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Emotions Trendbook from Nilit Fibers

A surge of EMOTIONS defines the Spring/ Summer 2018 trends from NILIT® as the unique portfolio of yarns featured in single and multi blends.

We feel many different EMOTIONS on a daily basis, but through NILIT's specialty products, it is the positive emotions that are encouraged to a heightened sense of wellbeing through to well-earned indulgence and enhanced pleasure. It isn't just a tactile touch but an instinctive aspect in physical and psychological performance features also.

A feel-good EMOTION intertwines throughout the NILIT® TrendBook as sustainable aspects continue to influence the eco-conscious drive in the textile sector. Color uplifts the mood, featuring in bold and bright uplifting tones through to deliciously delicate accents, with reduced water usage through easy-dye aspects delivers a strong sense of sustainability.

Super soft touch continues to advance, embracing the body in a renewed sensation, from sublime through to natural-touch and vapory second-skin finishes to hosiery-inspired knits. Textile development also continues on its sublimely lighter weight course, but look for discreet texture and optical relief in contrasting yarns for added detail.

Through the Spring/Summer 2018 NILIT® TrendBook, a positive mood is intrinsic in all the directions from intimate apparel, swimwear, athleisure to activewear. It is time to release and nourish our emotions with the help of NILIT®, that in turn will enhance our daily lifestyles.

Explore an EMOTION by clicking on it's image below. Visit NILIT®'s website:


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