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Caprolan® - Caprolan® Nylon is a registered trademark of AlliedSignal Peformance Fibers. It is a high quality, Type 6 nylon fiber that is lightweight, durable, abrasion resistant and has excellent dyeability. Caprolan nylon is used for a variety of apparel and equipment, including knit and woven fabrics for linings, shells, outerwear, skiwear, sports bags, golf bags, fanny packs, day packs, and sleeping bags.
  Carolina Apparel Group Products - As a subsidiary of Coville, Inc., Carolina Apparel produces knitted apparel products and offers the comfort and cost benefits of body-size, side-seamless fabric and apparel Made in the USA. Carolina Apparel specializes in base-layer, underwear, and first-layer products for well-known brand names, major retailers' private labels and for the US Armed forces. The company's quick replenishment on in-season items, coupled with its cost-efficient manufacturing advantages makes Carolina Apaprel an attractive, experienced alternative to offshore manufacturing.
  Carolina Specialty Fabrics - Carolina Specialty Fabrics develops cotton flannels, drills, twills, cords, blends, Kevlar wovens, and knits. Custom weaving is done upon request. Bring the company your ideas and it will help you develop specific fabrics to meet your needs.
  Cascade - A rich, melton-like fabric, made from Glenoit's sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  Caslana - A washable wool pile fabric, made from Glenoit's sliver knitting process..The fabric is very light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  CELBOND® - CELBOND® is a family of technically advanced sheath-core bicomponent staple fibers. The core of each CELBOND® fiber is polyester for added strength and resilience. Surrounding the polyester core of each fiber is a special lower melting polymer sheath which, after exposure to heat, is designed to form a strong, cohesive bond with other fibers. These dual polymer fibers are designed to bond in a wide range of nonwoven and highloft structures. CELBOND® fibers' characteristics offer manufacturers a unique combination of beneficial properties for nonwoven products: Versatile bonding, Easy lamination, Increased strength, Maximum resilience, Enhanced fabric softness, Environmentally responsible CELBOND® bicomponent fibers can be blended with a variety of other fibers for bonding by air-lay, wet-lay, or dry form met
  Celliant Nylon - Developed by Hologenix, LLC, when Celliant® is integrated into nylon, the textile has a softer hand and has advantageous dying properties. We are pleased to offer standard filament counts in Nylon 6.
  Celliant Polyester - Developed by Hologenix, LLC, when Celliant®’s mineral blend is embedded into polyester, it retains the natural characteristics of the polymer.
  Celliant Viscose - Developed by Hologenix, LLC, Celliant viscose is the first in-fiber sustainable viscose infrared (IR) solution for brand partners seeking an alternative to synthetic fibers. Developed in partnership with Kelheim Fibres, Celliant Viscose blends beautifully with cotton, micromodal, lyocell, wool varieties (including cashmere), and other fibers, and is ideal for performance wear, luxury loungewear, casual wear and bedding.
  Celliant® - This revolutionary, patented technology harnesses and recycles the body’s natural energy through the medium of fibers. Celliant’s applied science utilizes a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients that are embedded into the core of the fiber. Use of products containing this technology has been clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels, improve athletic performance, sleep quality, health and wellness. Fibers, yarns and fabrics made with Celliant® technology can be found in some of the world’s most recognized name brands. The Celliant® technology can be embedded into polyester, nylon, and viscose fibers to create added benefits. End-use applications include: Apparel, Sports Textiles, Military, Industrial, Pet Products, Automotive, Bedding Products, Hospital Textile, Medical Devices, and Compression Fabrics.
  Chantilly - A silky, textured pile fabric, made from Glenoit's sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  ChromShield™ - This patented technology, developed by CHROMUCH, they new yarn structure incorporates a shield layer that wraps around the core solution-dye yarn. This “shield’ is what gives the fiber additional color, protection and ability to add functional technology. The ChromShield™ yarn offers the deepest blacks, richest reds, and the brightest blues. The technology protects the yarn's vibrant colors, wash after wash.
  CHROMUCH Fiber - This is a branded fiber, developed by CHROMUCH, which advances a new standard in sustainable color design and takes the guesswork and compromise out of the equation. CHROMUCH solution dyed polyester fibers are made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and use absolutely no water in the dyeing process. The newly-developed synthetic fiber is of premium quality, rich in color, fade-resistant and earth-friendly, making CHROMUCH fiber the best choice for developer-friendly performance textiles. Color without compromise.
