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M.C.S. Blocker® - This line of outdoor sportswear fabrics for high aerobic activity absorbs, wicks and dries faster than cotton. It offers excellent 40 + UPF Protection. It is more advanced than cotton, because of its high tech, high performance Burlington Moisture Control System. Moisture is dispersed over a wider surface area than conventional fabrics. The result: M.C.S. BLOCKER fabrics absorb, wick and dry more quickly. The fabric offers more strength than cotton because M.C.S. BLOCKER is a specifically designed synthetic fabric, perfectly matched to strenuous, high aerobic activities. With this strength, it resists breaks and tears. The fabrics also offer more comfort than cotton because its unique construction dries faster and won't stick to you like cotton. The M.C.S. BLOCKER cottony-soft fabrics are perfect for sun prot
  M.C.S.® - M.C.S.® is Burlington Performance Fabrics' Moisture Control System of nylon and polyester fabrics treated for wicking performance. MCS fabric is used in performance activewear.
  Mae Pacific Company Fabrics - Mae Pacific Company offers a wide range of fabrics which include, all types of sports knitted fabrics (wicking, moisture management), flame retardant fabrics (both inherent and topical treated), denim, woven fabrics and coatings. The company's goal is to offer the highest quality fabrics in the world, and to meet the technical requirements by all of its customers around the world. In addtion to regular knitted fabrics, Mae Pacific Co., Limited is strong in the production and supply of new and high technology fabrics including but not limited to: Cooling fabrics; Heat generating/heat retention fabrics; Thermal regulating fabrics; Wicking, quick-dry and moisture management fabrics; Far infrared fabrics; Nano-silver permanently anti-microbial fabrics; Bamboo charcoal fabrics; Coffee charcoal fabrics; Polypropylene fabrics; UV-protective fabrics; and Water proof/water repellent fabrics; and any other performance fabrics based on buyer’s instruction.
  MAPP® - MAPP®, which stands for Merino Advanced Performance Program, is a fabric produced using exclusive Merino fibers sourced from only the cleanest and purest New Zealand alpine environments. MAPP® incorporates these "Natural Performance" fibers into fabrics specifically designed to work in activity apparel. MAPP® is the "Guarantee of source, process, and functionality."
  MARINYLON® Recycled Nylon - Focusing on the research and development of environmental friendly textiles has inspired Tiong Liong (TLC) to collaborate with fishing net dealers in Taiwan. TLC utilizes decommissioned and post-used fishing nets to create recycled, reused nylon fibers into the high performance nylon fabric, MARINYLON®. The MARINYLON® yarn can be blended with other sustainable components, such as recycled PET, to create fabrics with two-tone look. By adding elastic yarn into the textile creates a stretchy hand-feel, and breathability can be offered through an open fabric construction. In spite of the fact that the yarn is spun from recycled nylon raw material, the original performance of the fish net yarn will not be compromised when compared to virgin nylon yarn.
  Marrakech - A cashmere like pile fabric, made from Glenoit Fabrics' sliver knitting process. The fabric is very light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  Marshmallow® - Developed by Sommers Plastics, this is a soft PVC fabric that is created by adding a chemical blowing agent to raw PVC pellets and passing the materiql through an oven, which causes it to expand and rise. Much like yeast, this ingredient creates air bubbles that expand the PVC making it sponge-like. Sommers Marshmallow® has become one of the most recognizable brand names for expanded vinyl.
  Merino State® - Merino State is the ultimate blend of nature and technology, a range of fine premium and functional fabrics for the global apparel industry.
  Meryl® - Meryl® is Nylstar's registered trademark for its nylon/polyamide microfiber, which allows the softness of microfiber to be combined with excellent absorption capacity in order to maintain a balanced comfort level during athletic activities. Because Meryl is a microfiber, it is extremely lightweight. It also is machine washable, dries three times faster than cotton, and reuqires little or no ironing.
  Meryl® Actisystem - The Meryl® Actisystem is an innovation in textile fibers, designed to meet the demands of both athletic and leisure activities. Developed by Nylstar, These fibers have been created with cutting-edge technology, and are the result of continual research into the leading solutions that fully satisfy a wide variety of performance requirements. Therefore, the Meryl Actisystem is designed to revolutionize technical apparel for sports enthusiasts.
  MFI International Mfg. Finished Products - This company provides cut & sew products and services for a variety of end-use applications. MFI's “Turnkey” or “Full Package” operations are tailored to these industries: apparel (performance and work-wear), aircraft, automotive, furniture, mattress and bedding, specialty seating, pet products safety and first aid, military apparel and other consumer and industrial markets. Specific products include: Automotive/Transportation Interiors; Composites/Aeorspace; Fashion/Garment/Apparel; Filtration; Home Furnishings/Home Fashions; Medical Products; Military/Government; Outdoor/Sports; Protective Products; Upholstered Furniture; Workwear/Uniforms; and Other Sewn Products.
  Micralon® - Developed by Radici and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, is a yarn produced by two-component spinning of polyester and nylon. This technology achieves a fineness greater than that of microfiber. Micralon's characteristics make it suitable for universal application without any special technology. The fineness of the yarn can create fabrics for the apparel and furnishings markets that are very soft to the touch. End-use applications include: sportswear, household linens and threads, chenille, linings, padding, and ribbon.
