treatments, Neutralizer doesn’t use harsh chemicals to kill bacteria. Instead, it neutralizes the odor molecules themselves, making for a more environmentally friendly fabric.
  Nano-Tex® Releases Stains - Nano-Tex employs nanotechnology to transform the molecular structures of fibers, creating release agents that are activated with water and detergent. In regular home laundry, these agents dislodge tough, stubborn, ground-in stains, restoring the original beauty of the fabric. These release agents are permanently bound to, and become one with the fibers, resulting in a permanent transformation and continual performance.
  Nano-Tex® Repels Spills & Releases Stains - This dual action technology provides premium protection against spills and stains, by combining Nano-Tex repellency and release agents. Nano-Tex employs nanotechnology to attach nanoscale “whiskers” that repel liquids, plus release agents that release tough, ground-in stains in the wash.
  Nano-Tex® Resists Spills - Nano-Tex modifies fabric at the molecular level by permanently attaching hydrophobic nanoscale “whiskers” to individual fibers. This acts to elevate liquids, preventing them from wetting the fabric. The durable transformation of the fibers causes spills to bead up and roll off, retains the fabric’s natural breathability and provides lasting performance.
  Nano-Tex® Resists Static - Provides revolutionary static resistance for synthetic fabrics. Each fiber has been fundamentally transformed through nanotechnology, and the result is a fabric that provides permanent static protection, repels lint, dust, dirt and pet hair, while retaining the fabric’s softness and breathability.
  Nanofeel® Antimicrobial - Developed by Radici and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, this bacteriostatic polyester yarn was developed using nanotechnology. The fiber is impregnated with silver ions, rather than being deposited on the surface as in traditional bacteriostatic yarns. Combining nanoparticle technology with solution dyeing results in this robust final product that outperforms yarns manufactured using traditional topical finishing techniques. Nanofeel® is marketed towards sportswear, technical wear, intimate apparel, hosiery, swimwear, and home furnishings.
  NanoGLIDE™ - Developed by Next Fiber Technology, NanoGLIDE is a Permanent PTFE Patented Technology for performance apparel and socks that will not wash or wear out, and will retain all other features such as stretch. The fiber’s natural color is white with denier ranges from 60-1200. NanoGLIDE is raising the bar by taking moisture management, skin protection, abrasion, and comfort into high energy levels of: 1) extreme moisture wicking, 2) enhanced durability, 3) ultra-fast drying, 4) reduced friction and 5) extreme abrasion resistance. NanoGLIDE's extreme performance and comfort is gentle on the skin, yet achieve maximum protection. The NanoGLIDE Technology can be used on both knit and woven fabrics.
  Nanosan® - Developed by SNS Nano Fiber Technology, Nanosan®, is a new type of nonwoven composed of polymer nanofibers. Utilizing SNS's proprietary technology, nanofibers can now be produced in larger quantities and at a substantially lower cost, making Nanosan® the first commercially available material of its kind on the market. Specialized nanofiber membranes can also be produced to customer specifications. Nanosan® is available in a variety of basis weights, up to 2 mm thick. Nanosan® can also contain particles (up to 150 micron), dispersed throughout the nanofiber matrix or encapsulated within the nanofibers themselves, thus allowing additional functionality to be added. Nanosan® is suitable for a variety of applications, including personal care products, protective tapes for electrical cables, wound care, decontaminat
  NEOLAST™ - Developed by Celanese Corporation, NEOLAST™ is made from thermoplastic elasotester polymers that enable the creation of more sustainable power-stretch performance fabrics. Through a proprietary melt-extrusion spinning process, NEOLAST™'s solvent-free manufacturing addresses the challenge of recycling blended fabrics by eliminating potentially hazardous chemicals typically used in spandex production This helps to create longer- lasting, more durable recycled apparel. Additional NEOLAST™ qualities include: improved moisture-management/dry times; improved fabric integrity (i.e. less likely to unravel, pill, degrade, or yellow over time); and improved fiber dyeing in a full-color spectrum.
  NEWLIFE Polygiene® - This Eco Friendly high tech product is a continuous filament yarn that provides odor control, easy care and long-lasting performance, which is polymer-intrinsic in the yarn. NEWLIFE Polygiene® is a 100% mechanically recycled polyester yarn that is certified, fully traceable, and made in Italy by the Sinterama Group. The effective action of NEWLIFE Polygiene® stops the proliferation of a wide range of bacteria, and gets rid of unpleasant smells. Performance will not decrease after repeated washings and dry cleaning, and is not altered by exposure to light, heat or humidity.
  NEXAR Polymers - Developed by Springs Creative, NEXAR" Polymers is a breakthrough for improved comfort. These permeable membranes and coatings is a unique solution that addresses the needs of textile innovators for high performance, breathable fabrics. The technology provides moisture-activated cooling and humidity regulation. They are light-weight and flexible, possess a high strength in wet environments, and have demonstrated wash durability. Applications include: sports apparel, outdoor apparel & gear, military and industrial uniforms, as well as medical and geotextile applications.