  CHROMUCH Now - This solution-dyed fiber program, developed by CHROMUCH, allows for easy adoption and design by product developers and designers. The program offers a turnkey program of select trend- right solution-dyed colors that are in-stock and competitively priced for better lead times and low MOQs (minimum order quantities).
  CiCLO® - This is the first fiber product developed by Intrinsic Advanced Materials, LLC. CiCLO® (pronounced seklo, translates to cycle), is a patent pending textile technology that reduces synthetic microfiber pollution caused by washing, and minimizes plastic accumulation in landfills due to discarding. By partnering with outdoor brands, CiCLO offers a biomimetic approach and sustainable solutions for the brands to easily integrate into their supply chain.
  Cinergy Textiles - Cinergy specializes in over 250 stock fabrics, consisting of knits, wovens, basics, and novelties. The majority of our product line is imported from Asia and stocked in Los Angeles [1 roll Stock Minimum]. Our product line varies from fabrics with 100% Polyester, 100% Cotton to varied blends such as Polyester/Rayon/Spandex, Rayon/Spandex, Polyester/Rayon, Wool/Acrylic, Cotton/Spandex, and Nylon/Spandex.Orders are generally processed on the same business day and ship out within one or two days after receipt depending on the size of the order and availability of the particular style ordered.
  CLARINO™ Microfiber Leather - Developed by Kuraray Co., Ltd., CLARINO synthetic leather products were developed from Kuraray's initial research into compound ultra-fine fiber, non-woven material, and high performance polymers. These accomplishments led to the eventual, successful duplication of the complex structure of natural leather, and have enabled Kuraray to debut unique materials which exhibit and surpass natural leather's special, inherent qualities. This non-woven microfiber material, and continues to be the leading innovator in the production of synthetic leather. The AMARETTA brand of CLARINO is a napped micro-fiber suede drape, and feels and wears like the finest natural leather, but without the limitations commonly associated with natural material. It is available in every color of the rainbow. CLARINO materials have a wide variety of applications that include athletic and casual footwear, apparel, equestrian riding apparel and saddles, sports balls, gloves, upholstery, automotive interiors, and audio equipment.
  Climashield™ - This is the group name for Western Nonwovens' Branded products for the Outdoor Recreation and Sports industries. All of WNI's products are produced using continuous filament technology. Because of this, they all stretch, are warm even if wet, can be washed, are naturally durable, and don't require a scrim or quilting in manufacturing. The company's trademark names for its group of outdoor products include Climashield® XP, Climashield® HL, and Climashield® CL.
  Climate Technology By Sympatex® - Developed by Sympatex Technologies, Climate Technology by Sympatex® provides for the perfect shoe climate. This new laminate consists of the membrane and hydrophobic 3D upper material with air pockets. It is 100% waterproof and provides optimal breathability. The technology is fast wicking from the foot through the hydrophilic inner lining. It gives a large surface area transfer of moisture to the breathable Sympatex membrane and the faster passage of the water vapour to the 3D upper during more strenuous activity. It also improves the air circulation and ventilation effect in the 3D air pockets by the rolling movement of the foot, which results in a pleasant foot climate, comfort for the wearer, maximum performance, and dynamic breathability.
  Coastline Plus® - Developed by Herculite® Inc., this polyester reinforced awning fabric is a PVC fabric that will provide many years of satisfactory service. Coastline Plus® is waterproof, flame, mildew, stain and dirt resistant. Herculite’s Rain Kleen® surface treatments further enhance longevity and ease of maintenance. Coastline Plus® is dimensionally stable. Properly fastened to the frame, it will retain its trim fit as well as its protective function and aesthetic value.
  Cocona® Fabrics - TrapTek's Cocona fibers and yarns are infused with activated carbon from coconut shells and provides moisture management, odor management and UV protection. The yarns and fibers are lightweight, comfortable and retain all other product features, such as stretch and washability for the life of the product. TrapTek's Cocona was named by Time Magazine as one of the most amazing inventions of 2005.