  Micro-loft® - Micro-loft® insulation, made by Invista, is made from a patented blend of microfibers to provide down-like softness, and exceptional warmth without bulk. It is superior at blocking radiant heat loss and resisting moisture, and provides lightweight comfort and compactability. Micro-loft® is machine washable/dryable, and is odorless and nonallergenic. End uses include outerwear, sleeping bags, gloves and accessories.
  Microban® - Microban International, Ltd. is the global leader in built-in antimicrobial product protection, engineering durable antimicrobial solutions for consumer, industrial and medical products around the world. With over 20 technologies, Microban® protection can be engineered into a breadth of materials including: polymers, textiles, coatings, paper and adhesives.
  MicroGuard™ by Microban® - Developed by Microban International, this antimicrobial technology is a portfolio of antimicrobial technologies for PU, EVA and PVC products, including foam. MicroGuard™ provides high antifungal efficacy and 24/7 built-in protection, preventing microbial degradation to extend the useful product lifetime. MicroGuard has been developed as a non-leaching antifungal agent comprised of active ingredients that are free from metals. MicroGuard can be seamlessly integrated into PVC, PU and EVA products at the point of manufacture, and has been designed for use in a broad range of applications. The technology can be incorporated into outdoor PVC products – roofing membranes, tarpaulin, awnings and decking – and used to treat goods manufactured from PU and EVA foams, including shoe soles, furniture cushions and mattresses.
  Microspike - Pittards' MICROSPIKE is the latest development in performance leather, combining anti-microbial treatment for personal hygene with all the WR100X benefits, which provides for moisture resistance along with allowing perspiration to escape, with no change in the leather strucure.
  MicroSpun® - Developed by Wellman Inc., MicroSpun® is a polyester microfiber. It provides more clarity to colors, It is soft, light, breathable,and comfortable to wear. Fabrics made from MicroSpun have a luxurious feel with an incredible drape and flow. It possesses all the performance characteristics of a microfiber including moisture transport, wind resistance, and water resistance capabilities. MicroSpun fabrics hold their shape, but won't shrink, stretch, or wrinkle. End-uses include menswear, womenswear, activewear, outerwear, and home furnishings.
  MicroSupplex - MicroSupplex" is Invista's microdenier nylon fiber. As a microfiber, it allows for tight, densely constructed woven fabrics, while being soft and lightweight. Fiber s are even finer than silk. It has twice the wind resistance of standard nylon with greater water resistance and good abrasin resistance. It is ued for rainwear, running and swim shorts, cycling jackets, golf and tennis apparel.
  Microtherm® - Microtherm® is a polyester microfiber, made by Invista, used as liners for high performance jackets and other outerwear, caps, gloves, sleeping bags, pillows and ground sheets and footwear. Tests indicate that Microtherm has superior wicking, thermal and comfort properties compared to conventional linings.
  Microvacuum Polyester - Developed by Radici and exclusively distributed in North America by ICF Mercantile, LLC, Microvacuum Polyester is a hollow-core polyester fiber that possesses such innovative properties as lightness, thermal insulation, strength and comfort. These characteristics allow for the production of state-of-the-art fabrics for a variety of woven or warp knitting applications including: sportswear, technical wear, intimate apparel, hosiery, swimwear, home furnishings, trimmings, and linings.
  Mikrotex - Menardi Filter Elements offers a wide variety of fabrics for industrial dry and liquid filtration. We have in house knowledge to help guide customers in determining what media works best in their application. We also offer a wide range of fabric treatments for improved filtration.Some of these include ePTFE, Acid Resistance, Hydrophobic and Oleo-phobic. This surface filtration ePTFE membrane can be laminated onto a variety of substrates. It acts as a primary dustcake requiring no precoat before or during operation. By limiting fine particle penetration, Mikrotex preserves the filter substrate's integrity, maintaining design airflow at a reduced pressure drop than conventional media. Mikrotex® membrane is available for pulse-jet, plenum-pulse, reverse air, and shaker bag filters.
  Minerale™ - This fabric, developed by Cocona, Inc., uses natural technology™ derived from volcanic minerals. Minerale™ improves the performance and comfort of fabrics by providing exceptional evaporative cooling, odor resistance and added UV protection to keep the wearer comfortable in any environment. The naturally occurring minerals in Minerale™ fabrics are widely used to purify and soften water, because of their ability to absorb impurities. The natural technology™ in Minerale™ is inside the fiber, so it will not wash off or wear out. It is permanent and always working. As a complementary technology to Cocona®, Minerale™ fabrics provide a means to have pure white, pure colors, and finer denier fabrics.
  MiniMatcher - Developed by GTI Graphic Technology, Inc., the ASTM D1729-2009 compliant GTI MiniMatcher series is ideal for the viewing of coatings, consumer goods, fashion, and more. It is available in five standard models. The MM-1e and MM-2e provide three different light sources with UV or LED are available as an option. The MM-4e, MM- 2448e, and MM-2460e include five unique light sources with a built-in daylight timer and an illuminated push button control. These models provide one touch automatic light source sequencing.