  NiceGain Textiles - Based based in Nanjing, China, NiceGain Textiles manufactures and sells textile products, high-simulation chemical fiber fabrics, made from natural or artificial high polymer materials. The Company uses such chemical fibers, as viscose, acetate, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon, and terylene (a specific form of polyester known as polyethylene terephthalate). Nanjing Hg-Nice Gain Fabric also produces Consumer based discretionary apparel & textile products, including blankets & throws, etc.
  Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+ - Developed by Nikwax North America, Inc., Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+ is the world’s highest performing waterproof down fill. With a completely PFC-free formula, the Responsible Down Certified (RDS) fill, available in 650-900 fill powers, exceeds 10,000 minutes on the IDFB 18a Shake Test. NHD+ keeps users dry more than 600% longer than competing waterproof down products and is designed for lasting performance with Nikwax aftercare products.
  NILIT® Fashion Fibers - NILIT’s fashion yarns produce a contemporary look and offer a balance between fashion and comfort. NILIT developments include innovative textures, dyeing techniques, and eye-catching attractive colors. NILIT®'s Fashion Fibers trademarks include: NILIT® Black Diamond: Sparkling appearances for hosiery/legwear, intimate apparel and fashion applications; NILIT® Britex: Bright, textured yarns for all applications; NILIT® Colorwise: Rich color shades; NILIT® Duelle: Deep contrasts when combining two colors; NILIT® Pastelle: A range of color shades; NILIT® Arafelle: Heather- effect yarns; NILIT® Duomix: Combine NILIT® nylon 6.6 fibers with Easy Dye cationic polyester fibers; NILIT® Brillion: Soft hand fabrics; NILIT® Softex: Full and Semi dull microfiber yarns with rich color; and NILIT® TRIOMIX: A three-color solution of melange fibers for an optimal fashion heather effect.
  Nilit® Performance Fibers - Through moisture management and anti-bacterial protection, NILIT fibers enhance performance and endurance. The special properties last the life of the garment, and provide extreme resistance. Nilit®'s Performance Fibers group includes: NILIT® Heat–Captures natural body heat to keep wearers warm; NILIT® Innergy– Microfiber with built-in FIR (far infrared ray) properties; NILIT® Aquarius–Moisture management properties for athletic wear; NILIT® BodyFresh– Highly resilient, flexible yarns with antibacterial properties; NILIT® Breeze– Cooling yarns for sportswear, shape wear, hosiery, lingerie and outerwear; NILIT® Eversheer–Covers spandex for protection and an ultra sheer appearance; and NILIT® Higher Tenacity–Used in high-strength, durable fabrics.
  Novolon® - Novolon® is a revolutionary fabric technology, conducted by Freudenberg, that molds and transforms a two-dimensional substrate into a three-dimensional product, thus improving the perfromance in many applications, including outdoor gear, bedding, medical, filtration, and household cleaning products, etc. As a three-dimensional product, Novolon is sturdy, comfortable, and lightweight, yet incredibly resilient. It is also crush resistant, air permeable, water permeable, and recyclable. Almost any product's performance can be enhanced through the Novolon deep molding process.
  Nufabrx® - This proprietary biomaterial and platform-technology is developed and commercialized by Textile-Based Delivery Inc. (TexDel). The technology provides therapeutic delivery of active ingredients to the body for healing purposes. Examples include Pain relief (i.e IcyHot/Biofreeze, CBD), Anti-Cellulite or even Melatonin to aid in sleep. Nufabrx® contains embedded active ingredients within the filament fibers of fabrics like nylon and polyester. The Body-Activated Nufabrx® products respond to skin temperature and moisture. When made into garments, the active ingredients can be absorbed through the skin into the body to provide long-lasting dermal-release and body healing. The controlled delivery process provides ideal performance, even with different dosing levels and being processed through numerous wash cycles. Nufabrx® products are durable and washable up to 25 times without losing effectiveness.
  NüHyde™ - NüHyde is a new patent pending coating, developed by Nüwa Textiles, which increases abrasion resistance by over 450% compared to conventional PU coatings. When the fabric yarns are fused with NüHyde, its high viscosity content creates a barrier on the surface without compromising the tear and tensile strength of the fabric. The coating was tested by the independent testing lab SGS using a 1,000 gram Taber wheel and resulted in an increase from 1,200 cycles for a two-times polyurethane coating to 5,600 cycles for NüHyde. The specially formulated heavy duty performance coating is ideal for luggage, backpacks, and wear areas of garments.
  NuLeather - Developed by The Mitchell Group, Niles, IL, NuLeather is a faux leather fabric, engineered with the highest quality polycarbonate resins that provide the required durability for the most demanding environments. The fabric’s formulation offers outstanding hydrolysis resistance, and its rayon-polyester backing provides unsurpassed strength. The fabric is VOC free and contains no PVC, plasticizers, phthalates, heavy metals or stabilizers. In addition, there are no chemical flame-retardants, or toxic by-products and virtually all chemicals are recycled by the mill. NuLeather is ideal for luggage, upholstery and the home furnishings market.
  Nuvalon - Eco-friendly FR tropical treatment for nylon cotton blends in military and workwear applications
  Nycolon - Eco-friendly, FR topical treatment for polycotton blends used in workwear and military applications
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