  COLDPRUF® - COLDPRUF performance base layers keep athletes and outdoorsmen warm and dry at a competitive price. Manufactured by North Carolina-based parent company, Indera Mills, COLDPRUF base layers offer the quality and dependability of a nearly century old business while meeting the style, fit and technical demands of today's active consumer.
  COLORCOAT - FIBER-LINE adds color to any high performance fiber with the COLORCOAT line of products. The benefits of COLORCOAT include: The finished product is stronger than solution-dyed fibers and solution-dyed fibers have pigments in the filaments which weakens the fibers chemical chains; COLORCOAT coatings encapsulate the filaments on the outside, providing vibrant color without impeding the strength. In addition, our Fiber Line's coatings do not affect other performance characteristics of the fiber including elongation and LASE. For over 25 years, FIBER-LINE® LLC has provided science-driven expertise that improves the performance and the end-use processing of high performance fibers. Our products enable the search for new energy reserves and extend the life of fiber optic telecommunication cables.
  ColorMatcher Series - Developed by GTI Graphic Technology, the GTI ColorMatcher series is designed to evaluate and communicate color with absolute confidence. Five different light sources provide an essential tool for visual color match assessment, comparison of color variation, and detection of metamerism. All CMB models comply with industry standards including ASTM D1729-2009, SAE J361 and BS-950 Part 2 and are supplied with a certificate of product conformance (NIST traceable). Four models are available to accommodate nearly any sample size.
  Comforel® - COMFOREL® is the registered trademark for the INVISTA brand of bedding products. It offers down-like luxury in bedding products such as pillows, comforters and mattress pads. COMFOREL® is also used in furniture applications, which include decorative pillows and mattress toppers. In pillows, COMFOREL® clusters shift and move like real down for comparable comfort, without the worry of allergies commonly associated with down. New "COMFOREL® Naturals" create an even greater feeling of luxury by blending the clusters with silk, cashmere and angora.
  ComforTemp® DCC" - ComforTemp® DCC" is Frisby Technologies' patented thermal insulation engineered with "Dynamic Climate Control" for optimum comfort and protection, even in the most severe conditions. ComforTemp DCC is a next generation insulation, which performs like a thermostat to keep your body at a more constant, comfortable temperature. When it senses cold, it releases stored heat. In extreme heat, it absorbs it to provide a cooling effect. Lightweight and breathable, it also keeps you dry by wicking away moisture from your skin. ComforTemp DCC is "Thermasorb-charged," dynamically absorbing and releasing heat, even when compressed. End uses: polyurethane foam and foam/fabric packages.
  ComFortrel XP® - ComFortrel XP® is a fiber that gives both comfort and performance to apprel and socks. Qualities include great moisture management and shape retention. ComFortrel® is developed from a new patented co-polymer that allows fibers to be atmospherically dyed for beautiful colors. End-uses include knitwear, thermals, underwear, sleepwear, athletic wear, and socks.
  ComFortrel® - ComFortrel® is a polyester fiber made by Wellman, Inc. For natural fiber comfort in a high performance yarn, ComFortrel® is engineered for superior breathability and wickability. Moisture moves away from the skin and doesn't get trapped in the fabric. And, because it's made of Fortrel®, performance is built right in. ComFortrel® provides superb pill resistance, maintains excellent shape retention, and doesn't shrink, wrinkle or stretch. And, it looks as good as it feels. End uses include high performance apparel, sportswear, childrenswear, and performance underwear.
  Concept III Textiles - Concept III fabrics provided by Concept III International include the development, sourcing, and production of both knit and woven textiles and textile-based finished apparel products worldwide. Utilizing a keen understanding of global commerce, extensive textile and fiber development expertise, and effective mill and factory relationships. Concept III fabrics are targeted towards the casual sportswear and performance sportswear market.