  MiniMicro - A versatile lightweight pile fabric, made from Glenoit Fabrics' sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
  MiniR® - Developed by WidePlus International Co., Ltd., MiniR® is a trademarked performance fabric, made from an exclusive yarn technology that reflects the sun’s rays to keep the wearer cool. It has a high UPF rating to provide longer sun protection for the skin. MiniR Reflects Near Infrared Rays (NIR) up to 65%-75%, and absorbs 25%-35% of the suns rays. The fabric is durable and has a UPF 50+ to block UV rays over a long period of time. MiniR also keeps the wearer comfortable in the heated conditions.
  Mipan® regen - Developed by Hyosung, this 100% pre-consumer recycled nylon reduces energy consumption, and is GRS certified.
  Mirafi - Developed by TenCate Geosynthetics, Mirafi® consists of a series of targeted geosynthetic fabrics that provide a variety of performance qualities. Tencate's geogrids and geotextiles are engineered with advanced application knowledge to meet project specifications for transportation construction, mechanically stabilized earth, erosion control, water and waste management, and shoreline protection/marine structure construction.
  MMI Textiles Products - MMI Textiles offers a wide range of high-quality fabrics. Whether your project calls for lightweight or heavyweight, flame retardant or waterproof, we supply the fabric you need—at the best possible price. Product lines include: Woven fabric, knit fabric, mesh & tricot fabric, printed narrow fabric, webbing/binding tape/elastic, hook & loop, metal & plastic hardware, labels, rope & cord, closeouts & surplus goods, and custom laminations. The markets served by MMI Textiles' products include: Military/Tactical, Performance Textiles, Medical, and Commercial.
  Moisture-Tech 360 - Moisture-tech® 360°, developed by Sympatex Technologies, is an innovative insole which combines with Moisture-tech® laminate to create an even better micro-climate in the shoe. In addition to the faster wicking in the shaft section by the Moisture-tech® lining laminate, the insole creates a 360° effect. The insole draws the moisture away from the foot or sock and buffers it briefly in an innovative intermediate layer. The rolling movement of the foot generates a ventilation and pumping effect in the ducts structure of the insole which transports moisture in the form of water vapour evenly to the shaft fitted with Moisture-tech® lining laminate. This allows the moisture to be wicked outwards on a large scale, compared to a standard insole where the moisture is not wicked away from the foot which causes a moisture block in the sock.
  Moisture-Tech By Sympatex® - Developed by Sympatex Technologies, this innovation provides for the perfect microclimate in footwear. The technology provides for an innovative waterproof lining laminate that improves the moisture removal from the foot, a large surface area transfer of moisture to the hydrophilic membrane through an innovative intermediate layer, and full area activation of the membrane. All of these qualities ensure perfect dynamic breathability, faster wicking, and a dry foot climate. The innovative Moisture-Tech® laminate assures that perspiration is removed faster. The perfect moisture management keeps feet dry at all times with perfect breathability and comfort.
  Monterey Mills Fabrics - As a major North American fabric supplier with over 1000 Industrial, Commercial, and Retail SKUs, Montery Mills is one of the most innovative and highly respected fabric suppliers in the fabric industry. The company is North America’s largest sliver knitter and paint roller fabric supplier. In addition, Monterey Mill's product lines include: Knitted pile fabric for paint rollers, Wool/Wool blended buffing pads, Hospital pads, Wash Mitts and Wash Mitt Fabric. The company's apparel line of fabrics serves many end purposes (i.e. hat/coat/boot/slipper/ mitten linings), which can also be used as a faux fur coat or a patterned outerwear jacket. Monterey Mills’ Technical Development Specialists can convert any image into a pile fabric pattern to match any colors. In addition, Monterey offers finished apparel, toys, the Denali Home Furnishing line of Blankets and Bedding, and fabric manufactured for industrial applications used in several different markets. Finally, the company offers a complete line of medical and pet products for the B2B and B2C customers.
  Mr Stitch Embroidery - From caps to patches to shoes, Mr. Stitch is experienced in working with a wide range of products. The company has worked with many large brands and has produced goods for a variety of industries including apparel, bed & bath, and uniforms. Mr. Stitch also produces emblem patches to fit any need. Utilizing only the top designers and machinery, Mr. Stitch creates high quality digitized embroidery, featuring company logos / designs and resilient patches.
  Multi-Source Portable Desktop Viewer - The stylish and compact PDV-2e/M provides an ASTM D1729-2009 compliant portable desktop viewing station. It is ideal for client presentations, lab applications, and any business that critically views color. The PDV-2e/M includes four light sources, elapsed time meter to monitor usage of the daylight source, unique hinged design allows for quick set-up and pack-up, side walls, and a viewing area of 7.5"D × 19"W × 13"H.
  Mystique - A velvety cut pile fabric, made from Glenoit Fabrics' sliver knitting process..The fabric is vary light-weight for it's volume. It has multi-season comfort, is easy-care, and non-shrink.
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