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Ulrafino® - Incredible advancements in circular knitting have given Texollini the ability to produce fine-gauge European knitting utilizing ultra-fine yarns. Containing over twice the number of stitches per inch (as many as 8,000), the fabrics utilize combinations of very fine fibers and yarns, combined with lightweight, durable Lycra®. Texollini's industry-leading, Made in America Superfino® and Ultrafino® fabrics provide density, durability, support and quality for a variety of primary markets from lingerie to swimwear to casual sportswear.
  Ultra Fresh Silpure - Ultra Fresh Silpure is an exciting new silver-based antimicrobial agent developed for textiles by Thomsom Research Associates (TRA) of Toronto, Canada. TRA upplies antimicrobials under the Ultra-Fresh trade name in over 40 countries around the world. Silpure is another trademark of TRA.
  Ultraflect™ - Developed by Advanced Flexible Materials, this is an innovative, reflective, lightweight (35 GSM) polyester woven insulation fabric. AFM Heatsheets' new DWR-coated Ultraflect™ with Silver Lining® technology translates the products originally developed for space environments into today’s demands for comfort, convenience, style, and function. With a single reflective-insulation layer, Ultraflect™ provides protection in a more compact form. The fabric incorporates an ultra-thin, soft, and durable reflective-insulation membrane laminated to familiar woven fabrics to deliver exceptional protection from the burning rays of the sun, or to stimulate warming.
  Ultrasoft® - Ultrasoft® is a Westex brand distributed by Charles Parsons. Trusted flame resistant fabrics with market proven performance.
  Unidyne TechnaGard® - The UnidyneTM line of fluororepellent products lead the field in providing the most cost effective, soil resistant, oil and water repellent fluorochemicals available in today’s marketplace. Unidyne products, like all Daikin’s products, are manufactured with careful respect for the environment. As the world’s largest manufacturer of fluororepellents for both topical and internal treatment of substrates, Daikin supplies and technically supports any application in any location globally. Whether for Carpeting, Textiles, Nonwovens, or Paper, Unidyne really means World Class Protection.
  UNIFIBER™ - Developed by Unifi, UNIFIBER is the most trusted, flexible and responsive textile solution for cost-conscious designers and buyers. Made to comply with NAFTA, CAFTA and ATP. UNIFIBER is available in polyester and nylon. UNIFIBER polyester comes in a variety of deniers and filament counts. With all the inherent benefits of polyester fiber, at a cost-effective price. And we make it around the world—to make a logical link to your supply chain. UNIFIBER adds value and performance to upholstery, carpet and more.
  Unitex International Fabrics - UNITEX International is an innovative knitter and converter serving the apparel industry for over 20 years. The vast line of product includes prints, stripes, novelties and hi-end superior blend of yarns. Contemporary line of knits are produced per season and made available for sampling. The product line is supported by strong commitment to quality and customer service at the right price.
  Uno Mega Fabrics - For the sports and casual wear markets, Uno Mega produces piques, meshes, KS Velvet, interlock, DTY brush, bird-eye fabric, tricot brush, super soft velvet, softshell, techno, rayon, and spandex jersey fabrics. The company also provides modern dyeing and printing development and production services to meet a wide variety of customer needs. Dyeing services include lab dips, sampling, and bulk fabric dyeing with many different finishing treatments available including printing, foil, embossing, burnout, and more. Printing services include sample/strike-offs and bulk production, all-over foil printing, all-over wet printing (saturation printing), etc.
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