  Conductrol™ - Developed by Sterling Fibers, this uniquely engineered acrylic based fiber addresses the control of electrostatic discharge. The fiber combines the stability of carbon-based fibers with the enhanced performance of modified fibers. Electrostatic Discharge, referred to as ESD, is the phenomena of that uncomfortable spark you see and feel after you walk across a carpet and touch a doorknob. In certain environments such as solids/air filtration, a single spark has the potential to set off an explosion. Therefore, control of ESD is required in many different industries. Conductrol™ can be incorporated into: Filtration products (woven and non woven); Carpet backing (needle punched, woven scrim); Upholstery (spun yarns incorporated into fabrics); Apparel (spun yarns for woven or staple for non woven fabrics); and Specialty Materials (short s
  Coolcore® - Developed by a Coolcore, a New England-based company, the Coolore® product is a cooling material innovation in temperature technology. Coolcore's patented, chemical-free material delivers three distinct functions: wicking, moisture circulation and regulated evaporation. And, because it is chemical-free, the cooling benefit never washes out. Coolcore's materials reduce surface temperature of the fabric up to 30 percent and have earned the prestigious "Innovative Technology" recognition from the Hohenstein Institute for "Cooling Power", the only company globally with this recognition.
  COOLDYE - Developed by CHT USA Inc., the new COOLDYE specialty textile concept takes the heat out of dyeing recycled and biodegradable polyester ?for more sustainable textiles. This new COOLDYE, low-temperature dyeing concept provides energy savings of more than 10 degrees Celsius for sustainable polyester fibers, which is good for both the environment and the textile producers' bottom line.
  CoolMax® - CoolMax®, made by Invista, is a tetra-channel polyester, which pulls, or "wicks", moisture away from your skin to the outer layer of the fabric. Because of the larger surface area of the tetra- channel fiber, moisture evaporates quickly. So, you stay dry and comfortable. CoolMax fabric is also highly breathable and easy to care for. It is used in a variety of apparel, sports accessories and medical wraps, braces and pads.
  Coolmax™ EcoTech™ - This ultimate performance fabric delivers the same high- performance, quick-dry benefits and comfort as the original Coolmax® fabric, but has the added benefit of being made from recycled resources. The process for making Coolmax™ EcoTech™ fiber begins with post-consumer bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate, or PET.
  CoolVisions® - Manufactured by FiberVisions®, an Indorama Ventures Company, CoolVisions® is a disperse dyeable PP fiber that combines the properties of solution dyed PP fibers with disperse dyeing capability to create a premiere dyeable polypropylene fiber. Besides it dyeability feature, the fiber also incorporates a vast array of performance qualities including lightweight, comfort, cottony soft, moisture management, durability, breathability, thermal insultion, stain resistance, and easy care.
  CORDURA® AFT Fabric - Developed by Invista, CORDURA® AFT Fabric features an open-knit construction that allows air to flow through, making it both a lightweight and highly breathable material. This durable nylon 6,6 mesh offers an excellent tensile strength-to-weight ratio and is engineered for enhanced abrasion and snagging resistance. CORDURA® AFT Fabric is available in a variety of knit constructions (circular, flat, warp mesh), with laminate options (coated two- or three-ply laminates) offering water repellency. The CORDURA® AFT Fabric range includes multilayer 3D spacer/2D mesh solutions, ideal for items like footwear, backpacks, motorcycle gear and apparel reinforcement.
  CORDURA® Ballistic Fabric - Developed by INVISTA, this fabric provides durable performance for a variety of end uses, including packs, luggage, workwear and motorcycle apparel. Products made with CORDURA® Ballistic fabrics feature enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, and long- lasting durability. CORDURA® Ballistic fabric is constructed with qualifying INVISTA yarns which are woven in the classic 2x2 basket weave construction, dyed and finished in accordance with INVISTA's approved fabric standards for the CORDURA® brand. The physical demands placed on today's combat soldiers, tactical and law enforcement officers have never been greater, and this intense use calls for a fabric that can take it.
  CORDURA® Classic Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, this line of CORDURA® fabrics provide rugged durable performance for a variety of end uses, including packs, luggage, footwear and performance apparel. CORDURA® Classic fabrics are constructed with air jet textured yarns for enhanced tear and abrasion resistance and offer stylish durability and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio performance characteristics. Also available in select Solution-Dyed Nylon color portfolio for exceptional lot to lot color consistency and fade resistance vs. piece dyed alternatives.
