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The Textile Industry's Suppliers Edge

For The Textile Supply Chain

The Suppliers Edge is a promotional, educational, and networking resource for the Textile Supply Chain. It is an established and trusted resource to reach Manufacturers, Product Developers, Designers and Textile Industry decision makers. The Suppliers Edge brings customers to you so you can promote your textile products and services through educational presentations.

The Suppliers Edge includes 14 Searchable Indexes; an Interactive Fabric Search Tool; Textile Industry Trade Show News; Textile-Related Research at Universities; Press Releases from the Textile Supply Chain; and, Current News Items. It's easy to find fabric manufacturers; fabric mills; trademark textile products & technologies; and solutions for specific textile end-use categories.

The FabricLink Network also includes, a consumer educational resource for Fabrics, Apparel, Home Furnishing and Textile Care. FabricLink has been online for 25 years & is a trusted resource to reach consumers, textile students and educators with an educational message.


The Searchable Indexes make it easy to find innovative textile products, services & technologies, and to network with the Tetile Supply Chain. The listings include over 1,000 Companies plus Trademarks, and over 60 End Use Categories.

Looking for ideas and products for a specific end use? Search using the End Use Index & also check the Member Index. All member listings also have a link to an Educational Presentation and videos explaining what the textile product/technology is; it's properties; why it's important; and, it's end uses. There is also a contact form to set up a meeting, call, or request additional iinformation.


Members Index Technology / Finish End Use
Comany Name Leather Cut & Sew Contractors
Trademark Insulation Design & Manufacturing
Fiber / Yarn / Thread Findings Testing Services & Equipment
Fabric Component Material  


The Interactive Fabric Tool makes it easy to find fabrics which have the construction and properties you're looking for. There are 14 fabric constructions and a list of over 40 properties. Select a fabric construction and it can be searched for up to 5 desired characteristics.



Learn about textile-related research conducted at univesities: new smart fabrics; textile technologies; fabrics that create energy from motion; medical advancements; protective fabrics and more.

Read Univeristy Articles


Review current press releases from the Textile Supply Chain. Find news about the latest textile products, technologies and services that give you more of the Suppliers Edge.

The Suppliers Edge is the promotional, educational, and networking resource for the Textile Supply Chain. It's Where Your Customers Come to Learn!

Fast-growing Hoka shoe brand takes aim at Nike Founded in Annecy, France, by two athletes in search of a shoe that made running feel more like flying, the brand was scooped up several years later by Deckers in 2013 and has been a high-flying addition to the portfolio ever since. Read more…

This fabric recycling company was going to change fashion. Why did it suddenly go bankrupt? Renewcell created tech to turn old cotton clothing into pulp for new fabric. But shortly after opening its first large factory, it has already stopped operating. Read more…

Filidea Technical Yarns presents innovation at Techtextil in Germany The development of state-of-the-art modacrylic yarns - PROTEX F and SI - is in an advanced stage, being carried out in collaboration with Filidea‚Äôs major customers. Read more…

MMI Textiles
Rentex Mills
Connects Form with Function
Nice Gain
Teflon Eco Elite
Stain & Soil Protection

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