  CORDURA® Combat Wool™ Fabric - Developed by Invista, this merino wool fabric is blended with nylon 6,6 to create a fabric that delivers the aesthetics and comfort of wool combined with the abrasion resistance and the performance benefits of nylon. With optimal strength-to-weight ratio and excellent tear strength, CORDURA® Combat Wool ™ Fabric offers up to 10 times more abrasion resistance with optimal strength-to-weight ratio and excellent tear strength. The fabric is ideal for baselayers, activewear/workwear. In addition, CORDURA® Combat Wool ™ Fabric can be woven with or without stretch and can be finished, coated/laminated for design flexibility. Applications include active urban lifestyle wear, military and work uniforms, and can be adapted for bags, footwear and accessories.
  CORDURA® Denim Fabric - Developed by INVISTA, CORDURA® Denim Fabric helps hard- working jeans last longer than traditional 100% cotton denim. Based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber, CORDURA® Denim fabric retains the authentic look and feel of cotton denim, but with added abrasion resistance, and toughness. Jeans made with CORDURA® Denim fabric are exceptionally durable without compromising on comfort and style. The authentic look, comfort, and feel of traditional 100% cotton denim with built-in long-lasting durability and exceptional abrasion resistance brings with it the heritage of the CORDURA® brand which has proven performance in the world’s toughest environments.
  CORDURA® HP Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, this groupd of fabrics provide best-in- class polyester performance for a variety of end uses, including packs, bags, luggage, footwear and accessories. CORDURA® HP fabrics offer exceptional value and an optimal print medium.
  CORDURA® Lite Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, this CORDURA® line of fabrics provide light weight durable performance for a variety of end uses, including technical packs, day packs, luggage and footwear. CORDURA® Lite fabrics offer enhanced tear and abrasion resistance with a wide variety of styling options.
  CORDURA® Lite Plus Fabrics - This new fabric line, developed by Invista’s CORDURA® Brand Fabric division. This woven fabric, made using the highest tenacity Type 749 yarns in various combinations ranging from 210 denier/68 filament to 525 denier/140 filament. The new CORDURA® Lite Plus Fabrics have 12% higher tensile strength and contains two times more individual yarn filaments when compared to CORDURA® Lite fabric. The higher filament counts allow for increased natural fabric coverage in weaving, resulting in a smoother/softer hand, along with improved water / air leakage with less coating required. Potential constructions include lightweight rip stops, dobbies, and plain weaves, targeted at end-use applications such as technical packs, daypacks, and luggage.
  CORDURA® Naturalle™ Fabric - Developed by INVISTA, CORDURA® Naturalle ™ Fabric delivers the look and comfort of cotton with the functional benefits of nylon 6,6, so it’s as long-lasting and lightweight as it is soft and stylish. With technical performance similar to cotton, CORDURA® Naturalle™ Fabric is engineered for added abrasion and tear resistance as well as water resistance, making it ideal for performance apparel. CORDURA® Naturalle™ Fabric features full-dull luster nylon 6,6, filament yarn for a matte finish, with woven options available featuring elastane/spandex yarns for stretch. Available in plain, ripstop, double-face and dobby constructions, CORDURA® Naturalle™ Fabric is a strong choice for lifestyle and sport-inspired garments, including technical pants and shells, mid-layers and outerwear.
  CORDURA® NYCO Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA, CORDURA® NYCO Fabrics offer comfortable durability in military uniforms, workwear and casual clothing. Based on an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA’s T420 nylon 6.6 fiber, CORDURA® NYCO fabrics provide exceptional abrasion resistance, comfort, and durability. With more than 45 years of proven combat performance CORDURA® NYCO fabrics are durable, stylish and always ready to work overtime under some of the toughest workplace conditions. Lightweight and strong - it’s what tough, stylish clothing has been waiting for.
  CORDURA® Re/Cor™ Fabric - Developed by Invista, CORDURA® Re/Cor™ Fabric, a portfolio of sustainable fabrics, made with recycled materials that maintain the strength and durability of all CORDURA® Fabrics. The portfolio of CORDURA® Re/Cor™ Fabric includes: 1) RPET, a 100% recycled high-tenacity polyester yarn created from discarded bottles and packaging; 2) RN6, a 100% recycled nylon 6 yarn that transforms pre-consumer waste into CORDURA® re/cor™ RN6 yarn; and 3) CORDURA® re/cor™ RN66 durable fabric, CORDURA®'s latest fabric innovation, made from RPET and RN6 recycled and reclaimed high-quality yarns. CORDURA® re/cor™ blended yarns offer performance and design elements that cannot always be achieved by using one fiber alone. CORDURA® Re/Cor™ Fabric is designed for a variety of products that include apparel reinforcements, outerwear, bags and packs, luggage, equipment, accessories and footwear.
  CORDURA® TrueLock™ Fabric - Developed by INVISTA, CORDURA® TrueLock™ Fabric is solution-dyed, which locks in color at the molten-polymer extrusion level, making it resistant to UV fading and frosting under abrasion for extended color vibrancy. CORDURA® TrueLock™ Fabric technology not only locks in color, it ensures lot-to-lot and multi-component color consistency from batch to batch. The same UV resistance that benefits color vibrancy also helps CORDURA® TrueLock™ Fabric retain its strength after extended UV exposure, so its high-tenacity nylon 6,6 construction holds up over time. CORDURA® TrueLock™ is also sustainable----with every 250,000 linear meters of fabric, CORDURA® TrueLock™ Fabric can save more than 467,00 liters of water, 408,000 mega joules of energy, and 26,845 kilograms of CO2.
  CORDURA® UltraLite Fabrics - Developed by INVISTA®, this line of CORDURA® fabrics provide light weight durable performance with a wide variety of styling options. Based on high tenacity nylon filament fiber technology, CORDURA® UltraLite fabrics are ideal for a variety of end use applications where optimal strength-to-weight ratio is critical, including technical packs, day packs, stuff sacks, pouches, performance apparel, footwear and accessories.
  CORE-FLEQT® - This patented fabric technology combines an encapsulated, reflective-insulation barrier with a soft nonwoven fabric to create a comfortable insulating lining. The micro-thin insulation returns up to 74% of a person's body heat. CORE-FLEQT insulation works as a "heat-morror". Just as a mirror returns light, a "heat-mirror" returns heat. The fabric consists of a waterproof/windproof outer shell that allows excess moisture and heat to escape. The fabric's lining layer allows warm air to circulate next to the body by utilizing the radiant/conductive heat from the body to be reflected back. CORE-FLECT® fabric has applications in athletic apparel, work wear, law enforcement/military, casual wear, and youth apparel.
  corkshell™ - Developed by Schoeller, corkshell™ is made from FSC-certified (Forestry Stewardship Council) cork granulate that is a by-product in the production of wine corks. corkshell™ fabrics offer up to 30% higher thermal insulation when compared to traditional soft-shells and is hgihly breathable. corkshell™ fabrics are soft, very lightweight and offer natural antimicrobial properties. In addition, they offer high wearer comfort and aid in moisture and odor management. corkshell™ is suitable for all outdoor activities, especially for cold weather conditions.
  Cotton-like™ - Developed by Unifi, Inc., Cotton-like™ is a comfortable fabric that blends the qualities of performance with cotton-like softness, so that clothes won't shrink or wrinkle. The potential benefits include: soft, lofty hand; dries quickly to save energy; less processing required; combines well with other proprietary additives or finishes; is easy-care. The fabric is available in a full range of fibers, including REPREVE®, ProFiber™ (solution dyed, cationic/disperse effects, matte luster yarns, and with spandex).
  Craft Project - An eclectic range of premium quality printed and plain quilting fabrics and associated products sourced globally that will delight and inspire.
  CRAiLAR Flax - Developed by CRAiLAR Technologies, Vancouver, Canada, CRAiLAR Flax is a hearty, fast-growing rotational crop that requires minimal pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, and irrigation. Based on ongoing research, a kilo of CRAiLAR Flax only requires 17 liters to produce the same quantity of finished fiber — 99 percent less water than cotton. Through the use of far fewer pesticides and herbicides, CRAiLAR Flax can help conserve water. The all-natural, enzymatic process used to create CRAiLAR unlocks the potential of flax as a high-performing, eco-friendly natural fiber. The raw fiber is treated with the proprietary CRAiLAR process to remove stiffening lignins from the flax, resulting in a fiber with cotton’s softness and durability. The USDA has designated CRAiLAR Flax Fiber as 100% BioPreferred®.
  creora eco-soft - This environmental fiber, developed by Hyosung, is for for low heat settings, and soft hand elastane for saving energy during production.
  Creora® - Creora® is the trademark name for Hyosung America's spandex yarn. Creora heat-resistant H350 is specifically engineered for polyester compatability and offers improved wash fastness and quality in soft, quick-drying blends.
  creora® Black - Developed by Hyosung, this dope dyed black elastane fiber saves water during production.
  Cryon™ - Developed by Consoltex, Cryon™ is a modacrylic-cotton blend and inherently flame resistant fabric that has natural moisture management properties and offers limitless coloring options, including "bright colors". The 9.4 ounce fabric is compliant with NFPA 70E level 2 for electricians and electrical wor
  Crypton® - Since 1993, Crypton upholstery fabric has changed the way we use and think about textiles. The leading innovator in performance fabrics, the company continues to test, improve, and develop unique fabric technologies to create durable, liquid, stain and odor resistant fabrics while keeping the environment in mind. Crypton Fabric offers superior protection against stains, odors, moisture, and mildew for long lasting, beautiful, mess-free environments. Launched in 2013, Crypton introduced Crypton Home Fabric – a performance fabric specially created to bring 20+ years of proven success in the science of fabric and stains to the world of residential design.
  CTEdge™ - The CTEdge™ is created using patent-pending technology that gives the edge of the narrow fabric a more concealed edge because it is woven with different color threads. It allows the edge to blend in much more with MultiCam® or another military-colored fabric behind it.
  CTEdge™ Printed Narrow Fabrics - The CTEdge™ on our MultiCam® Printed Narrow Fabrics is created using patent-pending technology that gives the edge of the fabric a more concealed edge because it is woven with different color threads. It allows the edge to blend in much more with MultiCam® or another military-colored fabric behind it.
  Cuben Fiber - Originally developed by Cuben Fiber and Cubic Tech Corporations as a high-performance, lightweight fiber used in non-woven fabrics, Cubic Tech Corporation was purchased by DSM Dyneema in 2015. Today Cuben Fiber is used in laminate and composite materials for yachting, performance sailing, windsurfing, inflatables, airship hulls, medical applications and increasingly in ultralight backpacking equipment, such as tents and backpacks.
  Custom Products - Let our product development team at Carolina Specialty Fabrics help you with your next program. They will sit down and discuss your ideas and guide you through the product development process.
  CuTEC™ - Developed by Next Fiber Technology, CuTEC™ is a unique and proprietary Copper Fiber Technology that provides a natural anti-odor and hygienic protection against micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi that attack the CuTEC™ fibers. The technology utilizes the qualities of copper and binds the copper to 1) polyester, 2) nylon or 3) re-cycled polyester fibers. Woven and knitted products containing CuTEC™ copper fibers can be effectively used in the production of running, trail, race and recovery, diabetic and every day wear socks, base layer apparel, insole fabrics, sports bras, narrow elastics, athletic apparel, intimates, anti-embolism hosiery, and much more.
  Cyberknit Fabrics - Utilizing the optimal combination of the fibers, knit constructions, surface and technical enhancements, Cyberknit provides performance knit fabrics to the Active, Lifestyle, Military, Outdoor, Tactical & Safety markets. Fibers: Poly, Coolmax® Poly, MicroPoly, Nylon, Cordura® Blends, Cotton blends, Inherently FR Blends, Poly blends, Tencel® Blends, Recycled blends, Wool Blends, Spandex/Lycra®. Constructions: 7-42cut Guage, Single Knit, Dbl. Knit, Jacquard, Fleece, Loop, Plated. Finishes: Brushing, Peaching, Sanding, Sueding, Napping, Sheering. Technical Attributes: Abrasion-Resistance, Anti-Static, Compression, Cooling, DWR, FR, Heat dissipation, Odor Control, Insulation/Regulation, UV Protection, Wicking, etc.
  C_Change™ - This Schoeller membrane technology combines biomimicry with a PFOA- and PFOS-free system of moisture management to create the perfect interior climate comfort for the wearer. The technology can be used in conjunction with a variety of fabrics, from extremely lightweight nylons to heavy wools for pants, jackets, and coats. It can also be incorporated into all components (i.e lining, lamination auxiliaries, membrane, surface material and water-repellent finish) to create an intelligent fabric through lamination processes that includes breathable binding materials and a dot matrix system.
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